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my {4th of july bbq} uniform...


My favorite kind of 4th of July party is hanging out by the pool, eating summer fruit and other finger foods, and enjoying a good fireworks show. It's always a great time to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. So, I'll be keepin' it casual in a pair of festive shorts and a striped tank—and hopefully my boyfriend snags those awesome swim trunks!

Happy {upcoming} 4th!Bri

{Lady (top to bottom): Sophomore tank, Current/Elliott shorts, Toast bucket bag, Anthropologie sandals. Guy (top to bottom): Ray Ban sunglasses, Mr. Porter swimsuit, Wings + Horns striped henley, Vans sneakers.}

{closet & casa} with julia atkinson...


who: Julia Atkinson, Design Blogger

why julia rocks: She's based in New Zealand and concentrates on the creative talent to be found down under.

in her closet: Between the color, cut, and print, this Milk from a Thistle dress is something I can't live without. It's super light and skims those body bits that need skimming! The soft tunic style means that I can wear it loose with navy tights and boots in winter or belted with sandals on summery days.

in her casa: The cushion is one of many that I have slowly gathered from New Zealand brand, Citta. I'll admit to having a problem with too many cushion purchases, but I love that they all end up on my sunny daybed—it's a total chaotic riot of print and pattern. I especially love pairing them with the old and beaten 80's leather armchair that my parents passed on to me. It has my sisters name scratched in the back and couldn't be more perfect for curling up in to watch a movie.

Thanks Julia!

{photos by Camilla Stoddart}

{closet & casa} with elva fields...


who: Emily Wheat Maynard, jewelry designer & founder of Elva Fields

why emily rocks: Emily's necklaces are always at the top of my wishlist!

in her closet: My mother lived in Chicago in the 70's before three children came into her life, and this silk Valentino blouse was something she wore back then. She gave it to me before I moved to New York for graduate school. When I wore it there, I loved thinking about its many city adventures over four decades of style. Now very much entrenched in the slower paces of life in Kentucky, it's still a look I love for fun occasions...and I hope the blouse endures to enjoy adventures with my own little ladies wherever life takes them.

in her casa: My grandmother carried this sweet beaded purse as a little girl in Kentucky, and when my mother found it years later and its beads slowly beginning to unravel, my parents had it framed for her as a gift. Passing it along to me inspired my own collection of vintage and antique purses. Whenever I travel somewhere or want to commemorate a significant event, I add a find to my collection, hanging the purse in its shadowbox frame {each in a different frame} with the others in our house. It's become a growing wall of memories of particularly lovely times, places, and people.

Thanks Emily!

{photos by Emily}

{closet & casa} with martha mcquade...


who: Martha McQuade, Clothing Designer and owner of ScarfShop

why martha rocks: I can't think of a more perfect spring scarf than Martha's hand-dyed beauties!

in her closet: I bought this Mary Meyer scarf a few years ago and have worn it several times a week since. I'm always cold, so having a scarf close by is a necessity. The graphic print appeals to my architectural nature and black and white looks good with everything. I do a lot of dyeing, so am often wearing an old t-shirt and jeans. So I like to throw on this scarf, run out the door, and feel "dressed".

in her casa: The intaglio print was made by local Minneapolis artist Brian Aldrich during his Jerome fellowship at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking. I love it because it's geometric and has two different readings. From far away it looks crisp and graphic but up close you can see the fine pencil lines and imperfections that tell you it was hand drawn. I know Brian and bump into him occasionally at art shows and sales around the city so I value having work around me that comes from people I know personally.

Thanks Martha!

{photos by Martha}

{closet & casa} with anne sage...


who: Anne Sage, Executive Editor of Rue Magazine and Blogger

why anne rocks: I have known Anne for a few years now, and she is one very hard working gal! She's also a wicked wordsmith!

in her closet: This outfit is by my favorite label Gat Rimon purchased at my fave San Francisco boutique Mira Mira. The blouse is just sheer enough and the skirt just short enough to be alluring, but the varying shades of pink and the graphic accents keep the mood playful.

in her casa: These prints by Bay Area artist Lisa Congdon are called It's Simple and It's Complicated. Not only do I like the names, but the mix of soft pencil lines and bright clean colors appeals to the part of me that loves juxtaposition and contrast.

