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fringe star diy...

A Fringe Star DIY... / via Oh Joy!

A lot of you asked about these fringe stars from our star-studded party, so today, we're showing you how to make them! They're really easy and make such a fun statement! We love them for party decor, especially with the holidays coming up, or even as a fun wall decal for a kid's room. Here's how to make them...


DIY party people favor bags...

DIY Party People Favors / ThussFarrell for Oh Joy

One of the best parts of designing the Oh Joy for Target collection is getting to work with other talented people (stylists, photographers, art directors, food stylists, and more...) to make the images on our packaging and in-store signage come to life. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing husband and wife team Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell of Thuss+Farrell who photographed all of the environmental images you'll see in stores and on the product packaging.

Rebecca used to be a prop stylist at Martha Stewart and is always full of crafty ideas. So today, I asked her to share a way that she'd use the Oh Joy for Target mini party hats in a new way. She came up with these party people favor bags, and they are seriously crazy cute!

Here's how to make them...

Party People Favor Bags

You'll need:
-1 package Oh Joy for Target mini party hats
-cellophane treat bags (approx 3.5 x7.5”)
-clear cellophane tape
-glue dots
-assorted pipe cleaners
-needle-nose pliers
-assorted circle and other shaped stickers and labels

DIY Party People Favors / ThussFarrell for Oh Joy

Here's how:
1. Place cellophane bag on a table back seam side up.

2. Fold both bottom corners in as shown, and secure the flaps to the bag with a 2.5” or longer piece of cellophane tape.

3. Remove or tuck the elastic strap of the party hat inside the point.

4. Attach 2 pop-up glue dots to the outer edges of the cellophane bag flaps as shown, and one on the opposite side in the center.

5. Place your hand inside the bag to open it up gently, with the front side facing you. Hold the mini hat in your other hand and slide the bag inside the hat, tucking the bag far enough inside to hide the glue dots. Press inside firmly to secure the dots to the hat.

DIY Party People Favors / ThussFarrell for Oh Joy

6. Cut a standard pipe cleaner in half with wire cutters. Using needle-nose pliers, roll the sharp edges in to make small coils.

7. Fill the bag with desired treats, and use the pipe cleaner to secure the bag, as shown.

8. Using scissors, cut desired face shapes from the labels and have fun making faces! 

P.S. The party hats have sold out online but are still available at local Target stores near you!

DIY Party People Favors / ThussFarrell for Oh Joy

{Crafts, styling and photography by Thuss + Farrell for Oh Joy} 

{everyday party} a father's day pack-a-picnic...


With Father's Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to make some pack-a-picnic cutlery pouches for having a day of fun in the sun with your favorite guy. It's also fun and easy way to display cutlery at other outdoor events—whether you have a set at each place setting, in a basket on a table, or in a picnic basket camped out in the grass...


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With Mother's Day this weekend, we thought it would be fun to share a little something you can make for mom to accent the brunch, lunch, or dinner you might be whipping up in her honor. We asked Courtney from Merriment Events put together this little how to for some sweet floral straws for mom...


{sneak peek} amy atlas' new book...


Party planner and dessert table master Amy Atlas will be launching her new book Sweet Designs later this month. Full of recipes, craft project, and styling tips, I'm excited to share a fun image from her Pastel Pretty chapter of her pink and white milkshake made of strawberry and vanilla and dotted with cotton candy dollop and confetti dots! It's seriously making me want one right now! Photographed by Johnny Miller, you can pre-order Amy's beautiful book right here.
— Joy

Ps. For those of you following Amy's Scavenger hunt on Amy's blog, the code words are "Perfect for Easter". And then visit Amy's blog at 12pm EST for the next clue!


{everyday party} neon dip-dyed eggs...


With Easter coming up, I thought it would be fun to show a twist on Easter eggs that could be used even after the holiday is over. So, today, we have a guest post by Courtney of Merriment with her super cute neon dip-dyed eggs. — Joy




Inspired by dip-dyed textiles, baskets, and other objects we’ve seen dipped and dyed lately, I decided to apply the technique to Easter eggs! With this modern take on Easter egg coloring, dip-dying Easter eggs has to be one of the easiest ways to decorate eggs—especially because much of the beauty is in leaving part of the shell exposed. These eggs would make a lovely centerpiece on a very simple Easter table, set with a white tablecloth, and with a range of colorful napkins in complementary colors. And, while I used hard boiled eggs here, you could also blow out the eggs so they could be displayed hanging, on a wreath or stored for use again next year...