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japanese doughnuts {in kyoto}...


Although I love sweet treats, I rarely find myself craving a doughnut. Even the fanciest of the breed are typically too large, greasy, and overly sweet for me. However, this all changed after I had doughnuts in Kyoto.


The petite-sized off-shoots {less than 3 inches in diameter} are dense, just sweet enough, and feel like something you can actually have for breakfast and not feel guilty about.


One of my favorite spots in Kyoto to get these said doughnuts include Floresta {shown above...I went to this one}. With its sweet illustrations, awesome flavor options {I loved the green tea and salted caramel}, and the fresh fruit frozen yogurt mixed on the spot...this was my go-to spot for the week.


I also peeked into Hara Donuts a few times which looks super cute and very similar to the size and flavor options of Floresta.



Finally, while Floresta and Hara run in the gourmet end of doughnuts, I also loved these little guys found at a stand at the Nishiki Market. At a reasonable 10 pieces for 200 Yen, these soy doughnuts from Konnamonjya {also called Fujino Tofu} had a similar texture and flavor as funnel cake. Certainly more greasy than the other options, but still light and fluffy and so so good.

{photos by Oh Joy}

sushi for breakfast & closed tsukiji {in tokyo}...


Our first morning in Japan, we woke up at 5am due to jet lag and proceeded to the famous Tsukiji Market. Sadly, the wholesale part of the market was closed that day, but there were a smattering of little restaurants opened so we still had sushi at 7am in a tiny open restaurant near the market.



So fresh and melt-in-your-mouth tender...I had the best sushi I've ever had {amazing tuna!} at a tiny hole-in-the-wall Tsukiji Sushi Ichiban near the closed market. {Thanks Maki for the translation!}


This place also looked amazing...I loved how large the photos are on the outside of the restaurant!

{photos by Oh Joy}

turning into green tea...


If you really are what you eat, I just may be turning into a green tea leaf as we speak. Being in Japan, there is no shortage of green tea-infused food. From cookies and cakes to breads and doughnuts...my green tea crush is even more serious than before. Exhibit A–I loved this green tea gelato from CremAmore so much I had it two days in a row. Not to mention, their sugar cones are so much more light and flaky than their American counterpart. Swoon...

{photo by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on...


I'm currently visiting Kyoto this week, so as you can imagine, my taste buds are getting plenty of exercise. With amazing treats, both savory and sweet, I am loving every minute of it. I'll be posting more of my Japanese culinary adventures next week, but wanted to pop in and say hello, and share the first of many treats I've come across while here.

There are so many delicious desserts involving green tea, and one of my favorites so far are these green tea langue de chat from Malebranche in Kitayama, Kyoto. The French-inspired patisserie makes a variety of boxed and fresh desserts, but these seem to be the star of the show. Crisp green tea biscuits sandwich a layer of white chocolate for a light {and not too sweet} treat...

{Japanese stores don't seem to be too fond of tourists photographing their product so photo above by Malebranche}

{japanese inspiration}: polka dots!


Last week, I took a quick trip to my local Japanese grocery store to satisfy a massive sushi craving and found myself engrossed in their bookstore. I've always love the simple, yet sweet, elements of Japanese design and found myself suffering from heart palpitations after coming across this adorable book. Dot Sweets by Ricca Fukuda is filled with various desserts all decorated with and formed into...polka dots! I can't read a lick of it, but I can guarantee you a polka-dotted meal {while wearing my polka-dotted helmet} is in my near future.

{photos from Dot Sweets}