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oh so kind is here!

OH SO KIND! by Joy Cho

Just in time for the holidays, I'm so excited to announce our third Oh Joy! Story Book is now available. Oh So Kind! is a big-hearted, lift-the-flap book about being a kind friend, neighbor, and family member! Our main character is a lovable Llama in a wheelchair making way throughout the day who brings warmth and demonstrates kindness. 

OH SO KIND! by Joy Cho

Written by me and illustrated by Angie Stalker, our newest title will keep little ones entertained with messages that resonate with children of all ages. It joins our series of three Oh Joy! Story Books that launched this year.

OH SO KIND! by Joy Cho

OH SO KIND! by Joy Cho

You can buy all three now or add the third one to your already-started collection. I hope you love these stories and messages as much as I do! You can find Oh So Kind! now at: Amazon, Target or Indiebound. (Did you know you can find Be Curious! and You're Okay! in select Target stores, too?)

(Photos by Lily Glass)

tips for an easy photo book...

Oh Joy! for Mixbook Photo Books

The biggest barrier to making photo books is ALL. THE. WORK. Am I right? It often seems impossible if you're already seven years behind or still need to make last year's book! But let's take that pressure off of us, shall we? Times are hard enough and we don't need extra stress—we need extra joy and happiness! And for me, something that makes me happy is looking at old photos! However they're organized (or not) and whatever order they're in, it's always fun. So take the pressure off yourself to create a masterpiece and get something on the page that you and your loved ones will cherish. Here are my favorite tips for making photo books easy just in time for holiday gift-giving...

Oh Joy! for Mixbook Photo Books

1) Copy and paste the same designed page/layout for each month, changing the image and the month only. You then have twelve pages already done and only needed one picture per page. It's especially easy if you can find one big thing you celebrated that month: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, big events, or family getaways. Even if the book is only twelve pages, you'll still have a great book with memories spanning the entire year. And once you break the big hurdle of getting started, you might even want to add an additional page (or two!) per month.

Oh Joy! for Mixbook Photo Books

2) Leave a page or two blank to draw or write on! Whether you let your kids doodle or you write a personal note, it's such a fun way to keep track of time and personalize the book even more.

Oh Joy! for Mixbook Photo Books

3) Try making a book by subject matter instead of by year. If you have a favorite park you've taken your kids to for much of their lives, do a Park Book with images spanning as many years as you have. Or dedicate a book to your favorite people—grandparents, best friends, etc. Most photo clouds can already sort photos by person, so it's easy to upload and slot in to our great templates. And there's no pressure to to have it in any kind of order either. You'll get pleasure in revisiting the memories on each page even if they bounce back and forth between years.


4) Ask for help! If you're putting together a big book for Grandma with all the grandkids or trying to finish that vacation book from three years ago, call for help! The great thing about Mixbook is you can share a project and have multiple contributors. Everyone can add in their own images, their own pages, and you get a perfectly wonderful mix of everyone's experience and memories. (And then everyone that wants one can order it on their own too, so you don't have to worry about that either!)

Or, if you want your own family's input, spend a family night projecting your phone images on your TV for everyone to look at. Mark the favorites from everybody and then upload the favorites and pop them into the pre-made templates! You'll be surprised how quickly everyone has something they want to share AND it's a fun look back on past memories.

5) Finally, reject the idea of perfect! Aim for fun and finished instead! Because I promise you, it's better to have the book than wait until you get enough hours and energy to make everything "just perfect". And I also promise that once you have the book, and others do too, you'll think it's pretty perfect.

Shop the entire Oh Joy! x Mixbook collection here.  And receive 45% off your holiday order: OHJOY45  (expires 12/30/20).

(Lifestyle photos by Lily Glass, styling by Joy Cho)

oh joy! for puffs

Oh Joy! for Puffs

I am so excited to announce that you can now find our Oh Joy! patterns on Puffs tissue boxes! We designed these with your upcoming holiday decor in mind making them fun to keep out on the counter throughout the fall and winter season. Or, if you're like my family...we keep a box in every room! 

Oh Joy! for Puffs

Oh Joy! for Puffs

Oh Joy! for Puffs

Get them now as they won't last long!

P.S. Unfortunately, you can't find these boxes online, just in stores. Find them in drug stores, major grocery chains, and basically wherever you can find individual boxes for sale.

