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3 unexpected ways to add embroidery to clothes...

Unexpected Embroidery DIY... / via Oh Joy!

Hey hey hey! Today, we're showing you three super fun ways to add a little extra flair to a jacket, shirt, or pair of jeans...all with some simple embroidery! It's a fun way to express yourself, make something your very own, or make a custom-made gift for a friend! Here's how to do it and some ideas to get you started...

Unexpected Embroidery DIY / via Oh Joy!

You'll need...
- clothing (top, jeans, jacket)
- embroidery needle
- embroidery floss
- dissolvable paper
- embroidery hoop


Here's how...
1. Sketch or print the design you'd like onto the dissolvable paper. We chose inspiration from some of our very own Oh Joy patterns.
2. Lay the embroidery hoop over pattern, and cut out leaving about 3/4" of paper around the outside of the hoop. Around the edge of you pattern, cut small slits so that the paper easily folds over the round hoop.
3. Lay inner hoop under garment, center the pattern, and then place the larger hoop over the smaller one. Tighten the screw on large hoop to keep the fabric and pattern taught and together.
4. Follow the pattern with a chain stitch making sure each new stitch comes up from the middle of the previous stitch. (See close up photo of chain stitch)
5. Place fabric in water to dissolve the paper!

Letter T-Shirt Embroidery DIY / via Oh Joy!

We love the idea of adding them to unexpected spots for a little surprise that someone may notice at some point in your day...like on the shoulder of a top...

Denim Jacket Rainbow Embroidery DIY / via Oh Joy!

...at the collar of a jacket...

Daisy Jean Embroidery DIY / via Oh Joy!

...or one little detail on the leg of your jeans! You can even try it on a dress or a tote bag. Have fun with it! 

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.

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