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what happened when I didn't get my dream job...

When I Didn't Get My Dream Job...

In 2005, I had left my previous jobs in New York to move to Philly so that I could be in the same city as my then long-distance boyfriend (now my husband). I applied for my dream job of home decor designer at Anthropologie HQ thinking I had this in the bag. I was motivated, I was a go-getter, and I just assumed they’d fall in love with me. I went on a few interviews, completed a test project, and then…I didn’t get the job. They said they loved me, but they didn’t have a job opening that fit my level of experience, so I had to move on.

I was devastated.

How could all my planning and pitching and my go-getter attitude not work out? What was I going to do now that my big plan was not going as I had imagined?

It reminded me that sometimes things don’t go the way you want. But what did happen is that it created a fork in the road—a new path—that I didn’t plan for but was ultimately the road that led me to starting this business.

If I had gotten that job at Anthropologie, I may have had a lovely career there.
I may have gotten a promotion.
And another one.
And, maybe I would now (14 years later) be in charge of an entire team of people.
But no one will ever know.

What I do know is that by not getting that dream job, I ended up creating my own dream job. The dream job started small and scrappy, but it grew and grew organically like a little weed that turned into a flower and then more seeds came and turned it into a garden. It's a garden I didn’t know I wanted and now can’t imagine my life without. And now there are all these flowers in this garden that I get to grow along with the other farmers (my Oh Joy! team) that help me keep this garden colorful and thriving. Then, I get to give all these flowers to you…to give you joy, to give you inspiration, you get to enjoy the flowers however you want.

So, while I didn’t get that dream job, I got so much more. When things go wrong (which happens a lot), I always think back to what happened when I didn’t get that dream job and I remind myself (and you) this...

It may seem terrible right now. You may be so crushed or feel like a failure. But what’s next for you will ultimately take you down a different path towards your very own flower garden that you didn’t even know existed.

I hope you have an amazing weekend. And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

{Photo by Lily Glass}