(Photos by Lily Glass, Surface designs by Angie Stalker.)

oh joy for clover is here!

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

I'm so excited to announce our newest collection out today...Oh Joy! for Clover kid's pajamas! These are the softest and most wonderful quality PJs, and we were so thrilled to bring you a collection with our whimsical Oh Joy! patterns and designs inspired by our Oh Joy! Kids Story Books. Put on your new PJs while reading your favorite books for an extra fun and cozy bedtime. Sizes start from 0-3 months and go up to 4/5T!  Here's a closer look at all the fun designs...

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

1. Slumber Party Pals- Find your favorite characters on your PJs from our books! Read along and spot your favorite friends!

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

2. Goodnight Galaxy - As our Curious Cat flies into the sky on his balloon, your little ones can join in on the fun!

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

3. Sweet Sleepy Stripes - Stripes are always in style and are a fun way to remember...you are you, and you're OKAY!

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

4. Dreamy Dots - Our Curious Cat and his curious spots have been reimagined in cool blue tones to make your little one as curious as a cat, and also just as sleepy! 

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

5. Daydream Daisies - There are "hidden" daisies all through You're Okay! Can you find them all? 

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

Oh Joy! for Clover Pajamas

All of our designs are available now in a Footie or Cloverall style and a Two-Piece Shirt and Pant style. Plus, you can get them bundled with the book if you don't have your copies yet! The quantities are limited and this collection will not restock, so get them while you can! 


Special thanks to: 

Lifestyle photos: Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Joy Cho

Kids' Photos: Photos by Charlie Wrzesniewski, styling by Lark & Co.

Book illustrations and pajama prints by Angie Stalker, Designer for Oh Joy!

oh joy academy answers: organic marketing...

Oh Joy! Academy Marketing Tips

So, what is marketing? Marketing includes all the ways you can promote your business and bring awareness to your brand. Whether your business is just starting or decades old, every company needs marketing on some level in order to grow.

Traditionally, marketing included: organic word of mouth, paid ads (newspapers, print magazines, billboards, bus stop posters), and online ads (on blogs and websites). But now, there are so many other types of marketing you can do (many of which are free and organic but still involve a little elbow grease!). Most small businesses don't have a ton of funds to spend on marketing, especially right now. So how can you still market without spending money? Here are a few of my favorite ways to organically market your business:

  1. Word of Mouth—This may seem like marketing from the old days, but for many businesses it still works. Word of mouth completely varies by your industry. Some people rely on it solely, and some don't rely on it at all. But if your business is a service that is unique or specialized, chances are happy clients and customers will tell their friends. This applies a lot to service-based businesses (like hair stylists, accountants, house painters, fitness trainers, lawyers, etc.) where the preferences or needs are specific and regional. But even if you think your business is not one reliant on word of mouth, you should still make sure every customer is happy so they can say great things about your business if it should come up in conversation! ALWAYS ask for referrals and testimonials when you have a happy customer or client.

  2. Social Media—This option is absolutely free, has unlimited potential, and can be completely run by you (at first). It's true that it takes time to grow a following on any social media platform. But the most important thing to do on social media (whether it's day 1 or day 4982) is to tell a story...in YOUR own way. How you choose to tell your story is what will attract more potential customers to you. Your feed should be a mix of organic, lifestyle content that fits with your voice and brand and informative and inspirational posts that showcase what you and your business offer.

  3. Email Lists—Email lists have made a comeback in recent years as we have less control over how many of our followers actually see our social media posts. You can't always rely on an algorithm, so email lists give you more control as you know that email will definitely land in their inbox. Email lists have evolved from super fancy to more basic. There's been a trend in recent years to keep email newsletters simpler and more conversational. The key is to still connect with your email subscribers in a way that feels like you, and make sure your emails are not only about selling things. Offer free content, tips, and have conversations they'll enjoy there, too. Also, commit to sending regular emails (once a week, once every two weeks, twice a week, etc.) so your subscribers know to look forward to them and feel like they are getting something special in their inbox.

