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my favorite local grocery and food delivery/pickup options in los angeles...


As we head into our 4th month of stay-at-home here in Los Angeles, I've found joy in being able to support local restaurants and food businesses who cannot have dine-in services right now. It's not only a great way to get food (safely via pick-up or delivery), but it helps to support small businesses who are trying to keep their employees working and their rent paid. So it feels like a win-win! Here are a few of my local favorites...

For Groceries and Fresh Fruit/Veggies:

Amazebowls—Curated boxes of fruit, veggies, and their well-known Acai Bowls (for pickup or delivery).

Soon MiniMart—A mix of farmers' market goods from fresh bread, fruit, veggies, Korean specialties, wine, cheese, and so much more (for pickup or delivery).

All Time—One of our favorite restaurants offers both a selection of their food and grocery options like coffee, wine, pasta, pantry staples, and readymade food from their restaurant's menu (pickup or delivery).

Broome Street General Store—My go-to coffee and gift shop has a ton of well-curated pantry options like cheese, ice cream, produce, soup kits, fresh herbs, and more.

Jon & Vinny's—From Italian prepared foods to desserts to pantry items (like pre-made cookie dough and pizza kits), bring one of LA's favorite spots to your home.

Girl & Dug Farm—A farm that provided specialty vegetables to some of LA's finest restaurants is now offering their amazing selection of farm to home vegetable boxes!

Sorella Collective—This CSA box is not only full of fruits and veggies, but it's stunning! (local pickup and delivery)


For pre-cooked meals:

If you need a break from cooking, catering companies are using their talents and resources to provide cooked meals for families for everyday or for special occasions.

Annie Campbell— Annie offers beautiful, healthy food as well as "Cookies for a Cause" to support Friends of the Children Los Angeles.

Heirloom LA—Heirloom offers a range of foods from their signature catering available to families for pickup or delivery.

Ayara—One of my favorite Thai restaurants in Los Angeles has Thursday Thai Bento boxes each week with a different theme or region.

Sandy Ho—Make beautiful Vietnamese and Southeast Asian-inspired meals, the most gorgeous mini cakes, dumplings, and more for local LA delivery.

Room Forty—has prepared meals for family oven-ready. These would be great for a special occasion and fancy dinnertime option! (local pickup or delivery)



Hanks Bagels—My favorite bagel spot in Los Angeles does weekly deliveries of their amazing bagels and cream cheeses.

Little Market x Homeboy Industries— The Little Market has partnered with Homeboy Industries to deliver their baked goods (including the rainbow bread above) all over Los Angeles.


For prepared foods and meal kits to cook at home:

The Yori LA—Almost like a Korean Blue Apron, the food is all prepped and only needs to be cooked at home when you're ready. Local pickup and delivery available.

Black Hogg—Marinated meats that are perfect for cooking at home for an easy and delicious meal.

Lupa Cotta —Neapolitan pizza kits to make incredible pizza at home. Pick-up available on both East and West side locations for Los Angeles.

Brothecary—I always stock my freezer with their dumplings because it's such an easy meal to make within 10 minutes! (Local and nationwide delivery)



Milk and T—A favorite LA Boba spots now offers an at-home boba kit for delivery nationwide!

Valerie Confections—One of my favorite bakeries offers pies, cakes, and sweet treats as well as pantry staples. 


I'll keep adding to this list as I find and try new ones!

happy friday + little treasures...

Oh Joy at the Long Beach Antique Market

Happy Friday all! Last weekend, I took the kids to the Long Beach Antique Market (which is the 3rd Sunday of each month). I typically go to the Rosebowl Flea Market but missed it this month, so we tried Long Beach instead. While we didn't go needing anything (I am in serious purge-mode with my pending move after all), it always serves as great inspiration trip for me. I love old things with a story that feel unique and I can make my own.

Plus, it's fun way to teach my kids about money and interacting with people. I'll give my kids $10 each to spend. They can buy whatever they want, but cannot spend more than what they have. It teaches them to look people in the eye to ask them how much something is, give money and accept change if they want to make a purchase, and that the money eventually runs out so they have to choose their purchases wisely.

