Oh JoyOh Joy


Have any of you been to Maui recently? I'll be there is less than two weeks for our honeymoon and a much needed vacation...yay! We're planning to wing it and figure out stuff when we get there. But, if any of you have any recommendations for restaurants, things to see, a good guide book I should buy, etc...I'd love to hear.... {thanks!}


Hello 2006!

Well, it's officially 2006 and my first year living back in Philadelphia has come and gone. My days in New York are starting to seem further & further away. As I look forward to this new year, here are a few planned adventures for 2006....

Definite & Guaranteed Adventures:
~ take 5-week letterpress class
~ continue planning wedding
~ get married three times (aka...1 Thai ceremony + 1 Korean cermony + 1 American ceremony)
~ honeymoon on a private island
~ embark on first year of marriage

Possible & Maybe Adventures:
~ trip to Thailand to visit family
~ start long-awaited business

Very Hopeful (but Less Than Likely) Adventures:
~ winning that one million dollars I've been working on

Looking back on my first year in Philly


Before proceeding with plans & thoughts for 2006, here's a recap of Philly living in 2005 and the people (and pets) that shared in my many adventures here....

Good fortune to come?

On Thanksgiving, while sorting through some of my old artwork in my parents' basement, I looked inside a bag of trash they had set aside and saw an envelope with my name on it. I figured they had thrown away an old birthday card, but I wanted to take a look and feel that bit of nostalgia. So, I opened it and saw a Happy Sweet 16 card from a friend in high school. AND what do I find but fifteen dollars inside! This made me really happy. I have never "found" money in my entire life, and the money I do find actually belongs to me from 10 years ago!

This made me think that had I not been curious enough to see what was thrown away in that trash bag, the fifteen dollars would have been thrown away and lost forever. It was only fifteen dollars, but still...hello, symbolism? I wondered how much money really does get thrown away in the this world. The superstitious part of me thought (and hopes) that maybe this means good fortune is coming my way. I've had a slow couple months and I could really use some good fortune right about now. I was thinking I'd use the money to buy lottery tickets or something...and maybe it would launch an upward spiral, some life-changing event.

BUT in a moment of desperation last night, it was used to pay for pizza. There goes my good fortune...

I Heart Cool Mail (part II)


The other day, I received this cool little note from my friend Pomme. She typed this on a vintage typewriter while staying at the W in New York. She was right...even though I can hardly read it, I do love the look of this! Thanks Pomme!

Happy Friday...


Wishing you delectable & yummy brunches this weekend!

{This is a plate of eggs benedict that Bob and I made a couple weekends ago for Jane & Jim. Photo credit goes to Jane.}

"I Love Beth" and other such phrases...

For those of you who have a site meter, you know how funny it can be to see what searches people have typed in that inherently lead them to your blog or website. For me, many times it's been various designers I've talked about...like Funktion and Draugsvold, or some topic, like Toggle Coats or an Anthropologie Tea Set. I've even come up in a search for "I Love Potatoes" but that really is my fault as I did a post with basically that same name. But, the best by far was a search I discovered today for "I Love Beth" which resulted in a glance at my blog. And I can tell you for sure, that Beth will just LOVE that!

To those of you to do come across this blog of mine through your random search for something else, I do appreciate you stopping by! So, continue to search away!

Weekend Recap


So, it turned out to be much colder up in the Catskills than we had anticipated. There was snow on the ground...so the farmers markets were all closed. Most of the weekend was spent in our toasty, warm chalet, by the fire, sipping on hot rum apple cider. A couple highlights of the weekend include a trip to a local antique barn and trip to the farm. Beth wanted to take one of those sweet piglets home, but the farm lady said no way.

gone fishing...


I'm off to the Catskills for a weekend of R&R with the girls. There may be some apple picking, horse riding...and most importantly some fun flea market adventures...

Cool Discovery of the Week (part II)

Sometimes, I really can't limit my weekly discoveries to just ONE. Design Sponge is a fabulous blog I just recently stumbled upon. Already well-established and well-known among design lovers, Design Sponge covers a plethora of visually cool things. Though I feel quite behind in my stumbling, I was very happy to make this discovery!

Also, thanks to d*s for listing some of my postings here and here on her fab site!