  4. Cold Outreach—If you're a freelancer looking to attract more clients, cold outreach is the number one way to get businesses to know you exist. This could be through mailing the creative director a sample of your work, emailing a link to your reel, or DM-ing the brand to find out how to submit your work for their consideration. The same goes for finding retail customers to pick up your line at wholesale. Send them samples, line sheets, look books, and anything else that shows them who you are and what you offer. You can't sit around and expect brands and clients to find you!

  5. Networking Groups, Classes, and Events—Whether it's a regional groups of like-minded business owners, an online class for growing your business, or a fun event where others might attend (once the world is back open again), take the opportunity to meet people both virtually and in real life. While this may not naturally seem like marketing, getting to know others not only offers you a community in which you can turn to for advice and help, but it also exposes you to more people who can learn about what you do and potentially become word of mouth advocates as well.

  6. Referral/Affiliate Programs—If you have a product-based business, signing up for a referral or affiliate program puts you on the radar of bloggers, editors, and influencers who use those programs to earn income. It allows them to find you to potentially promote your work in their gift guides, round-ups, daily looks, and more because they also have incentive to earn commission should one of their followers buy your product. While this will cost you a small percentage of your profit, these are sales you're making that you wouldn't have otherwise.

  7. Gifting—Bloggers and influencers have become a major player in helping to market both products and services as they have their own set of trusted followers who love to see the influencer's favorite things to buy, wear, eat, use, and live with. This option requires a bit of budget by way of the cost of your products and shipping and handling. Or, if you offer a service, gifting it will could include your time and any tools or equipment you may use. I wrote a more in-detail PDF about gifting and pitching Influencers right here

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below in the comments, and I'll answer for you! Also be sure to sign up for our Oh Joy! Academy mailing list (mid-way on that page) if you want first dibs on new classes when they launch!

oh joy for keds is here!

Oh Joy! for Keds

Two years in the making, and I'm excited to share with you our new collection with Keds that launched today! Inspired by bold and bright colors, extravagant textures, and finding that perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication, these shoes are meant to add a bright spot to every adventure we take (whether simple or grand). Here's a look at the four styles in the collection...

Oh Joy! for Keds

Oh Joy! for Keds

The Kickstart Sneaker! This pair combines the beauty and sophistication of gold metallic foil printed on subtly pink leather with an unexpected and perfectly juxtaposed bright neon edge. We added bright pink around the edges for a seriously happy detail. This pair has three different lace options that will be hard to chose between—white with an understated mix of gold and gold metal ends, solid pink, or play up the party element in an ombre pink. ($90)

Oh Joy! for Keds

Oh Joy! for Keds

The Champion Sneaker! This pair has Keds' iconic silhouette with a fun neon pink Jacquard with flecks of gold woven throughout. This pair comes with two different lace options—white with subtle gold woven throughout and gold end, and light pink laces with a bright neon end to match the color palette of the shoes. ($120)

Oh Joy! for Keds

Oh Joy! for Keds

The Double Decker Mule! This pair is a subtle, yet sparkling, addition to your summer wardrobe that goes with everything. The texture is printed in holographic foil printed on leather combining shimmer and soft, beautiful material. The elastic on the top and the sides both have a shimmer which I love. The mules are so easy to slide on and off during these warm (I mean HOT) summer months! ($90)

Oh Joy! for Keds

Oh Joy! for Keds

The Triple Decker Slide On! This pair is simply a party for your feet! The triple decker heel adds a fun boost of height while the slide-on style makes it easy to pull on and off. The shoe is made of a confetti mix of pearlescent, metallic, AND neon color sequins. I especially love the tiny runs of rainbow sequins  that bring a subtle multi-color mix. The elastic up top adds a fun pop of neon that is sure to make you smile every time you slip these on. ($90)

Which one is YOUR favorite? You can shop them all for a limited time right here!

(Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.

oh joy academy answers: growing your business...

Oh Joy! Academy

Growing your business is a topic I LOVE talking about because "growth" can mean SO many things. You might be thinking, "Isn't it a weird time to even think about growing a business when so many businesses are just trying to make it with the current economic climate?!" It is okay to think about growth right now. And if anything, now might be the best time to think about parts of your business that could contribute to various (and new) kinds of growth. Here are some things to consider...

