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oh joy! academy love...

oh joy! academy love... / via oh joy!

It's only been six months since we launched the Oh Joy! Academy, and it's been super fulfilling for me to help you with your goals and businesses in so many ways. I love getting feedback from our courses, workbooks, and sessions, as it helps us here at Oh Joy! to continue finding ways to grow our academy to help you the most!

So today, I wanted to share some of the incredible feedback we have received so far which makes me truly so happy to see how much you have all gained from it...

How to Grow a Dream Team / via Oh Joy!

How to Grow a Dream Team — In this online video class, I teach you how to grow a team for your business.

"I walked away from Joy's class with a better understanding of how to take tangible steps to create the business of my dreams. Transitioning from being a solopreneur feels scary. I've taken a few online and weekend in-person business courses, and this one felt the most doable and practical step-by-step. It's a true road map in many ways, even as it was specific to how she did it, I felt it was customized for my needs!" — Bevin, Fat Kid Dance Party Aerobics

"Joy's class was an eye opener to say the least! I appreciated her ability to cut through the nuances of 21st century hiring and hiring practices. She gave me clear direction for identifying loyal, talented team members and beyond that, how to keep them long term and running a team on the day-to-day. Going forward, I now feel confident in how and when I need to fill roles and am excited to build my team!" — Kara Nilsson, Leisure Lane

One on One Business Coaching with Joy Cho / via Oh Joy!

One-on-One Business Coaching - I offer 4 spots per month to work with you on your biggest goals and hurdles.

"Signing up for the Business Coaching Session with Joy was by far one of the smartest decisions I've made for my company/brand thus far. She has been such an inspiration over the past several years, so being able to chat with her and pick her brain was such a gift. She went above and beyond every step of the way. I couldn't get over how generous and focused she was. We covered everything I wanted to touch on and more. I'm thrilled she is offering these sessions because it's clearly just one more talent she should be sharing with the world. Snag one if you can!" — Erin Campbell, ABC's of the 80's

"A business coaching session with Joy was an incredible way to follow through on a personal resolution by getting guidance from such a creative and professional trailblazer. I had been putting off taking the next steps with a project, but the session and follow-up feedback has helped me to recognize my own progress and to solidify my vision moving forwardI could tell that she put a great deal of work into our call beforehand; this meant a lot to me as the client because I'm also a loyal social media follower so I know how much she has going on at any given time." — Erin Sanders

How to Pitch a Book Idea / via Oh Joy!

How to Pitch a Book Idea — A 40 Page Workbook that leads you through how to concept, develop, and pitch a book idea to an agent or publisher

"As a freelance editor, I think Joy has done a great job covering all of the key components of the book proposal and publishing process from beginning to end. What I love most about this guide though is that it's not only a booklet of step-by-step instructions but also a workbook! It's as if you can attend a virtual pitch workshop with her and walk away with simple, easy-to-follow actionable steps!  I recommend this guide to anyone interested in the book proposal and publishing process." — Bee Tangsurat
"For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the process of writing a book, this is an invaluable resource. My sister-in-law and I are first-time authors working on a series of children's books. We have learned so much by working through this workbook. Thank you!"  — Jessica Green, Workwell Consulting
Also, if there are any other topics that you'd be interested in seeing in the future, please let us know in the comments! Thank you again to all of you who have joined us in the Oh Joy! Academy so far! Can't wait to continue to grow with all of you.
{Lead photo by Lily Glass. Graphics by Angie Stalker.} 

oh joy builds a house: the living room!

Oh Joy! Builds a House: The Living Room / via Oh Joy!

I'm back with another house update! I'm excited to show you at peek at what we're working on for our living room. It's been so fun collaborating with Cleo and her team at Project M+ on our interiors. Together, we've created some really beautiful rooms that I can't wait watch come to life!

Oh Joy! Builds a House: The Living Room / via Oh Joy! // Peacock at Sunset Living Room

Our living room mixes rich and bright tones with wood, white, black, and brass. I'm calling the current inspiration..."A peacock at Sunset" with the bluish green velvet couch and accents of color in coral, mustard, and pale pink. It's meant to be cozy, yet chic.

1. Perigold desk chair, 2. Interior Define Charley Sleeper Sectional in Malachite velvet with Lulu and Georgia Sunset Pillows, 3. Modshop credenza, 4. Clare Classic paint, 5. side table from Lulu & Georgia, 6. Justina Blakeney chair, 7. Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia rug, 8. Lulu & Georgia side table, 9. Mohawk wood floors in Beachwood Oak.

We have a few fun details that are coming to life that I can share progress with you on...

Oh Joy! Builds a House: The Living Room / via Oh Joy!

A Light Well! One side of the house is filled with large windows. And the other side is built into the hill where we can't have any windows. So our architects at Project M+ created light wells built into a couple areas of the house (like the living room). The light wells allow light to come in from the top down in a similar way that a skylight brings light in. It's a really beautiful detail that I've never seen before! We'll likely put a big, beautiful plant in this one.

Oh Joy! Builds a House: The Living Room / via Oh Joy!

Wood ceiling! To make this room feel extra cozy, it's been paneled with a wood ceiling that's a shade lighter than the floor. This was the first area of the house to get wood paneling (before the floors) so I love to look up at it already. This is the only room with this extra ceiling detail!

Oh Joy! Builds a House: The Living Room / via Oh Joy!

Help me pick fabric for the chairs! For the side chairs in the living room, I love these swivel chairs by my friend, Justina Blakeney. We're looking at two of these chairs but would change out the current white fabric upholstery with another fabric that will fit with the current palette yet also make the chairs more durable with kids. Here are a few of my favorite options, which do YOU like best?!

