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a clever way to store toys!


In my place, my kids do not have a separate playroom, so their play and craft areas are mixed in with our living room. If you're in the same camp, sometimes it feels like toys can completely take over the living room. So today, we've got a clever way to store toys in shared spaces! This is a great way to keep them organized while still having them accessible in your family room...

A Clever Way to Store Toys / via Oh Joy!

You'll need...
- stackable drawers
- alphabet stickers
- washi tape

A Clever Way to Store Toys / via Oh Joy!

Here's how...
1. Stack the drawers in the configuration you like, and then choose which drawer will be designated for which toys. We like to put heavy toys at the bottom so it's not too hard for little ones to lift and remove out of the drawers.
2. Apply gold alphabet stickers with the name of each toy category for each drawer.
3. We used three different kinds of washi tape and then visually connected the strip of gold washi tape each row of drawers for continuity. We then alternated the spacing and order of the other two tapes to give it a fun but still cohesive feel.

A Clever Way to Store Toys / via Oh Joy!

Everything has a clearly labeled place, which makes it super easy for kids to find (and clean-up!) too. Depending on how much space you have, this area could take up a small area of your living room or it could expand to be along a whole wall!

A Clever Way to Store Toys / via Oh Joy!

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{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.}