Size of business — This kind of growth is when you are ready to scale your business, and you need help with more employees and/or need a bigger or better work space. This kind of growth is typically the sign of excellent numbers and means that the monetary growth of your business is strong. Be smart and cautious about what you're ready to spend to add more employees or add additional expenses (like an increase in rent). Also, when comparing your year-over-year numbers, make sure to analyze net profits (vs. only gross) as those numbers are more important in looking at what you can truly afford.

Focus — Analyzing your focus could include expanding your offerings, services, range of products OR honing in on what is working best for your business and putting more time, effort, or money into that. When you're thinking about growth, this is the time to look at numbers and also get a good look at what's helping your business grow. In some cases, you could be realizing what's really making money and what's not. If you have a part of your business that isn't making a ton of money currently but you love and see potential in it, that could be a great reason for keeping it going. However, if you have a part of your business that isn't profiting and you don't enjoy it, now is the time to let it go.

Quality of life — During the early stages of any business (and even beyond), we often sacrifice a ton of our personal time to pour our hearts and souls into getting a business off the ground. The life of a business owner is not a standard 9-to-5, and those who love what they do are okay with that. When thinking about growth, consider how your quality of life fits in with your business. Also, if you're quality of life isn't what you'd like it to be right now, then what is your goal and dream situation for the near future?

Here are some specific questions that you asked...

What are your best tips for growing your business?

  1. Assess what's working and what's not.
  2. Decide if you need more help to grow.
  3. Focus on quality over quantity and your true area of expertise.


How do I gain a larger social media audience for my business?

  1. Figure out what your story is and ways you can tell that story.
  2. Stay true to what makes you stand out (your style, your product, your story) and stand by that.
  3. Don't compare yourself to others. What works for others won't always work for you (and it shouldn't!).
  4. Post regularly on social media and make sure to engage with not only your followers but with the accounts you follow as well.
  5. If budget allows, you can gift or pitch to social media influencers to market your products (which can help grow your following) or put some money behind social media ads (this can be great for new launches or brand new companies).


How does a small business offer robust employee benefits keeping bottom line in mind? 

For me, I added benefits as I could slowly and organically. I always did my best to offer the same things that larger companies could offer (paid vacation, maternity leave, IRAs, etc) because I wanted to make sure my employees were being taken care of as best as I could. Plus, I wanted to be a legit business and offer good benefits.

Keep in mind that the cost of every employee is roughly an additional 30% on top of their salary. That includes employer taxes, benefits you may be covering for them, insurance costs from your business to protect them, and other things. So be mindful when adding benefits and analyze your full costs to feel confident you can easily cover it. 


How do you get new clients and retain current ones?

Getting new clients depends on your exact area of expertise and how much pitching is part of that industry. In some areas (like in advertising), pitching is a constant practice. And in others, people have so many word-of-mouth referrals that they may not need to pitch or be active on social media to market their work. Regardless, the best way to get new clients is to continue to contact brands or companies you want to work with and let them know who you are, share your work, and make it clear how you can help them. People don't just automatically find you. So help them find you! This can be through cold calls, cold emails, or friendly conversations on social media. Put yourself out there so more people find out who YOU are!

For current clients, make sure you follow-up after a finished project or job to make sure they were satisfied with your work together. If they were happy, here's a great time to ask them for a testimonial (or a public review) while it's fresh in their minds. Testimonials are great for your own reference if you ever need it for a future potential client or for your website. And, reviews are great if you have a public listing (like a Yelp or Houzz page). If a current client doesn't need your services again right away, be sure to keep them updated as you have new work so they know what you're up to as well. You may have assumed a past client will know to contact you if they want to work with you again—but sometimes they simply get busy or forget—so a reminder or update every so often is helpful. 


To what point should you scale your business?

This is a very personal question and answer. How big do you want to grow your business? What does success mean to you? I surround myself with lots of other small business owners in various sizes and durations of business. I have some friends and colleagues who want to grow a business to sell, some whose goal is to get investors to truly expand, some who want dozens of physical locations, and some who want to earn enough just to live a simple, happy life. The range is wide, and all options are possible.

I used to think that I needed to keep making more money every year to feel successful in my business. But then what I realized was that physical growth wasn't what I wanted anymore. I wanted to grow as a person, a business owner, as a parent, as a friend...but that didn't mean I need more employees, more space, and more things. Earlier this year, I reached a fork in the road with my business where the current model that I had wasn't working for me anymore. I had a choice to either truly scale things up by going after an investor or scale things back to a size I could better manage staying self-owned. I chose the latter. There's a lot of pressure these days on small businesses to go bigger and bigger. It works great for some, but for others, that may not be what you want—and that's okay. 

