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A Chic and Simple Way to Upcycle Glass Jars...

A Super Simple Way to Upcycle Glass Jars... / via Oh Joy!

If you didn't already know this about me, I'm a hoarder ;P. I have a hard time parting with beautiful things that can be used again. For this reason, I have been stock-piling glasses and jars that were once juice bottles or yogurt containers because they are too good to let go of! So today, we're showing you a something really easy (and so chic) that you can do with your previously loved glass jars, too! Check it out...


a star-studded party...

a star-studded party... / via Oh Joy!

We're back with our last pattern adventures for the month with a star-studded party! We went with a sophisticated and fun "starry night" theme for this one, and it's perfect for grown-ups, kids, holiday parties, award season...pretty much anytime, anywhere ;) See more details right here...


Castle from Australia in the Oh Joy shop!

New in the Oh Joy! Shop: Castle from Australia / Pillow cases, duvet covers, and more!

Happy Monday! Today is extra, extra special because we're now carrying one of my all-time favorite home decor brands from Australia, Castle, in the Oh Joy! shop. We're their only retailer in the United States, and we're SO excited to bring you their beautiful bedding to the US. And, it gets better... A lot of you have been requesting that we sell bedding, so these new duvet covers come in THREE sizes for adults: Full, Queen, and King. Come see what's new...


have a joyful weekend...

Joyful Book

Happy Friday! Have you read this book Joyful? Designer Ingrid Fetell Lee explores how the seemingly mundane spaces and objects we interact with every day have surprising and powerful effects on our mood. It's completely up my alley but also a way to look at the world that gives us all hope and joy in the everyday. Ingrid's website, Aesthetics of Joy, is a beautiful and informative reference of various ways to find and incite joy throughout our lives...in schools, in hospitals, through art, in city streets, and more. See a few of my favorites that she's discovered below...


a shared master and baby bedroom...

How to style a shared master and baby combo bedroom... / via Oh Joy!

Today, we're showing you how to create one cozy shared bedroom for you and your babe! It's great for when you want to keep your baby close during the newborn stage, or if you live in a small space and want to maximize every inch of your home or apartment. When sharing a bedroom with a baby, here are three tips to keep it cohesive and calm while still feeling like you have a room of your own...


Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

I'm so excited to finally start sharing the design process with you on our house! Let's start at the very beginning...and now queue the Sound of Music ;). Before I can show you every room we are designing and get into all that juicy interiors stuff, let's dive into the design of the physical structure of the house. This is the part of the process which you don't have to think about when buying a house because it's already there. But in our case, we're building from scratch and have the ability to customize and design our house based on my family's needs. It's been a long (but very fun!) process...

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

Previously, I shared how I found an Architect and Contractor for our house. So, now let's go back 4 years in time when we first began the process with our architects, Project M+.

Here's what we knew we wanted and some inspiration images we pinned for them:
- 4 bedrooms plus 3-4 bathrooms
- At least 3000 square feet. We didn't need a HUGE house but wanted more space than our current 1500 square feet that we've lived in for the past 8 years. We wanted a size that was reasonable for our land but also not too small that we would eventually outgrow.
- A flat outdoor yard so our kids could play and we could entertain
- We did not need both a formal and non-formal dining room since we wanted an outdoor dining area, too.
- We also did not need a formal and non-formal living room as we didn't have endless space to be able to build and we're completely happy with just one main living room area.
- We wanted the flow to feel very indoor/outdoor with large doors and windows. We love mid-century and Danish modern styles so we wanted those as inspiration while still feeling warm and cozy

Here were a few of my inspiration images from our Pinterest Board:

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

(Sources, left to right, top to bottom: Contemporist, Studio Ko, Ventanas, Blueprint Effect.)

Based on those images plus the information we provided our architect, here's a look at the evolution of the design process for the home's design...

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

1. Looking at the levels of the house and how it fits into the hillside. The first step was for Project M+ to explore multi-levels and play with modern shapes to create a continuous space that would be built into the hillside. This is where they were also considering our hillside view from inside out and where you find refuge and cozy areas as well. While we were open to three floors because it felt unique, we didn't like how the levels felt too boxy with and didn't connect as fluidly to one another. We also preferred two levels vs. three after seeing this first rendering.

