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oh joy for cats!

Oh Joy Cat Litter

As a long-time cat lady, I couldn't be more excited to give you all a peek at our newest product launch...Oh Joy cat litter! I've been a cat owner since I moved into my first adult apartment in 2001 and despite the furry snuggles and companionship, scooping cat litter has always been my least favorite thing to do. I've spent the last 15 years trying to figure out how to make the whole experience better and more fun. So we worked with leading litter scientists to develop a formula of cat litter that not only clumps like no other but also adds just a little bit of joy to the sometimes not-so-fun task, and I'm so thrilled that it's finally here!

Oh Joy Cat Litter

Oh Joy cat litter comes in three different combinations so you can match your litter to your decor or to the personality of your cat. This one is called "Everyday is a Paw-ty" for those cats who just revel in life and includes biodegradable and clumping confetti mixed with our signature fuchsia litter. 

Oh Joy Cat Litter

As a special bonus for those who purchase our new litter early, we're also including these special commemorative golden nuggets. They even come with their very own mini party hat!

We hope you're as excited as we are about our newest addition to the Oh Joy line of products. To purchase the Oh Joy cat litter collection, click here!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester and Jessica Hong. Rug by Lorena Canalswallpaper by Chasing Paper, storage bin by Pehr.}

totally random...


...but SO cute! Excuse my non-design post for a moment while I share with you this ridiculously cute image of Pito...a cat that my friend Jenn saw while in Japan on a recent trip. Pito wears a backpack and sits like a person on his owner's lap...and is so comfortable that he falls asleep that way. He looks like my cat Bruce except Bruce doesn't have a backpack. See a few more photos of Pito here.

{Turns out Pito is a very popular cat! See more photos of him from others here and here and here.}

a cat on a sunday...


Happy Friday!

It's been a chock-full week of posting for me, so I'm going to say 'Bon Weekend' early today. I wanted to take a tiny break from design for a bit of oooh-and-awww cuteness. Here's a photo of (one of our cats) Lucy when she was a wee mini cat. Sometimes I feel this shocked and overwhelmed too, Lucy....have a great weekend, everyone...!



looking back on my days in Brooklyn...here's one of my favorite pics of Bruce on a peaceful Saturday afternoon in my previous lovely studio apartment on Joralemon Street...


High contrast cat


Since I'm on a black & white kick this week...here's a classic photo of Bruce when he was a wee cat of one year. This is my favorite cat photo...he's pensive, yet sophisticated...

{photo credit goes to Bob!}

I know what it's like...


...when you just want everyone to back off!

Hooray for Cats Wearing Pants!


Last month, I came across these adorable prints from artist/illustrator Tammy. She created 100 of these cats, all of whom wear different slacks. Some are preppy, some are conservative, and some are just plain crazy with sparkly hot pants. They are all just so damn cute I had to buy a few. There's nothing funnier than imagining my cats wearing these pants!

AND, the cats have names! The ones I have are named Fancy {top, with sparkly red pants & orange button}, Marlon {cream pants & red button}, and Salami {hot pink pants & orange button}.

I know what it's like...


...to accidentally fall asleep on your friend.

Bruce likes Catherine Malandrino?


Is it normal for a boy cat (namely, my cat Bruce) to enjoy laying on my silk Catherine Malandrino top?