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I often get asked about what to do in LA when someone is coming to visit from out of town. I have so many favorite spots in Los Angeles, that it can be hard to narrow it down. And since LA is so spread out, you really want to see the city one neighborhood at a time as it's not easy to see a ton of different spots all around the city in one day.

So today, we're starting a new series called Oh Joy Day Trip, where we'll focus on one neighborhood in Los Angeles and share a few of our favorites there. It will by no means be able to cover everything I love in that neighborhood, but it's a good starting point for a handful of spots if you're visiting for the first time. Each day trip will include a mix of food, shopping, and treats, of course! See our first one below!




Poketo—One of our favorite Downtown Los Angeles shops has an outpost within the Line Hotel in Koreatown. From Eric Trine planters to Compartes chocolates, they support a lot of local artists and designers as well as offering both home decor, personal accessories, and other giftable pieces.



The Cafe at The Line Hotel—Have breakfast or a snack at this cafe right down the hall from Poketo. We loved the guava pie and custard bun.




Klat Cafe—This cafe offers a bunch of breakfast and brunch options including rib eye kimchi fried rice, waffles with berries, and bluejam ricotta toast. 


Somisomi—Probably one of our favorite new spots in Koreatown, this soft serve spot offers a few different flavors (like chocolate, milk, and green tea flavors) in a Taiyaki fish cone which is basically like a waffle formed into a cute fish shape. In this case they use it as the cone to fill with soft serve ice cream and nutella at the very bottom. YUM!



Daiso—There are locations of this Japanese department store all over California, and we love this location in Koreatown because it's close to other fun spots (Klat and SomiSomi) in the same shopping area. Whether you actually need to buy something or you're simply there for inspiration, it's fun to walk up and down the aisles because you see the most unique things there from fruit erasers to animals kitchen sponges. The Pocky selection is seriously legit, too.


Naemamdu Mandu—If you're looking for one more spot off the beaten path, this dumpling spot is located inside a Zion Market grocery store. This tiny stall only makes homemade dumplings and buns by one sweet lady.

Our picks this time were all day time spots, but if you're looking for any dinner recommendations, ask me! And, if you visit Koreatown as an out-of-towner or you live here and have other favorites, please feel free to share them with us below!

*Please note: these do not include the hundreds of amazing traditional Korean restaurants that exist in Koreatown. This is just a look at a few fun spots that we like but are not meant to represent the whole area.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}