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Fashion Ladies by Jill Lin, exclusive on the Oh Joy Shop!

With Fashion Week in full swing, I'm dreaming of all the amazing outfits rocking New York City right about now! As an ode to Fashion Week, here are a few of my favorite fashion ladies prints that put that chic style right into your home every single day...

Soft Rapture by Leigh Viner

Soft Rapture by Leigh Viner is such a beautiful piece...you can't look away...

Costumes by Kate Pugsley

Costumes by Kate Pugsley is almost anti-fashion fashion...with the best full coverage outfits possible!

Bluebird Gown Print by Paper Fashion

Bluebird Gown by Paper Fashion is light and lovely and such a beautiful abstract take on fashion.

Fashion Ladies by Jill Lin

Finally, Fashion Ladies by Jill Lin was created with real women as the inspiration and subjects. United we stand!

Items shown: Joybird couch, Target blue & white pillow, Target pink stripe pillow, Gaia For Women tassel pillow, Ok by Angie Stalker Gina Owen painting, Oh Joy for Target large jewelry box, Target pink tray.)

{Photos of the Jill Lin print by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.}