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Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy Wears Novelty Prints


We're wrapping up July with our last Pattern Adventures of the month! We showed you how to style a bedroom with novelty prints, and now I'm showing you how to bring them into your wardrobe. From dresses to t-shirts and fun accessories, here are three ways to wear them this summer...

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy! Wears Novelty Prints

Shine Bright — I love pairing graphic tees with statement skirts. It makes the outfit instantly (and just slightly!) more casual while still fun and feminine. I went full sparkle with this outfit and paired this AMAZING skirt with a simple black and white novelty shirt and bright fuchsia heels. 

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy! Wears Novelty Prints

Shine Bright: JCrew earrings, Rad Gal t-shirt, Zara skirt (past season), Loeffler Randall shoes.

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy! Wears Novelty Prints

Fruit Punch — A cherry top and a lemon purse? Why not! This outfit is super playful, great for warm summer days, and easy to wear pretty much anywhere. I kept it super casual with denim shorts, played off the yellow bag with matching yellow shoes, and topped it off with some fun sunnies. 


Fruit PunchJCrew sunglasses, Zara kids' shirt (past season), JCrew bag, Madewell shorts (past season), Target shoes.


Party Animal — I don't wear animal prints that often, but this all-over tiger print (with actual tigers!) is so fun. I love that it has a mix of colors and feels like a great piece to transition to fall. To punch up the color, I paired it with velvet green heels and a pale yellow purse. 

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy! Wears Novelty Prints

Party Animal: Zara dress, Zara bag, Loeffler Randall shoes.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat and prop styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, prop styling assistance by Jess Hong.