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how to shop vintage on pinterest...

How to Shop Vintage on Pinterest... / via Oh Joy!

Wearing vintage is one of my all-time favorite things. I love that each piece has a story attached to it (it's fun to imagine who owned the piece before me and what their life was like). I love the idea that I'm reusing clothes and also getting to hand them down over the years. Vintage pieces also incorporate so much color, personality, and amazing details that make an outfit one of a kind.

So...I created a "Vintage" Pinterest board with lots of my favorite styles. Pinterest recently rolled out a feature where you can SHOP items similar to ones in the image. That means that even though a lot of the pieces on the board will be one-of-a-kind and not something you can find now. But, with this new feature, you can find vintage pieces that are similar...or new pieces that have a similar look and feel. Here's a crash course in how to use the feature...

How to Shop Vintage on Pinterest... / via Oh Joy!

1) Here's my vintage board! As you can see, it's filled with lots of color and fun accessories. 

How to Shop Vintage on Pinterest... / via Oh Joy!

2) Browse shoppable ideas. But what about when you find something you LOVE and want something similar of your own? Scroll beneath a Pin to browse “Products like this”: similar in-stock items you can shop for right from Pinterest.

How to Shop Vintage on Pinterest... / via Oh Joy!

3) "More Ideas" for your board. Then, save your favorites to your own board and click the "More ideas" button at the top of the page to jump into Pins related to what you’ve saved.

How to Shop Vintage on Pinterest... / via Oh Joy!

4) The "Shop Style" page. From here, you can select the category you're interested in seeing more of from the menu on the left side. Select the first option, "Shop Style" and it'll take you to a page filled with shoppable pieces (see above!). All of these Pins have the current price listed, and in one click will take you straight to the checkout page to purchase from the shop.

And there you go! You can scroll through SO MANY options and styles and find something that's perfect for you! This feature works with lots of boards and things, so be sure to check it out when pinning!

I love it when I'm trying to find a certain look that is unique, and also as a tool to find new things that I didn't even know existed!

{Lead photo by Lily Glass}