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Pattern Adventures: An Animal Print Room!


We're back today with our very last pattern adventure of the year! It's been SO fun experimenting and challenging ourselves this year with a new print each month, and I hope you enjoyed following along and were inspired to experiment with these prints, too, in your own homes and wardrobes. We're wrapping up the series and this month's theme (animal print!) with a very merry living room. Come check it out!


Typically, animal prints are dark with a lot of black and brown. So, we decided to go with a more neutral and light animal print to keep it light and bright. We kept the space sleek and neutral with gold and white. Then, we added in pops of color with ornaments, artwork, and lots of fun accessories. 


When adding in the animal prints, we kept it all very textural with the faux zebra print rug and faux cow footrest. We incorporated solids with the mustard chair and green bar cart and kept the other colors cool to compliment the neutral animal print. 


We used lots off brass animal figurines and animal ornaments to play off the animal theme and made sure to spread out the prints throughout.

Sources shown: Target wall paper, Uran Outfitters abstract rug, World Market faux gold zebra rug, Taget marble coffee table, Target gold reindeer figurines, Target white christmas tree, Oh Joy! Shop ornaments, Art by Megan ocean painting, Velianna figure print, Kendall Kirk girl painting, Oh Joy! for Target bar cart (past season), The Everyday Co. napkins, Kate Spade coasters (past season), vintage ombre pitcher, vintage gold strip pitcher, vintage ombre glasses, Anthropologie yellow glasses (past season), Anne & Kate swizzle sticks, Target ceramic houses (similar), Target mini trees, World Market faux cow ottoman, Joybird chair, My Comfy Zone faux fur, Leif Shop coral pillow, Juju & Jake knot pillow, Lamps Plus floor lamp.

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong

a festive honeycomb backdrop for your next holiday party...


The holiday season is HERE and holiday festivities are in full swing! When it comes to holiday entertaining, I love creating a moment where people can capture the memories of that moment...something tangible that they'll find years from now that will bring them back with a smile on their face. So today, we've partnered with FUJIFILM to bring you a super fun party backdrop! There are SO many fun ways to integrate the FUJIFILM instax SQUARE® SQ6 cameras into parties and gatherings with friends, and this backdrop makes the perfect photo op to do just that. Take a look...


ombré tree DIY...


As we gear up for the holiday, here is a really pretty and fun ombré mini tree DIY using bottle brush trees. It's festive, sparkly, and makes for a whimsical winter wonderland scene in any nook of your home. Here's how to make them...


Oh Joy! Team Gift Guide: Over $100


Today, we have our last gift guide of the season! We've packed it full of our favorite items over $100, perfect for when you want to really splurge on someone special. OR, simply send this post to someone who wants to spoil YOU and has no idea what to get you :)

01. Sincerely So Diamond Ziggy Stack Ring ($260) from Joy, 02. Lillian Farag Snake Leather Clutch ($110) from Jess, 03. Oh Joy! for Lorena Canals Happy Prism Rug ($325) from Joy, 04. Bryr clogs ($260) from kim, 05. Fossil leather watch ($115) from Courtney, 06. Oh Joy! for CALPAK Sunset Suitcase 3-Piece Set ($385) from Nicole, 07. Clare V. Alistair Petit Bag ($365) from Julia, 08. Yield french press ($120) from Traci. 

from a sweatshirt to a dining room?!?

How a Sweater Can Inspire a Dining Room! / via Oh Joy!

Have you ever loved a piece of clothing so much that you want to wear it every single day? We've shown you past rooms inspired by dresses, fabric, and a skirt. But if you can believe it, this one was inspired by a SWEATSHIRT!

How a Sweater Can Inspire a Dining Room! / via Oh Joy!

We're obsessed with this Castle "Woman" sweatshirt that we carry in the Oh Joy! Shop, AND we used it as inspiration to create a sleek, modern, and inviting dining room. Take a look...


How to Stay Married (and Keep Your Sanity) While Building a House!

Oh Joy / How to Stay Married While Building a House!

