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let's discuss: on finding love...

Let's Discuss: On Finding Love

This may feel sort of random, but every so often, there are things I think about in life that I wonder what other people would think about this topic, too. So I thought...I have this blog that people sometimes read...and maybe I'll just discuss these life questions with you guys here! Here goes...

I met my husband when I was 17, and it was not love at first sight. He was not what I thought my type was. But quickly, I fell in love at a young age and despite dating on and off in a long distance relationship for 10 years, here we are 21 years later (married almost 11) with two kids and happily working every day at our marriage. So, one thing he and I always talk about that I find so fascinating is...

Do you think there is one person out there that you are meant to find and fall in love with or end up with? Or do you think that it's a matter of circumstance and who you happen to meet at a certain place and time in your life? I write this as I am watching the Bachelorette where people who would have never met are put together on a TV show and they (sometimes) end up falling in love and living happily ever after.

Also, this article written by a widow about Patton Oswalt's recent engagement after his wife passed away last year really made me think about this topic more. I loved how she said that if someone gets remarried after losing a spouse, the spouse isn't being replaced. But the (broken) heart expands to include a new love.

What do you guys think? The younger version of me would have believed that everyone has one soulmate in the world that you'll eventually find someway and somehow. But the current version of me would hope that we don't have only once chance to love should a relationship or marriage not work out or get cut short. I think there are maybe a bunch of possibilities out there in the world and it's a matter of who we meet when.

{Photo of Bob and I by Morgan Pansing}