Thanks Anne!

{photos by Anne, portrait by Nathan Michael}

{closet & casa} with lori andrews...


who: Lori Andrews, Interior Designer & Photographer

why lori rocks: How cute is her website's home page?!

in her closet: My current favorite clothing item is this cheap and cheerful oversize cotton t-shirt from H&M. It feels breezy and summery, and the bright yellow stripes are like sunshine. I also like that the t-shirt is a bit sheer so I can show off a pretty underpinning.

in her casa: My favorite decor item in my home is the framed Polaroid gallery in my kitchen. All of the images were shot with my old school Polaroid Sun 600. This film is no longer in production so the images are super special to me. It's 154 of my favorite moments caught on instant film! 

Thanks Lori!

{photos by Lori}

{closet & casa} with amanda jane jones...


who: Amanda Jane Jones, Graphic Designer and Designer for Kinfolk Magazine.

why amanda rocks: I love Amanda's simple design aesthetic. Her little illustrations on her blog are too cute!

in her closet: My vintage spring dress. I bought it six years ago at a little shop in downtown Kansas City, and it's still one of my favorites. It's one of those dresses I can always count on when I'm not sure what to wear.

in her casa: These vintage glass jars are a bit of my weakness. I have so many in all different colors, shapes and sizes—and they can be spotted all over my tiny house. I love them because of their history and their versatility for decorating around the house.

Thanks Amanda!

{photos by Amanda}

{closet & casa} with kristin appenbrink...


who: Kristin Appenbrink, Web Editor at Real Simple Magazine & Ice Cream Enthusiast

why kristin rocks: She started an ice cream company out of her Brooklyn kitchen—each batch is made with love!

in her closet: This is a really recent addition to my wardrobe. I've been on the hunt for a dress that will be versatile enough for all the events I have coming up this spring and summer. From weddings to baptisms and everything in between, as soon as I can put away all my tights this dress will likely be in heavy rotation. And really, what's not to love about it—polka dots and metallics from kate spade new york. It doesn't get much better than that.

in her casa: Choosing a piece for this series really made me examine the items that I have in my home and think about why they were important to me. This little painting {it's only about five inches square} was a gift from my sister during the first year I lived in New York. I found out about this Swedish artist when I was interning at Real Simple over the summer and working on my first ever holiday gift guide. Since then, this piece has been in my apartment, atop my bookcase in front of my stationery box and now hangs on the wall. It might be small, but it's one of the most meaningful pieces in my home.

Thanks Kristin!

{photos by Bekka Palmer, portrait photo by Christine Han}

{closet & casa} with jen pinkston...


who: Jen Pinkston, Wardrobe Stylist

why jen rocks: I love those creative types that cross their t's and dot their i's! Jen is definitely one of those people. She was a dream to work with on this shoot!

in her closet: I love this short-sleeved sweater I found while shopping with my husband in Paris. It was our first big trip to take together, so it definitely has sentimental value. I really love the bright, poppy stripes and its timelessness...and, I just die for the gold buttons! I am obsessed with little interesting details on garments.

in her casa: My favorite thing is our king size bed! This past fall we bought a real grown-up house so we figured it was time for a grown-up bed. We designed it based on one we had seen at Cisco on La Brea then made a few changes. The pillows are Lutz & Patmos for West Elm from a couple of years ago. No matter how stressful work is at the moment, it all disappears when I hop into that bed!

Thanks Jen!

{photos by Jen}

{closet & casa} with katie armour...


who: Katie Armour, Editorial Director of Matchbook Magazine

why katie rocks: I love Katie's short 'n sassy haircut and classic style! And, her blog is full of fun details.

in her closet: I found this vintage silk scarf on Etsy and knew I had to have it. We have two pugs, Alfred and Wallace, and my husband calls me "the crazy pug lady" {surely a term of endearment}. I love tying the scarf to my Chanel bag because it makes it feel less serious.

in her casa: I loved this pug illustration by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. so much I had it custom-framed for our apartment. Alfred wore a bow tie in our wedding so it brings back those fond memories. I think it's both perfectly handsome and ridiculous all at the same time.

Thanks Katie!

{photos by Katie}