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oh yum...


How fun is the packaging of Justin's Nut Butter? The flavors look delicious and would be perfect as a sweet, creamy, and protein-packed snack...must try asap... — Joy

{available for purchase right here}

the prettiest olive oil...


...I'll happily take one of each please! — Joy

perishable & pickled in {los angeles}...


One of my favorite finds at Artisanal LA was a pop-up pickle shop called Perishable. Unlike most pickles, their goods are preserved, but not hot-processed or canned. Therefore, they need to be eaten fast {like within 2 weeks}...which is barely a problem at all for me because I love pickled things. Oh, and they have a mean bacon jam {yes, bacon jam!} as well which I've been topping on my eggs and toast in the mornings...and at night...

{photos by Oh Joy}

three's company...


...because everything is better in sets of three...

{1. Grafton Village's three ages of cheddar cheese, 2. Mother in Law's kimchi, 3. Bamdino kids utensils, 4. Pigeon Toe Ceramics test tube vase, 5. Baked marshmallow set, 6. Heath Ceramics bud vase set.}

so jarring...

Burgon-ball1 Burgon-ball2

Pop your homemade best in these simply wonderful jars by Burgon & Ball.

{via Eat Drink Chic. Photos by Burgon & Ball.}

little sweets...

Japanese-book-tiny-sweets copy

Small foods may just be my favorite thing on the planet. I love the idea of having lots and lots of dishes in tiny portions so that you can comfortably taste test them all one bite at a time! So I had to share some snippets from another Japanese cookbook I picked up recently, the Book of Little Sweets by Yuki. I will now proceed to make all dinners in tiny bite-sized portions packaged and presented in the cutest of vessels and containers...

{photos from the Book of Little Sweets}

{taste tested}: calpico



Since living on the West Coast, I've been exposed to more fun Japanese staples then I previously knew about. Calpico {known in Japan as Calpis} is a tasty and refreshing yogurt-based beverage that I now totally adore. The milky white water tastes like a very watered-down tart yogurt. While it may not sound or look too enticing, it's super refreshing and good for you with its lactobacillic components. The thirst-quencher comes in concentrate, original, or soda form. I recently had a calpico cocktail {the soda version mixed with saki}, and it was good! You can find Calpico at your local Japanese or Asian grocery store or at the online sites below.

{Photos by Taku Satoh Design Office. Purchase Calpico online stateside here and here.}

{taste tested}: chocolate editions

Made with natural ingredients and in small batches, Chocolate Editions by designers Mary & Matt, is inspired by pop art and their love of candy and confections. If candy could look happy, there's no question that these bars evoke the sunniest of dispositions. My favorite is the neapolitan bar – a mix of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry all in one bar – it's perfect for having a little bit of everything.

Final thoughts...4 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo & illustrations by Mary & Matt}

{taste tested}: starbucks french macarons


Following in the mass market macaron trend, Starbucks launched a limited-edition box of French Macarons yesterday imported from Château Blanc. Available in most Starbucks locations in the refrigerated section, the box of 12 macarons comes in six flavors: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, lemon, chocolate, and pistachio. 


hot chocolate on a stick...

I love food on sticks, so what could be even better? Chocolate on sticks, of course! Get ready to feast your eyes on these amazing bits of chocolate eye candy. Chocolate spoons by the Chocolate Company in the Netherlands make instant hot chocolate with just the dip of a spoon. Luckily for us, they ship worldwide.

{photos by Chocolate Co. Also, check out this gorgeous DIY for hot chocolate on a stick by Giver's Log...amazing!}