A. and B. Annie Coop Textiles fabric, C. Drop It Modern Line fabric, D. Drop It Modern Kitten fabric, E. Drop It Modern Azteca fabric, F. Drop it Modern Femme fabric.

And, check out my post over at Architectural Digest's Clever for my tips on things to consider when designing a chic living room that's also kid-friendly!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Construction by Boswell Construction, Architecture by Project M+, Interiors in collaboration with Cleo Murnane at Project M+. All other layouts by Joy Cho. My dress is Mara Hoffman (past season), sweater is Misha and Puff, boots are Red Wing Heritage.} 

i'm shopping for you since i can't shop for myself!

Oh Joy! Vintage

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you may know I've been on a shopping (clothing) spending freeze this year because of our home build. I've been shifting what I would normally spend in fun clothing purchases and putting that towards our house.


a cool vinyl backpack diy...

a cool vinyl backpack diy... / via oh joy!

You know those super trendy, cute clear backpacks? We're showing you how to add a little something-something to them to make them your very own! I don't always love the idea of EVERYONE seeing every little thing in my bag, so with this fun DIY you'll give yourself a bit more privacy, add extra color and sparkle to your day, and you'll get to customize it exactly as you want it. Plus, you can use this technique for either an adult or kid's backpack! Check it out...


color adventures: a cool seating area...

color adventures: a cool seating area...

Kick back and relax in this calm and cozy seating area! Inspired by this month's Color Adventures, we styled it with all cool tones in our favorite shades of green, blue, and purple. It's one of our new favorite spaces. Check it out...


the pros and cons of licensing your artwork...

the pros and cons of licensing your artwork... / via oh joy!

One of the most common questions I get asked about Oh Joy! and our business is why we choose to create products through licensing vs. manufacturing them ourselves. So I thought it would be fun to breakdown the pros and cons (to me) and tell you why we license...


field trip: second home serpentine pavilion (+ lunch!)

field trip: second home pavilion (+ lunch at LACMA!) / via Oh Joy!

Get ready for lots of dreamy photos! We recently took a field trip to the Second Home Pavilion in Los Angeles at the La Brea Tar Pits, and we're sharing all the rainbow tunnel goodness with you. See below for all the details and how we spent the afternoon...


what (finally) owning a home means to me...

what (finally) owning a home means to me / oh joy!

The home is my most favorite place to be. I'm the person who throws on my PJ's as soon as I get home, and jumps into my bed to relax as soon as my kids go to bed. Some of my all-time favorite memories are being at home having dinner with my family catching up on our day and having friends over and talking about anything and everything while our kids play. Today, in partnership with Unison, I'm reminiscing about our long journey towards home ownership and what it means to me to be finally (almost) a home owner...

The other day, on Facebook, a friend who is a real estate agent asked this question of her fellow Facebook friends...

"How old were you when you bought your first home?"

The answers surprised me. "22! 26! 32!" exclaimed the group.

I was floored. There are people who can buy a house in their 20's?! 30's sounded better to me, but I just turned 40 this year and have not yet lived in a home that I own. Sure, I prioritized the earlier years of my adulthood differently. I started a business at age 26 with no savings and have always put most of the money I earned back into my business to help grow my team. I have also always lived in large cities that are very expensive to buy in. From New York to Philly to San Diego to Los Angeles, I never made it easy on myself to try and save up for a home in a city with reasonable real estate prices. It wasn't until we were outbid multiple times on our attempt to finally buy a house in Los Angeles 5 years ago, that we decided on the very long and crazy process of building a house instead...because, as crazy as it sounds, that's actually cheaper to do in LA than to buy an existing one!

what (finally) owning a home means to me / oh joy!

Now that we are just a couple months away from finally having our very first (and forever) house to call our own, the emotions here are real. We'll be saying goodbye to our only other home in Los Angeles that we have been renting for 9 years since first moving to LA. In the summer of 2010, we found it on a whim. We got this place before we had kids with no intention of staying as long as we have. But the rent was cheap (for our neighborhood), and it allowed us to save and save and save for a house. But as every year passed, I longed simply for a backyard for my kids to play in, a kitchen and outdoor area where I could have friends hang out, drop by, or stay for dinner. Regardless of what this home lacked in space or amenities, it's the place both of our babies have called home since the beginning of their lives, and it will always have a special place in our hearts.

what (finally) owning a home means to me / oh joy!

Every week for almost two years, I have been walking through this new home we are building that will soon be ours. While it's been the most financially stressful experience of my life, I see this home as such an amazing representation of our patience and our hard work over the last decade to finally get to this place.

Owning a home always comes back to connection for me—connecting with my family, having my kids have a place to play together and connect as sisters, and inviting friends, family, and co-workers over and being able to connect with them. And, I can't wait for all the memories this new, forever home will bring for us.

Now's your chance to share what owning a home means for you! In partnership with Unison, you can enter the #UnisonDreamHomeContest for your chance to win $25K towards buying a home or to remodel your existing home. Find out more on their website right here!

{Color Photos by Lily Glass, black and white photo by Katherine Rose. Written by Joy Cho.}

one color-block bookcase styled two ways...

One Color-Block Book Shelf Styled Two Ways... / via Oh Joy!

Happy Monday! Today, we're showing you how to give a plain bookcase a fun color-block makeover! But that's not all. We're also showing you two different ways to style it, AND we're showing you a fun wall mural in the process. This is one you don't want to miss. First, let's paint the bookcase of your dreams. Check it out...


weekend project: rainbow earring DIY...

Rainbow Earring DIY... / via Oh Joy!

Everyone in the Oh Joy! office is obsessed with these cute rainbow earrings! They're super lightweight to wear, and guess what? They're really simple to make. Invite all your friends over for a fun craft night of jewelry making this weekend, and create some of your own! Here's how...