For this past trip, I didn't plan to buy anything but came across these pieces in our last 15 minutes there—a beautiful white and jeweled necklace and a bunch of amazing clip-on earrings. I'll wear the necklace exactly as it is. And, the clip-on earrings I'll pin to my shoes or perhaps a jacket? They pinch way too much to actually wear them on my ears! What else could you do with them? Any ideas?

Anyway, finding the jewelry was our last little treasure-hunting trip which turned out to be just enough until we all got hot and tired and needed to get lunch! Have a great weekend, all...see you soon!

(Photo by Joy Cho)

field trip: still life ceramics

field trip: still life ceramics / via oh joy!

Get ready, because today, we're taking a field trip to Still Life Ceramics. (You may recognize it from our Day Trip to the Row in downtown Los Angeles here!) I recently took a class at Still Life for a friend's party and had so much fun that I decided to bring the the entire Oh Joy! team back for an out-of-office activity just before the holidays. As someone who sits at a desk for most of my day, it was a refreshing change. Come take a peek!


field trip: all day baby!

field trip: all day baby!

We're off today on another field trip, and at this place, breakfast is served ALL DAY, BABY! All Day Baby is new to the Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles, and it's rumored to be home to one of the best fried chicken biscuit sandwiches of all time. Check it out...


field trip: Vive La Tarte!

field trip: Vive La Tarte / via oh joy!

If you're in Los Angeles, you're in luck! Vive La Tarte recently opened in Silverlake, and it is seriously good. They have several locations in San Francisco and just opened their newest spot in L.A. last month. Check it out...


craft workshop at the oh joy! studio...

craft workshops at the oh joy! studio... / via oh joy!

Happy Monday! Up till recently, the Oh Joy! Academy has largely been geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs, so today, I'm super excited today to share that we've added two CRAFTING workshops to the academy!

Julia and Jess from our Creative Content team are hosting two workshops (Make it Dazzle and Wrap Stars) in Los Angeles to teach you how to make some of our most popular DIYs of all time. Both workshops will be at the studio and make for a really fun craft night out with friends or solo! Here's everything you need to know...

craft workshops at the oh joy! studio... / via oh joy!

Make it Dazzle! Who remembers when we took pearl beads and turned plain cardigans into amazing embellished works of art?! Or the time we took large sequins and bedazzled a tule skirt?! Both projects show you how to give new life to a piece of clothing you already own, and in this workshop, Julia and Jess will show you how to do just that. Just bring a piece of clothing that you'd like to embellish, and they'll show you how to add your own sequins or pearl beads to make it totally amazing and one-of-a-kind. 

This class will be held in Los Angeles at the Oh Joy! Studio on Sunday, November 3rd from 7-9PM. Save your seat here! (There are only a couple spots left!). These workshops are a fun way to grab your friends and have a ladies night of crafting and fun! Hope to see some of you then!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Written by Joy Cho and Traci Michael.}

field trip: second home serpentine pavilion (+ lunch!)

field trip: second home pavilion (+ lunch at LACMA!) / via Oh Joy!

Get ready for lots of dreamy photos! We recently took a field trip to the Second Home Pavilion in Los Angeles at the La Brea Tar Pits, and we're sharing all the rainbow tunnel goodness with you. See below for all the details and how we spent the afternoon...


field trip: five leaves...

Day Trip: Five Leaves... / via Oh Joy!

Today, we're headed to East Hollywood for lunch at Five Leaves, a trendy new cafe in Los Angeles! Check it out to see what we loved about the space and everything we ordered off the menu...


field trip: paris pilates

Day Trip: Paris Pilates / via Oh Joy!

The Oh Joy! team recently took a trip to Silverlake to visit Paris Pilates for a mid-day workout! It's an amazing space and a great workout, so we're sharing all the fun details with you today (including our all-time favorite bathroom in the history of bathrooms). Check it out... 


day trip: valley country market

Day Trip: Valley Country Market / Merci Milo // via Oh Joy!

For today's day trip, we're heading Northwest of Los Angeles to the Valley Country Market! It's a cute shopping center in the valley with great shops, coffee, and the most heavenly bread to eat. Here's how we spent the day there...