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happy friday + rad dads...

RAD DAD Cookies / Oh Joy!

Happy Friday, all! Wishing you a great weekend celebrating your favorite Dad or parental role model! We're getting Bob his favorite fried chicken sandwich this weekend which will be his favorite gift of all... ;)

Have a great weekend!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Prop styling by Julia Wester, Crafting by Jess Hong}

DIY fringe sandals!

DIY fringe sandals / Oh Joy!

We're loving the fringe sandal trend happening right now. So today, we're showing you how to make a fun, colorful version really (really) easily! Here's how...


a super mom kit!


As a mom on-the-go, I often need some essentials on hand for emergencies or for entertaining the kids in a pinch. So today, we partnered with BAND-AID Brand to put together a Super Mom Kit which includes a bunch of essentials for all your mini adventures! See what's inside...

a super mom kit

The kit includes a combination of things for last minute boo-boos, buttons that need to be replaced, toys and a book to keep kids occupied during unexpected traffic, stickers for rewarding good behavior and some chocolate peanut butter cups for rewarding yourself ;) You can find all of these items during your next trip to Target!

Items shown: BAND-AID x Oh Joy! first aid kit, Target lint roller, hand sanitizer, BAND-AID Skin Flex bandages, BAND-AID x Oh Joy! bandages, Neosporin anti-bacterial ointment, scissorslip balm, Target sunglasses, Planes book, peanut butter cupsTarget toy cars,  sewing kit, Target crayons.

Also, as a reminder, you can get our Oh Joy First Aid Kit free with three qualifying purchases like our Oh Joy BAND-AID Bandages, BAND-AID Skin Flex, and Neosporin which I have in my kit. Then, fill the rest of the kit with other goodies to #SaveTheDay!

This content is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. All opinions are my own.

color adventures: a fancy pink & blue picnic...

a fancy pink & blue picnic

Summer is right around the corner, and we have outdoor living on our minds! If you want to take advantage of the season and do a little al fresco dining, a picnic is always fun. With this month's Color Adventures (pink and blue), here are a few tips for creating a fancy picnic to make it extra special...

a fancy pink & blue picnic

1. Set the stage for your picnic. Create your base with a thin rug or large blanket. Then, add in soft and cozy touches like faux fur blankets and a ton of pillows.

a fancy pink & blue picnic

2. Mix paper with glass. Keep your clean up easy with paper plates, paper napkins, and disposable wooden spoons, but mix in a bit of glass for a bit of class!

a fancy pink & blue picnic

3. Add a special touch to old pillows or cushions. We took simple pillows and added some pom-pom fringe to give them some new life!

a fancy pink & blue picnic

4. Bring flowers! You can bring some blooms to your picnic to add a little extra decor. Or simply bring them to give to your friends. Everyone loves getting flowers...especially when it's unexpected.

a fancy pink & blue picnic

5. Sit back and relax! Whether you're on a romantic date or pretty picnic with your besties, savor the moment and enjoy this festive area you've put together.

Items shown: Target large round rug (similar), Target pink shag rug, Arro Home abstract pillow (past season), Ikea blue with white dot pillow (past season), Ikea pink lumbar pillow, Willful watercolor pillow, Ikea solid blue pillow, Moroccan sequin tote (similar),  Natti Natti dotted floor pillow, vintage stool, Bonjour Fete grid plate, Whitney Port x Cheeky white floral plate, Whitney Port x Cheeky pink floral plate, Bonjour Fete wooden cutlery, Ikea glasses (past season), Party Porcelain napkins, Sequin tote (similar).

{Photos by Lily Glass. Prop styling by Julia Wester, Assistant Styling by Jess Hong}

an oh joy diaper drive...

Oh Joy Diaper Drive

Over the past few years, I've been extra passionate about helping children and families in need. When you have children of your own, it's so hard to think about other kids who may be born to unfortunate situations and don't have the most basic necessities like diapers. So, today, I'm starting an Oh Joy Diaper Drive in hopes that (as a community) we can help to provide diapers for so many babies in need. And, as a thank you for donating diapers, I will be raffling off one-on-one consulting sessions with me. Here's how it works...

A few years ago (before babies and a growing business and life took over), I used to offer one-on-one consulting for small businesses to help them with marketing, branding, social media and entrepreneurship questions in general. I LOVE helping other small businesses. But as Oh Joy! has grown, I have had less time to offer personalized sessions. I get questions daily about starting or growing a business, but it usually takes more than one sentence (or emoji) to answer! So, I am raffling an hour-long one-on-one consulting session to a lucky reader as part of this diaper drive I'm hosting for Baby2Baby (who provides basic necessities for families in need).

Here's how to donate diapers and enter to win a session:

1. Purchase one case of diapers to be donated to Baby2Baby through this registry link on Amazon. You can buy as many cases as you want! One case = one entry.

2. Tell your friends if you have anyone else who would want to help out to this great cause. For every 500 cases of diapers donated, I will offer an additional session which means there can be more than 1 winner and more chances to win a session with me!

3. The registry will be open starting today for one week. When it closes, the winner(s) will be chosen at random. We'll contact you to schedule your consulting session with me either through Skype, phone, or in-person if you happen to be in Los Angeles. If you don't have a business, but still want to hang, you can come visit the Oh Joy office, grab some ice cream, or we can even go shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for one hour.

*This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (as long as you are able to purchase through the Amazon registry). 

Sorry for this very long post, but it's something I'm really passionate about—gathering donations for these babies who need them and getting to talk to some of you and help you fulfill your career goals!

dark chocolate olive oil cake...

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake by Karen Mordechai

Happy Friday! If you're looking for a for dessert to make this weekend, we're sharing the recipe for this Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers. I've been a fan of her blog forever, and her newest cookbook Simple Fare is a beautiful and inspiring guide to make delicious and simple recipes. And for a fun twist, most of the recipes have alternate options for you to customize to your particular taste! See how to make this delicious chocolate cake...


color adventures: a pink & blue living room...


Every month, we've been exploring a new pair of colors and how to mix them together in our Color Adventures series. Today, we're inspired by this vintage rug—with shades of pink and blue—and showing how a living space could be created around it. While you may not be looking to style your space with these exact colors, the idea is if you come across an amazing staple piece that you just must have (like this vintage Moroccan rug), you can use it to inspired the rest of the space. Here are some tips!


dressing the team / jumbo florals...

dressing the team / jumbo florals

For our newest Dressing the Team, we're all about jumbo florals for summer! Since this story is all about pattern, everyone chose a bold floral piece that worked best for their figures. Here's how we wore them...


color-blocked floating shelves...

color-blocked floating shelves

It's no secret we love color-blocking around here. It's an easy way to add interest to a wall with color. Adding a simple floating shelf can make any wall more decorative and functional. But...it looks especially good when you paint the shelves to match your wall. And then it looks even cooler when the wall is color-blocked! Here are some examples...


from this to that: earrings to brooch!


We love coming up with ways to use things simply in unexpected ways! This is not as much of a DIY (like our last From This to That) as it is a style tip. You know when you see those dangly earrings that are super pretty but you know if you were to wear them, they would be too big or to heavy on your ears? Well, simply turn them into a brooch!

from this to that: earrings to brooch!

I came up with this idea because I alway want to be that person who can rock some amazing statement earrings but I can never keep them on for more than an hour and always go back to my dainty stud earrings. So, one day, I decided to attach them to my jacket and have been doing it ever since!

from this to that: earrings to brooch!

You can use just one statement piece, but we like it best when layered with a few other smaller earrings or pins as well!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}