Oh JoyOh Joy

Plans for the Weekend


1 ~ Buy vintage bicycle
2 ~ Dress shopping on vintage bicycle
3 ~ Flower shopping on vintage bicycle
4 ~ Take long nap after all the shopping & riding on vintage bicycle

You're a florist? No, I'm a floorist.

I have to admit...I'm a bit floorist. Since moving into my first high-rise apartment building, I have noticed I have this problem. And I feel very bad about it.

To be floorist means that when others come in the elevator with you, you judge them based on what floor they are getting off at. Typically, the higher the better. The young professionals that are my age typically live on the lower numbered floors--and the empty nesters live on the higher floors. I am a young professional but happened to get lucky and score an apartment on one of the higher floors. It is an odd occurance. The people on my floor often look at me and probably wonder..."Shouldn't you be on one of the single-digit floors?"

And then, on a whole new level, there is also a syndrome called being "sidest". Yes, your apartment number (odd or even) tells everyone which side of the building you are on. Even numbers mean you've got the fancy view, odd numbers means you have the European view of the town houses and brown stones. Nice, but it's not the fancy view of the city. I am not sidest, since I live on the less fancy side.

This was never an issue back in my Brooklyn walk-up. The higher you were, the worse it was because that meant more walking. The side didn't really matter...although facing the street was always better than facing another building.

Living the big-city, high-rise life has really gotten to my head.

Cherry Coke does not belong in chocolate chip cookies

This weekend, I had a craving for some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Bob offered to make me some, only we didn't have baking soda...or chocolate chips. AND there was a flood-like monsoon outside, so there was no way we were leaving the apartment. So, Bob puts on his resoucefulness cap and manages to get chocolate from a combo of leftover chocolate from Valentine's Day and from the vending machine in the lobby. I told him I heard that you can use actual drinking soda (like seltzer) for recipes if you're missing baking soda...something with the carbonation? We have no seltzer, so (under my advisement) he adds some of my leftover Cherry Coke to the mixture.

The cookies come out tasting like butt. They were more like scones, but not as good. The chocolate was old, and Cherry Coke does not work like baking soda. Whoever told me about the soda thing lied.

Next day, we go to an actual grocery store and buy baking soda and Ghiradelli chocolate chips. The cookies were amazing. I have eaten 12 cookies in less than 24 hours.

LESSON LEARNED: Being resourceful sometimes works. But sometimes it doesn't.

Plans for the Weekend


~ Eat noodles on the floor
~ Drink wine in cool wine glasses
~ Make Pear & Roquefort Salad
~ Work on 2005 Cupcake Tour

Today I have 3 eyelids.

Yup! Three on EACH eye, so that's six in total. Normally, I only have one on each eye--which is rare to begin with for an Asian girl. But today is just one of those days when it's decided to multiply and fluff up into three.

Tapas-style date! Brilliant!

Last night, Jeff the chef came over and made us dinner to congratulate us on our engagement. It was lovely...salad with bacon-wrapped dates & apple/onion confit; lamb chops with couscous, spinach, & an olive tapenade, and for desert a godiva chocolate cake/brownie with ice cream...yum!

But last night, I also learned about the tapas-style date. I haven't dated in so long that I was delighted to hear about HIS dating adventures. A tapas-style date does not involve going out to eat tapas...it involves going to a few different restaurants all in one evening...all as part of ONE date. So, you might start off at an actual tapas place and have a couple small plates, move on to the next place for their house cipriani, on to the next place for the house margarita, and then to the last for sushi and champagne. Sounds lovely! This makes ME want to date Jeff! (Just kidding, Babe!)

Window Washing 101

Today, the windows of my building are being washed. It is much appreciated so that I can actually SEE the view outside my window instead of being distracted by a thick film of dirt and dust. However, due to the fact that I work from home, I am ducking for cover from these window washers. I am torn - I want to see the outside and the sunshine while I work, but I also do not want them to see me in my pajamas. So, here I am opening and closing the shades as I hear them and see their ropes move up and down. I accidentally left one of the shades slightly open, then I saw a window washer man quickly approaching...so I hid under my desk until he passed.

A more patient person would close the shades, work in less light, and wait until they are done.

Who, me? Yes, you!

Hooray! I was very excited to come across this blog and see that Beth and I received a mention! It says we are..."Two stylish friends making blogland hip and fashionable one post at a time."

Whoa...so cool. Thanks, Creature Comforts! Check out her blog for a visual showcase of cool & pretty things.

What is it with me and doormen?

Today, I was down in the lobby of my apt. building eagerly awaiting some pay checks in the mail. While, I am waiting one of the doormen says to me, "Miss, I think you're a very attractive woman." I respond, "Oh... (surprised) Thank you."

Whoa. Actually, he said it in a very sweet way...and he is an older gentleman, so I don't fear this will turn into "Inappropriate Doorman from Brooklyn".

Here is the story of Inappropriate Doorman from Brooklyn:
So, I didn't live in a doorman building back in Brooklyn. No, just a lovely old mansion that was converted into a walk-up apartment building. BUT, I used to pass a doorman building every weekend as I toted my huge laundry bag to Montague Street. For a couple weeks, he would see me and just smile. But then one day, he starting talking to me. He asked me my name...and stupidly, I told him. So for a while longer, we would say hello using each others names as I passed by. But one day, it was very cold outside--and as I passed by and said hello (Remember, I have NO free hands because of my huge laundry bag wrapped in my arms) the doorman KISSED me! He kissed me on the cheek, but really..isn't that still inappropriate? For the remaining year I lived in Brooklyn, I would walk completely out of my way to avoid passing by him. Or I would walk on the other side of the street and ignore him when he repeatedly called out my name.

Lesson to be learned: Do not kiss women on the street unless they are your wife, girlfriend, or friend. And definitely do not kiss innocent girls trying to do laundry on their day off.

What, are you...sixteen?

Last night, Melanie and I went to the Bloomingdale's/InStyle Magazine Wedding Party event..a bridal affair showing off various vendors, products, etc...

-unexpected free food like wedding cake, butternut squash soup from The Four Seasons, summer rolls, tuna tartare, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne!
-saw some very lovely dishes by Missoni, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren
-big goody bags with Vera Wang shot glass/bud vase, navy blue stick umbrella with cool wooden handle, and cute canvas tote bag with lemon yellow bottom
-free set of Ralph Lauren martini glasses {definitely the score of the night!}
-received two compliments on my ring by women who stopped me and asked to see it
-Melanie won a door prize...bridal jewelry compromised of a necklace and earrings made of cubic zirconia. I told her if she wins the honeymoon vacation, she's taking me (not her boyfriend). I was the one who dragged her there.

-a wedding coordinator gave me a smelly votive candle. The scent was "Wedding Day". If that's what my wedding day is going to smell like, Bob and I are bringing Febreeze with us.
-no fashion show as I had hoped. Just two girls walking around in wedding dresses holding up cards saying, "Find this dress at Bloomingdale's." I thought maybe the dresses were from Wal-mart.
-a photographer told me, "You can't be getting MARRIED! What, are you sixteen?" No, but thanks for being the 208th person to tell me I look younger than I am.
-I did not win ANY of the door prizes...not even the Vera Wang Christmas ornament that a Jewish girl won but forfeited for obvious reasons. My name is still in the drawing for the honeymoon vacation, so maybe? Or not.