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happy friday + helping YOU achieve your dreams...

Happy Friday + Helping You Achieve Your Dreams / via Oh Joy!

After my last two posts about working with a Life Coach (Why I Got One and Things I Learned That Could Help You, Too), I received so many great messages from you and how much you enjoyed reading about my experience. But also, there were so many of you asking more about how you could find one for yourself or those of you struggling with what the next step is in your life and career. I didn't go dishing out contact information for my own coach in the way that I would hand out referrals for everything else in my life because 1) I know she is very specific about the people she works with and 2) You have to be in a phase of life where you are ready to do the work that's involved.

However, there were a good number of you who were truly interested. So, my coach, Bonnie, offered a gift from her to me to you a session for THREE of you to have the chance to talk to her about anything you want. No strings attached. Just simply to gift the gift of guidance to a few of you. SO...if you're interested, please read this letter from my coach, Bonnie, below and how you can be selected...


Pattern Adventures: A Rainbow Bedroom!

Pattern Adventures: A Rainbow Bedroom! / via Oh Joy!

It's nothing but rainbows for this month's Pattern Adventures! We're ending this month's pattern theme by showing you how to incorporate playful arches and all the colors of the rainbow to create a cozy, whimsical kid room. Here's how...


an easy rainbow floral arrangement


We recently made this simple, but beautiful, arrangement for a video because it's so perfect for any last-minute gathering. If you're not super comfortable arranging florals, this is an easy way to make a statement with simple white flowers that doesn't require any florist skills! The trick is to use clear glass vases and then dye the water different colors so that it makes a rainbow effect! Here's how...


how to create a relaxing bedroom...

How to Create A Relaxing Bedroom with Leesa / via Oh Joy!
I love my bedroom SO much. Not only do I see it as a place to sleep and rest for the night, but it's my wind-down space after a long day of work and being "on" for everyone. I can finally turn my brain "off" for a bit. But, to be honest, it can be really hard to truly turn off. I am guilty of having the TV on, while checking Instagram on my phone, while being on my computer checking work emails. So in partnership with Leesa, I challenged myself, and now you, to create the ultimate relaxation space with tips that will make your bedroom way more relaxing. Try one or all of these tips, and you'll be thanking me for a more rested YOU! Here are my 8 tips...


a diy belt bag!

A DIY Belt Bag / via Oh Joy!

The fanny pack trend is back in full swing, so today we're showing you how you can make your very own chic version: a belt bag! It's easier than it looks and is super cute and lightweight to carry around! It's perfect for all those small things you want to carry with you but want to keep hands-free. Here's how...


happy friday + my favorite podcast episodes lately...

Happy Friday! + My Favorite Podcast Episodes Lately... / via Oh Joy!

This photo has nothing to do with podcasts, but I didn't have a good "podcast" photo so here we go! ;) Lately, I've been enjoying car rides alone (which rarely happen in the first place) because I get to catch up on podcasts. Driving is truly the one time that I can really absorb a podcast because I'm forced not to do anything else but drive and listen. So, I wanted to share not just my favorite podcasts, but my favorite podcast episodes, lately...

Jen Gotch is OK Sometimes — Are We Addicted to Social Media?

Rise Together — You Have to Fail to Grow

Asian Americana — Boba/Bubble Tea (not my usual suggestions but fun if you like learning about the history of things)

Out of Line — Jihan Zencirli on Reinvention

And two that I happen to be in recently that I personally really love and hope you'll enjoy, too!

Awesome with Alison — Mastering Growth, Confidence and LIFE with Joy Cho!

Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael — Jump for Joy

Have a great weekend!

home away from home when traveling...

How to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home / via Oh Joy!

Staying in a new place in a new city when traveling can feel a little off especially when traveling with kids. Today, we're partnering with Embassy Suites by Hilton to share tips on how you can make your hotel room feel like a home away from home for your kids when traveling. Check out this little video below!

Now, we can go about on our adventures for the day and return in the evening to a cozy and prepped bedroom and the kids can get the sleep they need to head into a new day of exploring tomorrow!

{Photo by Lily Glass, Video by Jenner Brown}

pattern adventures: oh joy wears rainbow!

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy! Wears Rainbow

While rainbows can seem youthful, I love them so much and love interpreting what a rainbow outfit could look like in a more grown-up way! So, I'm wearing a few different versions of the theme in this month's Rainbow Pattern Adventures...


styling with fringe...


I'll be honest, I'm not super into fringe. I tend to prefer cleaner lines and flatter heights of rugs. But the fringe trend is everywhere (both in cloth and home decor) so we wanted to show you how we'd interpret it and bring it into a space!

How to Style with Fringe / via Oh Joy!

We're showing how we let this pretty rug inspire a bright, cozy seating area...


a rainbow-inspired backyard party!

a rainbow-inspired backyard party / oh joy!

We're celebrating the end of summer with a fun and festive rainbow-inspired backyard party today. In collaboration with BAND-AID®️ Brand and our new Oh Joy! BAND-AID® Brand Bandages, we'll show you how to bring all the color into an easy and fun get together. Watch our video below to get inspired!

Don’t forget, you can get the Oh Joy! First Aid Kit FREE when you buy three qualifying items (like the Oh Joy! Band-Aid®️ Bandages) online at Target.com and in Target stores.

{Photo by Lily Glass, Video by Jenner Brown}