Oh JoyOh Joy

i'm shopping for you since i can't shop for myself!

Oh Joy! Vintage

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you may know I've been on a shopping (clothing) spending freeze this year because of our home build. I've been shifting what I would normally spend in fun clothing purchases and putting that towards our house.

The only exceptions are:
-Vintage clothes under $40
-Gifts I receive from friends or through work
-Things for the kids if they truly need them

Basically, no new clothes for me in 2019.

Because of those rules, I've come across a TON of great things that someone should get because I still love using my skills of searching the internet to find treasures. So, today, here are some things I found on Etsy recently that someone should buy! 

Oh Joy! Etsy Finds

1. Sequin top by Braxae, 2. Floral sequin top by Braxae, 3. Floral skirt by Strange Things Shop, 4. Pink coat by Purple Fish Bowl, 5. Mod coat by Braxae, 6. Floral skirt by Miss Dorothy Vintage.

{Top photo by Casey Brodley, Concept/Production/Styling of top photo by Julia Wester, Production Assistance of top photo by Jess Hong. Written by Joy Cho.}