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Oh Joy Day Trip: Silver Lake (Part 2)

Oh Joy Day Trip: Silver Lake / Blue Star Donuts

We're hitting up Silver Lake again for today's Oh Joy Day Trip! Last year we shared a few of our favorite spots on Sunset Blvd. And because there are SO many amazing and new spots to pick from in this neighborhood, we're back today with a few more. Here are three new favorites that are all in walking distance from each other so you can spend the afternoon shopping and snacking...


how we celebrate birthdays at oh joy!

birthdays at oh joy!

Ever since I started growing the Oh Joy team, it was important for me to celebrate everyone's birthday in a fun way every year. It started off with decorating their desk with a fun theme (often photos of their celeb crushes) and going out to a fun lunch. But in the past couple years, we started a tradition of doing a group activity after my team surprised me with a class at Cirque School! Here's a look back some of the birthday team trips we've taken!

birthdays at oh joy!

Flower Arranging - This was one of my favorites because we learned some fun tips but also came home with these beautiful arrangements

birthdays at oh joy!

Mini Golf - This one was just hilarious!

birthdays at oh joy!

Pottery Class - We've done both making pots from scratch and also ones where you paint pre-made pieces.

birthdays at oh joy!

Cake Making or Decorating - It's always fun to make something you can go home and eat after!

birthdays at oh joy!

Hip Hop Class - We got moving and decked out in 90's style for this one.

birthdays at oh joy!

Nail Salon - It's always a treat to get a mid-week mani!

birthdays at oh joy!

Bowling - It can be hard to find a bowling alley that's open in the middle of the day, but when you do it's pretty fun cause no one is there! ;P

Also, others we've done...

Virtual Reality - We went to a VR place yesterday for Jess' birthday, and it was SOOOO fun! We got in teams to go to these alternate realities and work together to conquer missions. I so want to go back!

Massages - Always a treat to get a massage in the middle of the day!

Movie - This is a fun one if there is a movie out with an actor that the birthday girl really loves.

Cirque School - This is the one that started the activities. It was probably also one of the hardest ones!

It's also VERY fun to all wear some sort of coordinating outfits (the same color, stripes, overalls, 90's gear, etc)

Oh Joy Day Trip: East Valley...

Day Trip: East Valley... / via Oh Joy!
For today's Oh Joy Day Trip we're East Valley bound! We've got you covered from coffee to one of the cutest shops around. Come check it out...


Oh Joy Day Trip: Highland Park...

Topo in Highland Park / Oh Joy!

For today's Day Trip adventure, we're taking you to Highland Park! It's a historic neighborhood (that is VERY up-and-coming) in Northeast Los Angeles that has fun shops and restaurants are all in walking distance of each other. Here are a few of our favorite places to go...


{field trip} sanso in frog town...

Sanso Plant & Design Shop in Los Angeles / Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! To end the week, I'm taking you to one of my favorite new plant shops in the Frog Town area of Los Angeles called Sanso. It's a plant AND design studio that has lots of lush greenery and beautiful planters and vases. It's pretty much a garden oasis dream come true. Come see...


tips for vintage shopping at the rosebowl flea market...

Tips for Shopping the Rosebowl Flea Market / Oh Joy!

One of my favorite things happened this past weekend...the Rosebowl Flea Market. Every second Sunday of the month, Los Angeles vintage lovers head to Pasadena for this day full of scouting for treasures! I usually go every month and find it to be so inspirational and fun! I now bring my oldest daughter, Ruby, and it's fun to show her all the cool things out there that still have lots of life left in them. Today, I'm answering some of the most common questions you guys have asked me when I go to the flea market...


Oh Joy Day Trip: Echo Park (Part 2)

Big Bud Press in Echo Park

Last month, we featured a few of our favorite spots in Echo Park! But there's more! Since we had so many, we've broken them into two parts and here is the 2nd part with a couple more spots...these ones located on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park (between Silver Lake and Downtown LA). Stop by this pairing if you're meeting a friend for lunch and some shopping after...


Oh Joy Day Trip: Echo Park (Part 1)

Exploring Echo Park Ave... / Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! Today, we're exploring one of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles...Echo Park! Because there are so many amazing coffee spots, shops, and restaurants, we're breaking it up into two posts. First up, we have three spots all on Echo Park Avenue, so you can leisurely walk down one street to discover a few amazing spots. Each shop is curated and designed to perfection. Ready? Let's go! 


appreciation and celebration during the holidays...



The holidays are a time to celebrate the people who are important to you. And today, I've partnered with Capital One to share with you how I recently celebrated some very important people in my life. While family often first comes to mind during the holidays, for me, it's also about those you spend everyday with...in my case, my team and co-workers at Oh Joy! I learned from my Dad to show your love and appreciation for people through food. So I regularly try and treat my team to weekly coffee, boba, or other treats. To wrap up our last week of work before the holidays, we had our year-end reviews followed by a bountiful and celebratory lunch...


oh joy field trip: the happy place!

Oh Joy Field Trip: The Happy Place

After the success of Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory, it's been cool to see more "experience museums" pop up in Los Angeles. We recently took an Oh Joy Field Trip to...the Happy Place! The space is all about things that give you instant joy...candy, rainbows, cake, flowers...you know, all the GOOD stuff...