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how to use books for styling...

how to use books for styling

If you're like me, you have a lot of books. I have art books, photo books, cook books, fashion books, books about cookies, books about Japanese street art, and so, so many more. Books obviously have a very functional use. But when you are not actively using and reading them, they make for great styling pieces to add interest to so many spaces in your home. Here are three examples...

how to use books for styling

1. Use books to add height. When styling a credenza or other wide area, I like mixing both decorative and functional objects. It's always most pleasing to the eye to add a cluster of items in different heights. Adding books underneath one or more objects helps to add height and give more emphasis to a decorative piece.

Props: Famille Summerbelle print, vintage credenza.

how to use books for styling

2. Use books to fill space. Sometimes, an area of your room feels empty and needs a little something to add some interest to an otherwise empty space. Here's a place where you can add a stack of books. It adds interest without making it too cluttered. Plus, it can help you group together certain types of books that you may use more often in that space (like interior or craft books in your living room or cooking books in your dining room).

Props: Eric Trine stand, Aelfie rug, Bryr clogs, Target lamp, Target clock, Oh Joy! for Target table, Arro Home pillow.

how to use books for styling

3. Use books to add interest and variety. Normally, you might put all your books on one shelf and fill each shelf back-to-back with books. But books don't have to be stored all by themselves! By mixing both your books and your decorative options, you're not only storing the books but also giving some visual space for all of these items to breathe by breaking them up.

Props: Target bookshelf, World Market paper weight, Jenny Vorwaller painting, Lulie Wallace painting, Target canister, Schoolhouse Electric lightbulb.

Now there's no reason not to have your books making their debut all around your house, especially when they are as beautiful as they are functional!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, prop styling by Julia Wester. Props from intro photo: Justina Blakeney wall paper, Vanessa Bean vases.}