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how to make mini bouquets...

how to make mini bouquets

Flowers are the easiest, yet most beautiful, thing you can give to anyone at anytime for a little pick-me-up. Today, we made a few versions of a mini bouquet to make for friends, co-workers, or sweethearts on Valentine's Day...or for really any day of the year.

To give each bouquet variety, we're showing you exactly what was used to create each version. In general, start with greenery to add texture and fullness to your bouquet, then, add secondary flowers which is usually smaller than your main flower. Finally, add one to three focal flowers—these are the bigger and more special flowers and the stars of the show. While you assemble, make sure you stagger the heights of the pieces so that they can all be seen from the front, then trim the stems evenly at the bottom before wrapping them in tissue paper. Here are a few different examples...

how to make mini bouquets

how to make mini bouquets

1. Wild Thing — For that bohemian love in your life, here's a wild flower-inspired bouquet filled with shades of purple and pink for your creative and mysterious friend. 

how to make mini bouquets

how to make mini bouquets

2. Sweetheart — For the nicest person you know, this sweet bouquet full of many shades of pink symbolizes playfulness and makes a true Valentine's Day statement.

how to make mini bouquets

how to make mini bouquets

3. Sunshine — For a teacher or co-worker, shades of yellow evoke friendship, trust, and respect. Yellow makes a beautiful bouquet year-round.

I love these so much, I just want to make dozens and hand them out to people wherever I go!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong. Flowers from Twig & Twine. Background papers from The Social Type.} 

an everyday floral brooch DIY...

Floral Brooch DIY

Floral Brooch DIY

I loved it when back in the day, dapper gentlemen would wear a flower on their lapel on any given day. Brooches are always a fun fashion accessory for me, so why not combine two of my favorite things together into a floral brooch? With a small vessel for water, it can be worn for both a special occasion or really for any day you just feel like bringing a little sprig of sunshine wherever you go. It’s extra fun when you can pull the flowers from your own garden too!


my path to a green thumb!

Oh Joy / DIY Floral Herb Centerpiece

I've talked about my black thumb in the past and my inability to keep plants blooming. Well, I'm on a mission to change that and have teamed up with Miracle-Gro to create a series of projects that make gardening a little easier and a lot more fun. I figured if I use the plants for things I can make to give to others or to decorate my home, it will seem more fun to see them flourish.

Today, I'm making a Floral Herb Centerpiece which makes use of herbs you can grow anywhere (even on a window sill) to make into a centerpiece whenever you're having friends or family over for a meal. You can see the full video below!

If you make any garden-inspired pieces, please share with me using the hashtag #GROJOY as I'd love to see! And, click here for more inspirational garden ideas from me and Miracle-Gro.

You can see all the materials used in the video below...

Oh Joy / DIY Floral Herb Centerpiece

Materials Used:
Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mixtea tinscontact paper, gold embroidery hoops, and foam core.

Brought to you by Oh Joy + Miracle-Gro
Creative Direction by Joy Cho
Video by Jenner Brown
Production Asst: Julia Wester
Hair and Makeup by Laura Peyer
Music is “Bravo” by The Little Indians
Photo stills by Casey Brodley

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Miracle-Gro. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy. 

floral friends...

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

If you've been reading this blog from back in the day, you may know that I have a growing collection of quirky vases. They are my favorite things to find and collect. I love ones that have their own personality especially an extra sweet floral hair-do. It's been a while since I share some of the latest pieces in my collection, so just in time for spring, we pulled together some of our favorite florals in my favorite vessels...

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

This is Winkie. My friend Emily gave me this vintage vase for my birthday last year, and he's become one of my very favorites. Winkie is wearing his favorite shade of orange dressed in ranunculous and kumquats. For this little arrangement, the focus was one off-centered flower with the others surrounding it to make his 'do feel complete.

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

This is Diva. She's elegant and bold, and she knows it. All other geese hope to be as graceful as she is. Diva doesn't need much and completes her look with a simple and beautiful peony in full bloom accented with a little bit of wheat and sprigs of rosemary.

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Goldie is the newest member of the collection. She's vintage and made of brass. Although she is beautiful on her own, we gave her a tropical coat for the spring with ranunculus, lisianthus, and some mint leaves—which means, she looks (and smells) amazing!

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Daisy is the sweetest baby goose you'll ever meet. She's part of a set of measuring cups, but we love her as a little vessel for baby flowers, too. She's holding a collection of chamomile, ranunculus, and green trick dianthus. She loves soaking in the sun on the kitchen window ledge.

Oh Joy / Floral Friends

Alfred is the wild one of the pack. He can't hear you because he's too busy finding things to adorn his ears. Today, he's wearing a combination of blue irises, kumquats, chamomile, ranunculus, and green trick dianthus. He never wears the same thing on both ears, and he likes it that way.

We had such a fun time updating these little guys with their latest spring 'do, and will share more with you as I add to the collection!

