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happy friday + spring roll lettuce wraps...

Recipe for Spring Roll Salad / via Oh Joy!

If you've ever craved spring rolls but don't have the brown rice paper on hand, today's easy recipe is for YOU! We're showing you how to make little spring roll lettuce wraps...aka the perfect quick meal for you and your family. Or, if you're having friends over, it's fun to have all the ingredients out buffet-style and let guests build their own. Here's how to make them! 


DIY colorful painted mugs!

Pretty Painted Mug DIY / via Oh Joy!

I love adding splashes of color in unexpected places, like to the bottom of clear glass mugs! It makes for the perfect party glasses and are extra fun when filled with a sparkly clear beverage. Take a look...


a crafty valentine for encouraging creativity...

A Crafty Valentines Kit / ...Oh Joy!

Oftentimes, people want to make more things, but they don't have the materials just laying around to do so. Today, we're showing you how to make a fun valentine's craft kit you can give to encourage creativity among your valentines this year! It's a fun gift packed full of supplies that they can make after Valentine's Day to make something and get those crafty muscles flowing. Here's how to make one...


valentine snack duty...

Valentine Snack Duty! / via Oh Joy!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! So today, we've partnered with Wonderful Halos to bring you an extra sweet treat that's bursting with Pure Goodness. Since Valentine's Day typically means lots of candy for kids, we wanted to show you how to make a really festive and healthy snack that kids will absolutely love! Come check it out...

Valentine Snack Duty! / via Oh Joy!

You'll Need...
- Wonderful Halos
- toothpicks
- crepe paper streamers
- scissors
- heart stickers
- gold tape

Valentine Snack Duty! / via Oh Joy!

Here's how...
1. Cut a strip of crepe paper and fold in half.
2. Cut thin fringe strips all the way down the length of the crepe paper.

Valentine Snack Duty! / via Oh Joy!

3. Cut off a 2" piece of the fringe and roll the fringe around the end of the toothpick. Secure with tape.
4. Repeat with a second color of crepe paper, layering over the first color and secure with tape.

Valentine Snack Duty! / via Oh Joy!

5. On another toothpick, use two heart stickers back to back to create the point of the arrow.
6. Stick a fringe toothpick in one side of the Halo, and the heart arrow on the opposite side. 

Valentine Snack Duty! / via Oh Joy!

And that's it! They're so easy to make and are a fun way for your kids to show their friends a little love. Plus, they're prefect for classroom snack duty because one 5-pound box of Halos can provide enough treats for an entire classroom! Happy Valentine's Day!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Wonderful Halos.

Sources shown: Ban.do heart picnic blanket (past season), The Container Store green tote, Bonjour Fete paper plates, Bonjour Fete paper cups, Bonjour Fete napkins, Target mint canister (similar), Hobby Lobby copper container, Target faux fur, Urban Outfitters pillow.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.}

the most chic bag diy...

The Most Chic Bag DIY... / via Oh Joy!

Raise your hand if you've seen someone wearing a chest bag! I've been seeing them everywhere! So today, we're showing you how to make one extra special with iron-on adhesive. The designs we created are inspired by our Oh Joy! x Erin Condren patterns, Dainty Dabs and Lovely Lines! Come see how...


busy bags for kids!

Busy Bags for Kids On-The-Go... / Oh Joy!

If you've got kids (or take care of kids), you know it can be a challenge to keep them entertained when out at places like a restaurant. If you're trying to avoid giving kids an iPad to keep them occupied while waiting for a meal, we're fans of making and bringing a busy bag for them. So today, we're showing you how to make a busy bags for kids! They're filled with a few favorite things to keep little hands and minds busy while you're out and about. Here are two options that we love for a both baby and a toddler. We even have a simple DIY to make the bag extra colorful and fun. Check it out... 


weekend project: a cool terrazzo table diy...

A Cool Terrazzo Table DIY... / via Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! If you're looking for a project for the weekend, today, we're showing you a fun way to take a simple wood table and turn it into a super cool terrazzo-inspired table. Terrazzo is super in right now, but it can be spendy. So here's a VERY easy way to give an old piece of furniture new life and some sparkly personality. Plus, it makes a fun weekend project! Come check it out...


a clever way to store toys!


In my place, my kids do not have a separate playroom, so their play and craft areas are mixed in with our living room. If you're in the same camp, sometimes it feels like toys can completely take over the living room. So today, we've got a clever way to store toys in shared spaces! This is a great way to keep them organized while still having them accessible in your family room...


Bedazzled Faux Fur Coat DIY...


I love a good faux fur jacket! So today, we're showing you how to take one that you already have and make it extra unique and special. PLUS, it looks like a great vintage find. Here's how...


a decal water bottle diy...

A Decal Water Bottle Diy... / via Oh Joy!

I've been working on drinking WAAAAY more water this year. Whenever you have something you want to get better at, it's always helpful to figure out ways to make that task more fun. By keeping a fun water bottle on my desk or by my nightstand, it's a gentle nudge to stay hydrated. So, today, we're showing you how to spruce up a plain water bottle for yourself or as a gift to give to a friend trying to get into better habits! Here's what you need to know to make your very own...