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

2. Revising the general flow. Next, here was a two-story approach still working off modern lines but connecting them a bit more by having one large rectangle sitting on top of two smaller squares. We liked the large windows and the flow from inside to outside but wanted a mix of glass, wood, and some warmer materials.

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

3. A 3-D Model! Then, the house became more finalized as a two-story house that had a bit of a U shape from the top. Real-life materials were added in for reference and Project M+ even made us a small version for ants (ha!) so that we could begin to visualize it in 3D. From there, we made some more tweaks but were overall happy with the layout and structure of the house.

Oh Joy! Builds A House: The Design and Architecture of our Home!

4. Renderings. Then, we got more detailed renderings to help visualize the scale, materials, and how each part looks in relation to one another. After this step, technical plans were finalized and we were ready to go into the permit process (which took TWO YEARS after that)! A few things have changed from here, but this gives you a good idea of where we're headed.

The design process from start to finish took less than a year. We could have finished sooner than that, but I had a baby mid-way through the process, so we took our time. Then, the permits took about two years, and then we went and found a contractor. Hence, why I have to go back in time to tell you all of this, but it's SO, SO fun to take this trip back and still be very happy with where we are headed.

Check out my post over at Architectural Digest's Clever for my tips on what to consider when beginning to design your home! And, if you have any questions or other parts you'd love to learn about in this process, please leave a comment below!

{Unless noted, all photos by Lily Glass. Architecture, renderings and models by Project M+

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy Wears Stars!

Pattern Adventures: Oh Joy Wears Stars!

Shine bright, shine far, be a STAR! For this month's Pattern Adventures, I'm showing you how to wear stars in bright ways. I know they can skew youthful, so I'm showing you three outfits that play with scale, texture, and color in sophisticated and really fun way. From a little sparkle to a lot, here they are...


new oh joy! x erin condren designs for fall...

New Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs!

Happy Monday! Today, we have three FRESH NEW Oh Joy! x Erin Condren designs just in time for fall: Joyful Jungle, Lovely Lines, and Dainty Dabs! In addition to these three prints, we're also introducing a few brand new items to help you stay organized this season. Yep, that's right! We now have petite journals perfect for jotting ideas on-the-go, bigger journals, paper tape, notebooks, wedding planners, address books, and more...

New Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs!

Joyful Jungle — This tropical design features lush greens, deep blues, pretty pinks, and fun metallic accents. If I HAD to pick a favorite new print, this one might be it! Here we have it in our Planner Folio, Notebook, Petite Journal, Notepad, and Notecards

New Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs!

Lovely Lines — This print is subtle, playful, and sophisticated all at once! It's a fun twist on the traditional stripe design and, of course, has pops of gold metallic throughout, making it perfect for fall. Here you can see it in our Notebook, Petite Journal, and Notepad. PLUS, can you spot our new Floral Festival Paper Tape?

New Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs!

Dainty Dabs — I love how delicate this design is! We layered brushstrokes in all the autumnal hues on a navy backdrop to create the perfect blend for fall and winter. We added in silver metallic strokes as well, making it look like a sparkly night sky. Here we have our Planner FolioLifePlanner™, Journal, Notepad, Petite Journal, and Notecards

New Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs!

Which one is your favorite? You can shop them all exclusively online now at Erin Condren! There are so many great ones to stock up for holiday gifts for relatives, friends, teachers, and co-workers, too!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.

must vs. can...

Must vs. Can... / via Oh Joy!

This year, I have been all in the mind set of being in control of my own destiny...worrying less what other people think, having a more positive attitude about all areas of life, and not letting fear get in the way. One simple way that I tell myself and others to do this is to change the way you work thoughts or sentences that usually include the word "MUST". For example...

I MUST be a good mom.

I MUST go to work to provide for my family.

I MUST accomplish all my goals.

Now change the MUST to CAN...

I CAN be a good mom.

I CAN go to work to provide for my family.

I CAN accomplish all my goals.

Not only does it sounds more positive (and not draining), but it sounds like something you have the power to decide how those things happen in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Have a great weekend guys! Not cause you MUST but because you CAN have one ;)

{Photos by Casey Brodley}

a gender neutral shared kids' room...

a gender neutral shared kids' room / oh joy!

It can be hard to style a room for siblings, especially when its boy and girl each with their own personalities. So today, we're showing you how to create a gender neutral bedroom that's bright, colorful, and fun. Here's are some tips you can apply to your own space...