Also, businesses have phases of their lives. Some parts may be small and nimble, some may be robust and full. There isn't one way to be and one size to be, and it's okay for all of that to evolve over time. Take growth day-by-day and as it makes sense to you!

(Photo by Lily Glass)

"You're Okay!" arrives in less than a month!

You're Okay! by Joy Cho / Illustrated by Angie Stalker

Our second kid's book in the Oh Joy! Story Book collection, YOU'RE OKAY!, arrives in ONE MONTH on August 4th! Written by me and illustrated by Angie Stalker, all of the books in this series emphasize qualities to instill in our little ones to help them become kind, strong, creative, and capable humans. YOU'RE OKAY! follows a hedgehog and friends while exploring a variety of emotions, supporting one another, and learning how to be your very own champion. 

You're Okay! by Joy Cho / Illustrated by Angie Stalker

Every day is full of little ups and downs. No matter what happens or how you feel, you are you, and you are okay! Interactive lift-the-flaps will engage readers in this sweet and encouraging book about managing everyday struggles and feelings! Pre-order now to add to your collection of Oh Joy! Story Books for your little one's library!

(Top photo by Lily Glass)

oh joy academy: juggling work and life during a pandemic...

oh joy academy: juggling work and life during a pandemic...

Back in March when COVID-19 became wide-spread in the U.S., many small businesses came to a standstill, slowed down, closed temporarily, or quickly pivoted. What we thought was a temporary inconvenience turned out to be a worldwide pandemic that we're still going through right now. The difference between now and a few months ago is that we've all adjusted to a new version of what our day-to-day looks like. Whether that's working from home while managing kids or working partially in an office with less people, it's a much different day-to-day than we had before.

I recently asked you on Stories how I can help you or your small business right now during our new normal. We received lots of questions, so I have a multi-part series planned over the next several weeks answering some of your most asked questions and sharing tips and advice you requested. Today is about balance and juggling work and life right now...

Overall, when it comes to juggling work and life, my key tips are the same as they have always been and were pre-pandemic:

  1. Focus on Your Priorities
  2. Divide and Conquer
  3. Block Off Time
  4. It's Gonna Be Okay

Those four things working hand-in-hand are super important always but even more so right now. Whether that's because you are: dealing with a new baby or have multiple kids at home, working from home, running a business from home, trying to get a new job, trying to start a new business, or getting a side hustle off the ground, you're trying to do it ALL while also trying to stay safe and healthy.

1. Focus on Your Priorities. This means taking inventory of what parts of your life (both personal and professional) need your daily attention the most. Right now, many of us who are parents are stretched thinner than ever with possibly little or no childcare, no school, and no summer camps. Your children need you, and your work needs you. First, when and for what do your kids need you (and only you)? If they have online classes on Zoom or a certain amount of help needed with daily activities, get a good grasp of when you need to be fully available for them. This will obviously vary based on the ages of your kid(s). For example, ages 5 and up can do a lot more on their own than a baby or toddler.

This priority focus also applies to work. Whether you work for another company or run your own business, it's nearly impossible to do your normal full-time schedule during your normal hours if you're also home with your kids. So focus on the parts of your business that are most active and continuing to bring you income. For some of you, this may now be a good time to focus on parts of your business you never had a chance to take care of (like updating your website or filing all your business papers away), especially if certain parts of your business have slowed down or are on hold due to COVID-19.

2. Divide and Conquer. Every home is different so your available childcare/help will vary. Maybe your partner also works from home, and you need to figure out how to split each of your days so that someone is fully available for your toddler. Perhaps a parent or nanny has been part of your pod since quarantine started, and you have some hours of childcare help available. Once you have your home team assessed and everyone has their own new normal schedules figured out, this is where team work makes the dream work. Coordinate with your home team a schedule that works best for everyone in helping with not only your kids but also meal prep, cleaning, and all those household things that now need more attention than ever. You can then go about giving yourself set times for work and life within your day.