{Art direction by Oh Joy, photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester. All available vessels linked to above, the rest are vintage.}

decorate with flowers...

Decorate with Flowers book

Decorate with Flowers book

Decorate with Flowers book

There are so many beautiful new books coming out right now. I love the newest book by Holly Becker from Decor8 and Leslie Shewring, called Decorate with Flowers. Flowers are probably one of my favorite things in the world, and the inspiration and DIY's in this book are beautiful and inspiring. Congrats Holly and Leslie on another beautiful book!

{valentine's day} floral friendship bracelets...

Oh Joy + Bash Please | Floral Friendship Bracelets | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy + Bash Please | Floral Friendship Bracelets | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy + Bash Please | Floral Friendship Bracelets | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Valentine's Day is often about getting lovey-dovey with that special someone in your life. But remember when we were kids and we gave those little Valentine's Day cards to all our friends? I miss that gesture, and I thought it would be fun to come up with something to make to show your friends how much you love them, too! So I collaborated with the girls over at Bash, Please, and they came up with the idea of floral friendship bracelets that you can make with just a few materials, in 20 minutes or less, to give to your best of buds...


a little bit of flora...



I just about died when I came across these images by photographer Chaunté Vaughn. The series of test images that Chaunté shot for her portfolio features beautiful little Kayla rocking some amazing floral headpieces. The entire thing is just stunning and looks like it could be pulled right from the pages of a magazine...  — Joy

ps. This is a great example of something I always encourage creatives to do—make self-initiated work that you feel passionate about as it's the best way to grow your portfolio and show clients what you can do {if you're not already doing it!}.

{Kayla photographed by Chaunté Vaughn, florals, hair, and makeup by Jessi Butterfield.}

{fashioned florals} a wildflower posey ...


It's summer here in Texas, which can only mean one thing...zinnias! Our local grocery mart stocks some wildflowers from a nearby flower farm, and I scooped these up alongside some other blooms to put together a little arrangement that looks perfect for a weekend brunch. How about some tips and tricks on putting together an easy and effortless little arrangement? {I know, I know, it often looks a lot easier than it is. I've got some notes up my sleeve to help you along!} Here's how...



{fashioned florals} a pink flower crown...


It's no doubt that flower crowns are popular these days and with plenty of reason! They're feminine, whimsical, and really, so much fun. I recently made one for a friend's bridal shoot and realized that I needed to put a DIY together for this, just because. 

Hop on down for the steps ... 


1. I started with some blue thistle, some tiny white blooming spirea, an unusual peach and pink carnation, two camellias {one pink, one white}, and one stray vine from my yard, and I got to work. {If you don't have any vines at your disposal, grab some ribbon, metallic elastic, floral wire, or even a headband. All can work in this scenario!}


2. Work through all the blooms by cutting their stems short, as we'll wire them next. The greens or "backing" should be an inch or two long while the vine's base should get cleared of any leaves on its bottom inch of length.


3. Now it's time to wire! We've covered it before in previous fashioned florals posts, but go through and wire each bloom with floral wire. Next, tie two pieces of greenery {I used spirea} that will be the base that the flowers are attached to. 


4. It's now time to use all these beautiful blooms as you attach them by wrapping their individual wires around the base of greens to create a central piece. It's good to have a couple of large blooms {one to three} which will be framed by smaller blooms, pods, or seeds. Picking a range of scales in elements helps a lot. I also used a quick duo of short floral wires to tie the vine into a crown shape. 


5. Now the best part! Affix the large piece to your crown of vines by using short pieces of floral wire and twisting everything together.


6. The finale! Make sure to use some bobby pins to keep things steady, even if you end up with an asymmetrical piece like mine is. You could also continue this further by attaching a series of small pieces together which will create an even bigger statement. Either way, they're a super fun accessory! — Liz

{All photos by Liz for Oh Joy!}

{fashioned florals} a spring wristlet ...


We're back with some wearable flowers! This time with a easily customizable bracelet that uses some leftover ribbon, a quick bloom or two, and—presto— you have an instant accessory! 


1. Gather up your supplies...including some ribbon strands {I made sure to keep one longer that will end up tying and securing the whole thing} that coordinate with your flowers. I included a spray rose, white rice flower, some greenery and lilac. 


2. Wire it all up...pull the greens, rice flower, and lilac together with a small piece of wire, while also wrapping the the spray rose individually with wire so that you can easily attach it where you want.


3. With the ribbon, make a little bracelet out of three strands to give it a bit more heft than a single strand. Quickly braiding it all together, I left the purple ribbon longest to become the tying pieces and trimmed each at their ends. 


4. A quick twist of the spray rose to the larger bunch, and then into the ribbon braid helps secure everything together, and we're done! This would be so easy to adapt and be a great little addition to a girl's brunch or a night out, yes? — Liz

{All photos by Liz for Oh Joy!}