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pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake...

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake / Recipe via Oh Joy!

Who else is super excited to start baking up all those pumpkin treats now that it's officially fall?!? We are! So we're kicking off October with a pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake that's as pretty as it is delicious! Here's how to make it...


s'mores cupcakes...

S'Mores Cupcake Recipe / via Oh Joy!

For when you want the taste of s'mores but without all the assembly, try making s'mores cupcakes! They're perfect for kids or adult parties because you can make them ahead of time but still get that gooey chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow goodness that you would with a regular s'more. Here's how to make them...


how to style with large branches...

How to Style with Large Branches... / via Oh Joy!

Vases can get hard to constantly keep full of fresh flowers, so I always love options to fill them that doesn't require as much upkeep. Branches make for a beautiful option plus they last for for a while. Styling a large vase can feel daunting, so today, we're showing you how to style with them using large beautiful branches! Come see how...


a fruit board perfect for after school snacking!


My kids LOVE snacking on boards. It makes them eat things they wouldn't normally eat, plus it's a great way to feed a small group of hungry kids all at once. So today, we have a super easy fruit board that makes the perfect after school snack! It's an extra special way to serve fruit that'll get your kids and all their friends excited about having fruit as a treat. Here's how...


Perler Bead Coaster DIY!

Perler Bead Coaster DIY / via Oh Joy!

Who remembers playing with these beads when you were a kid to make key chains?! Today, we're showing you an updated way to use them by making...coasters! It'll have you feeling like a kid again with a VERY useful end result. Here's how...


an easy rainbow floral arrangement


We recently made this simple, but beautiful, arrangement for a video because it's so perfect for any last-minute gathering. If you're not super comfortable arranging florals, this is an easy way to make a statement with simple white flowers that doesn't require any florist skills! The trick is to use clear glass vases and then dye the water different colors so that it makes a rainbow effect! Here's how...


a diy belt bag!

A DIY Belt Bag / via Oh Joy!

The fanny pack trend is back in full swing, so today we're showing you how you can make your very own chic version: a belt bag! It's easier than it looks and is super cute and lightweight to carry around! It's perfect for all those small things you want to carry with you but want to keep hands-free. Here's how...


a rainbow-inspired backyard party!

a rainbow-inspired backyard party / oh joy!

We're celebrating the end of summer with a fun and festive rainbow-inspired backyard party today. In collaboration with BAND-AID®️ Brand and our new Oh Joy! BAND-AID® Brand Bandages, we'll show you how to bring all the color into an easy and fun get together. Watch our video below to get inspired!

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{Photo by Lily Glass, Video by Jenner Brown}

Glitter Jar DIY for Kids!

A DIY Glitter Jar for Kids / via Oh Joy!

Let's shake things up with these fun DIY Glitter Jars which are perfect as a sensory activity for kids! They even make for an interactive project with small kids because they can pick what special toys go inside. Here's how... 


A Color Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids!

A Color Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids / via oh Joy!

Ah! Summer is almost over, and my kids head back to school soon. So I wanted to share another fun activity for summer that really can be done year-round, too. I love super simple, interactive games that I can make for the kids with only things found around the house. This color scavenger hunt game is both fun and educational, so today, we're showing you have to make it...