3. Blocking Off Time. While a normal day for you might have been a nice 9-5, adding in being a homeschool teacher doesn't usually allow for your work hours to be standard at all. Based on the priorities you have set above, you'll need to block off the time needed for your family and then fill in work in the other times around that. Whether that means you can work while your kids get a couple hours of downtime, while they are on a Zoom summer class, while your baby is napping, or while you have someone else at home available to be with them, this is your time to get your own work done! Now, this could be 1-2 hours a day or 6-8 hours a day depending on your own family's schedule and needs. This also might mean making time in the evenings after your kids are in bed to really get a couple hours of uninterrupted time to either finish work, start on a new project, or work on your new side hustle.

4. It's Gonna Be Okay. Even if you get yourself set-up with all of the above, some days will not go perfectly. And it's okay! I have had days where I was on a phone or Skype interview, and my kids come screaming into the room. I've had moments of peace thinking that everyone was doing great only to have everyone in full meltdown mode fifteen minutes later. These times are not normal, and we are not expected to be perfect at handling it all. Not today...maybe not ever. I have had moments where my stress of trying to DO IT ALL at the same time wore on me, and I found myself being crabby to everyone in my family for the rest of the day. But now I try hard to remember that we're all trying the best that we can. And tomorrow is a new day!

Now after keeping the above in mind, here are some specific questions I received...

How can I find time to kickstart a new business with a young baby? This time will come from a combination of when you have help and when your baby is sleeping. Basically, how much time do you have when your baby doesn't actively need you? Is that one hour a day or is that more? If you have help available, take it! Many new parents (especially Moms) have a hard time asking for help. Not only do you need help to find some rest (if you're still doing nighttime feedings), but if you are trying to start a new business or side hustle, you need some regular time to keep feeding into your career goals (again, if that's a current priority for you) as well.

I am juggling three different hustles and having a hard time balancing them all. Help!
This is when priorities come into place. Do you need to be doing three side hustles right now? Are they all working? Are they all growing? Are they all making money? If not, focus on the one or two that are doing best, earning the most money, and making you happy. You'll be much happier, less stressed, and those hustles that have your focus will thrive more.

Do you have tips on working from home while parenting?
If you didn't work from home before (which most of us didn't) then it's time to set up a new work-from-home area. If you don't have a home office, this could be a corner of your bedroom or an area of the dining room. Ideally, this is a closed off space to provide a bit of separation when you do have blocked off time to work (more WFH office tips here). Having just a bit of separation helps physically indicate for everyone that it's work time.

When should you take risks in your business? COVID-19 changed my entire structure.
Lots of business have seen major changes over the past three months...some small and some major. I have seen small businesses take major risks with appropriate pivots that majorly paid off. I have also seen some play it safe and stick to what they know and what their customers are still coming to them for during this time. Taking a risk right now is most likely a good move if that risk doesn't require money that you don't have or are unable to get. Some risks simply involve time and the execution of new ideas, and those are great risks worth taking. Some risks may require bank loans and extra capital. Those risks are only worth it if your business has managed to stay on course fully (or even grown more during this time), in which you may be in a great place to take a loan with interest rates being extra low right now as well.

If you have any other small business questions or advice needed, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

(Photo by Lily Glass)


Craftopia - HBO Max

When it comes to TV time, my kids have started to break outside of the kids' cartoons and watch shows with real people. They now love creative competition shows which have been so fun to watch as a family. So I'm excited to tell you about this amazing new show that launched a couple weeks ago on HBO Max called Craftopia. Hosted by Lauren Riihimaki of LaurDIY with judges James Worsham and Toya Moore-Broyles, it's a crafting competition show for kids ages 9-15.

Craftopia - HBO Max

Craftopia - HBO Max

Not only is it completely family-friendly and SO MUCH FUN (my kids are obsessed!), but I'm a guest judge on the 5th episode ("It's Lit!")! The challenges are so fun, the set design is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD, and I'm so thrilled to have played a small part in it. We filmed this back in November—and to see it now in our current times—I'm so proud of the diversity of the cast and the contestants. It's an amazing sign of our times and the evolution of TV. I am so happy that all kinds of kids can see themselves represented in this show and feel inspired to explore their creativity. Thanks so much to the team at Craftopia for having me...I truly had the best time filming this!

(Top photo by Oh Joy, others are screen shots from the show)