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color adventures: a green abstract office...

color adventures: a green abstract office... / via oh joy!

Happy Friday! This year, we're mixing up our Color Adventures by bringing in a dose of Pattern Adventures, too! Each month this year, instead of picking just a color or pattern, we're combining the two together. For January, we're styling with abstract patterns and lots of GREEN! Check out this office we styled with the two...


5 books to start off the year...

5 books to start off the year... / via oh joy!

Last year was the year I started reading books again! I know, you're probably like..."What do you mean, Joy?!" Yes, folks..for several years, I stopped reading books. I mean, I skimmed books from time-to-time, and when I needed help on a topic (like parenting), I would gander through a book about it. But I mostly read articles—and with a rare exception—parenting books. But last year, I dove deeper...I read business books, mental health books, and mémoires. I just starting enjoying picking up a physical book again after a pretty long hiatus. I'm still not into fiction books, but I'll take it one step at a time. So here are five books I have on my list right now to start the year with...


my clothing spending freeze of 2019 and what i'm doing for 2020...

my clothing spending freeze of 2019 and what i'm doing for 2020... / via oh joy!

Because of our on-going house project, last year, we cut out major travel and vacations from our family budget. And, I cut out about 90% of my clothing purchases. I went on a spending freeze and was on a mission to not buy any new clothes for myself.


field trip: still life ceramics

field trip: still life ceramics / via oh joy!

Get ready, because today, we're taking a field trip to Still Life Ceramics. (You may recognize it from our Day Trip to the Row in downtown Los Angeles here!) I recently took a class at Still Life for a friend's party and had so much fun that I decided to bring the the entire Oh Joy! team back for an out-of-office activity just before the holidays. As someone who sits at a desk for most of my day, it was a refreshing change. Come take a peek!


a super cozy bedazzled coat diy...

a super cozy bedazzled coat diy... / via oh joy!

Remember when I wore this bedazzled coat for last month's Color Adventures? Well, today, we're showing you how to make one of your very own! It's super simple and is a great way to add some glam to your favorite winter jacket (especially if it's one you've had for a while and are ready to give it a second life!). Here's how...


plant styling 101...

plant styling 101... / via oh joy!

There's just something we love about having lots of plants in the home, especially during the winter when things can feel so cold and plantless outside. Plants are great for MANY reasons...they create a focal piece, add life and texture to any room, and double as art and decor. Plus, they've been shown to increase mood and productivity! So, here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate plants into the home...


my beauty favorites right now!

2020 Beauty Favorites / Oh Joy!

I am very minimal when it comes to beauty, but once I find a product I love, I'll use it for as long as I can. Over the years, I've slowly transitioned the things I use on my face from all drugstore finds to some nicer, quality products. Part of that change has to do with getting older and appreciating a higher quality of things. And, because of this job, I am fortunate to get to try products out that sometimes I would have never known about on my own. Once I try something that works well for me, I'm a loyal customer. Here are my favorite things I've been using this past year (some new and some old favorites) and why I love them so...


oh joy builds a house: a lush guest bathroom...

oh joy builds a house: a lush guest bathroom... / via oh joy!

As we finish up construction on my house this month, I'm excited to share the last of our sneak peeks over the next few weeks! Our guest bathroom sits near our living room and will be the bathroom that our family uses most during the daytime. It does have a shower in there (which isn't standard for a downstairs guest bath), but we wanted to have an extra shower for any guests visiting, since all the other full bathrooms sit within one of the bedrooms. Take a look below...

oh joy builds a house: a lush guest bathroom... / via oh joy!

Green is for sure a color that goes throughout the house in various shades. So for this bathroom, I worked with Cleo Murnane at Project M+ to create this sultry and lush space. The dark green tile really makes such a statement here and gives this room a rich and chic vibe that I am loving so much! We pulled in other shades of green throughout including small green accents in the floor and green in the wall paint and wallpaper.

Sources: 1. Clare Paint in Make Waves, 2. Schaub & Co. knobs, 3. Oak wood and brass vanity (custom) 4. Concrete Collaborative terrazzo tile, 5. Fireclay Tile in Evergreen.


oh joy builds a house: a lush guest bathroom... / via oh joy!

I wanted to tie in the beautiful green tile with a graphic and statement wallpaper that you would see as soon as you walk in. Which wallpaper do you like best? A, B, or C? I love them all for different reasons!

Sources: A. Rebecca Atwood marble wallpaper, B. Wall & Deco Espirit wallpaper, C. Minted Otonio wall mural. Others: Kohler toilet with brass handle, Kohler undermount sink, Caesarstone Calacutta Nuvo countertop and backsplash, Newport Brass faucet in Satin Brass, round mirror from Wayfair.

P.S. You can see all past posts about my home build right here!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Construction by Boswell Construction, Architecture by Project M+, Interiors in collaboration with Cleo Murnane at Project M+. Renderings by Project M+. All other layouts by Joy Cho. My boots are Red Wing Heritage*.} 

field trip: all day baby!

field trip: all day baby!

We're off today on another field trip, and at this place, breakfast is served ALL DAY, BABY! All Day Baby is new to the Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles, and it's rumored to be home to one of the best fried chicken biscuit sandwiches of all time. Check it out...


the yarn stitch sweater of your dreams...

the yarn stitch sweater of your dreams... / via oh joy!

Happy New Year! We're happy to see you back here and hope you had an amazing holiday! We're starting off 2020 with our new favorite way to take a piece of clothing up a notch. That's right...with yarn! Yarn is perfect for embellishing chunky knit sweaters to add that little bit of flair we all know and love. So grab a sweater you already own or one that could use a little TLC, and check it out!