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a colorful nesting table diy...

a colorful nesting table diy... / via oh joy!

We're all about space-saving tricks for the home, especially when it comes to kids' stuff! While it's nice to have extra tables and storage on hand, it's even nicer when you're able to tuck them away when needed or consolidate multiple items into one. So today, we're showing you how to maximize nesting tables! Check it out...

a colorful nesting table diy... / via oh joy!

We painted each table in a fun color to make them uniquely our own. Here's how...

You'll need...
- Krylon spray paint (We used: Matte Desert Orange, Matte Sea Green, Matte Vintage Blue)
- nesting tables
- acrylic sealant

Here's how...
1. Spray each table a different color. Let dry 30 minutes.
2. Finish with poly-acrylic sealant. Let dry fully, at least one hour.

a colorful nesting table diy... / via oh joy!

You can use them all together or break them out into parts for different uses. Here, we found multiple uses for them in a kids' room from a play table for drawing to a stow-away table or small toys, puzzles, or games!

a colorful nesting table diy... / via oh joy!

These are great because you can go from three tables to one instantly. And, the smallest table doubles as storage for pens and paper, crafting supplies, or smaller pieces like our Oh Joy! Plus-Plus in Sunset and Ocean

Sources shown: Benjamin Moore Sweatshirt Gray paint, Society 6 Sweet Like Honey print by Avalon and Aiden*, The Animal Print Shop giraffe print, Society 6 bakery print by Helo Birdie*, Team Woodnote blue circle print, Society 6 pool print by Helo Birdie*, Ikea clear floating shelves, Kiko & GG wooden camera, Sleepy King plush alpaca, Kiko & GG wooden video game, Ikea floor lamp, Target woven llama basket, Meri Meri doll, Leggybuddy knit frog, Oh Joy x Lorena Canals rug, Oh Joy x Plus-Plus sunset collection, Oh Joy x Plus-Plus ocean collection, Ikea stools (painted), Natti Natti floor pillow.

{Photos by Lily Glass, Concept/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong. Written by Traci Michael and Joy Cho.}