When people find out that we're building a house, they always joke, "So, how's your marriage going?" Oftentimes, people say that when you do a large renovation or home project together, it takes a real toll on your relationship. Honestly, the process of building a house has made me the most stressed than I have probably ever been in my entire adult life...yet my marriage has never been better. I know, how annoying that I can say that, right? In contrast to how giant projects like these can be hard on a relationship, I think it's actually this process that has made my husband, Bob, and I communicate even more than we normally do and work through things because we HAVE TO for the sake of meeting deadlines. The urgency to communicate about our future kitchen's layout or where our outlets need to go has also led to more communication between us in general. So, today I am sharing our tips for How to Stay Married (and Keep Your Sanity) While Building a House (or during a major home project)...

1. Decide jointly upfront what's most important to you. Are you most concerned with form and style, function, budget, timeline? At some point, any one (or all) of those things will be called into question by you or someone who is part of the construction process with you. That's when you need to be firm and united on what can budge on or what can't.

2. Assign who will interact with vendors. You will make everyone's life easier (yours, your contractor, your architect, the bank, and everyone involved) if you designate one point person for each of them. If both you and your partner have the ability and time to be very active in the project, you can assign different teams to each one of you. But for us, it made sense for me to be the primary contact for everyone because I'm just better at quickly communicating, I have a more flexible work schedule, and because I spend more time in front of a computer than my husband does.

3. Put one person in charge of most of the decision-making. With a home build, there are a million decisions to make...from large ones like deciding the general layout of your house to tiny ones like what color knobs your kitchen drawers will have. Both of us were heavily involved in the overall look and functionality of our house. We had weekly meetings with our architects while in the initial design phase. But now that we're in the construction phase which has a lot of smaller changes and decisions that need to be made weekly, we jointly decided that I would be in charge of those. I will make the decision about most things, and if there is something I know my husband will have a strong opinion on, I'll wait for him to weigh in before answering.

4. Have regularly scheduled meetings about the project. Our architect team had weekly meetings with us during the phase when we were actively designing our house. Now, that we are in construction phase, we have a weekly meeting with both our contractor and architects to review progress and on-going updates. Those standing weekly meetings get built into our schedule and we try to work everything else around them. The meetings have helped SO much in keeping us up to date. And if one of us can't make it due to work conflict, then the other one still goes to represent us both. If your construction team does not have these regular meetings planned for you, get into a habit of doing that yourself, either weekly or every two weeks so you are both caught up on where everything is and there are no surprises. 

5. Be okay with compromise. I love bell-shaped brass lights that unfortunately make an annoying noise every time they get touched, but Bob HATES them because he somehow finds a way to bump into them no matter where they are. So as I am looking at light for our bedroom, I knew I had to consider both functional and beautiful options that we could both agree on. And although I imagined our yard filled with wildly colorful flowers, Bob also is allergic to pollen so we are designing our landscaping with low pollen or no pollen plants that would keep him from sneezing every day.

Check out my post on Architectural Digest's Clever where I'm asking tips from other married couples who have built a house together, too! And, next month, I'll be back with a construction update!

Have a great weekend!

a fall-inspired home office...


Every season, it's fun to create a refresh on our surroundings...whether in small ways with a new piece of artwork or in bigger ways...like finally getting that new desk you've been needing! Today, we're giving you some inspiration with a fall-inspired home office! The best part is, with a desk-on-wheels, you can switch your position in the room when you need a change of scenery. Take a look...


a mini cone-a-copia place setting...

How to Make a Mini Cone-a-Copia Place Setting / Oh Joy!

One of our favorite Thanksgiving projects off all time is our Thanksgiving Cone-a-Copia made from...ice cream cones! For a last-minute Thanksgiving idea for you, we have a TINY twist on an Oh Joy classic...a MINI Cone-a-Copia! This one can be made for individual place settings and make a sweet detail for guests. Here's how...


a cozy fall seating area...

A Cozy Fall Seating Area... / via Oh Joy!

It's been cooling down here in Los Angeles, and it's finally beginning to feel like fall! So today, we're showing you how to create a place to cozy up at home and relax with a warm, inviting setting area inspired by rich fall colors. Take a look...


pattern adventures: a color-blocked corner...

Pattern Adventures: A Color-Blocked Corner... / via Oh Joy!

This month's Pattern Adventure is...COLOR-BLOCKING! It's a unique one and not something you see all the time, so it's been super fun to put together. First up, we have a color-blocked nook that uses a fun wall mural to achieve the look. Here's how we styled the space...