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let me shop for you: mini dresses!

let me shop for you: mini dresses!

It's heating up out there as we reach (almost) summer! I've been sticking to my Fancy Casual looks at home and as we slowly venture out with limited activities. Here are a few of my favorite summer mini dresses I found for you...a mix of both new and vintage in a range of price points and sizes. I've often listed the size of the item when we're looking at one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, but going forward, I will also include the size ranges available for new items, too!

1. AaricaNichole Vintage Green Floral Dress ($63, size XS/S), 2. Lisa Marie Fernandez for Target one shoulder dotty dress ($45, sizes XXS to 3X), 3. Selkie Collection Dress ($189, sizes 2-18), 4. Vintage Floral Shift Dress from ShopExile ($55, size M), 5. Cushnie for Target ($45, sizes 0-22W), 6. Vintage Mini Mod Dress from ShopExile ($57, size M), 7. Celia B pink dress ($255, size XS-XL).

let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

If you watched my recent IGTV video, you know that my number one go-to at home piece right now is a vintage caftan. It's colorful, fun, chic...yet comfy, too! Since we can't shop at our favorite local flea markets or vintage shops in person right now, there's so much available through vintage shops on Etsy in a range of sizes and prices.

Here are some tips I keep in mind for buying vintage caftans online:

1. Remember sizing for a caftan is more flexible than other clothing. Here's a case where you can wear sizes that are larger than your size since they are meant to be roomy. If you're getting a piece that isn't your size, you have to make sure that the fabric is flowy enough to still drape your frame properly. OR, you can also get them altered (which is generally not too expensive with a simple caftan shape). 

2. The pricing will reflect the quality. You can find some for $25-45 which will likely be a vintage polyester. Those will be durable and easily washable but may also be a thinner fabric. Anything in the lower $100s is likely much nicer quality and will last longer...those however, may be silk or other more precious materials so keep in mind if you'd prefer wear and wash pieces than anything too nice.

3. Keep specific search terms in mind to find more. I searched for "Vintage Floral Caftan" or "Hawaiian Vintage Caftan" to get these results below!

Here are six of my favorites available right now on Etsy....

let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

1. Hawaiian Caftan from ($65, size XS/S), 2. Caftan from VintagePrepGirl ($125, size 10-12), 3. Silk colorblock caftan from MilkTeeths ($150, size 10), 4. purple floral caftan by IggyAndBo ($68, size XS, S), 5. Multi-color floral caftan from PendulumVintage ($47, size M/L), 6. Abstract caftan from PurnaPalace ($124, size S).

(Top photo by Casey Brodley)

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats!

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats / oh joy!

If you've been following along to my style posts, you may know that I have been obsessed with vintage dusters over the past year. What exactly is a duster, you ask? According to Wikipedia, a duster is:

A light, loose-fitting long coat. The original dusters were full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust. These dusters were typically slit up the back to hip level for ease of wear on horseback.

The ones I love tend to have a great pattern, texture, or color, and range from more 50's housecoat to 70's wild child style...

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats / oh joy!

This 70's style open duster with collar has a great, bold pattern with perfect pops of color. It's light and makes for a great layer in the spring or fall, and I love wearing it with a solid color piece (like this olive jumper). I get compliments from strangers all the time when wearing this...and it's just such a great and fun piece!

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats / oh joy!

This one is more like a 50's housecoat with a silky, embroidered fabric with a thicker batting inside. It's cozy, yet so soft and pretty, and I love wearing it over longer maxi dresses.

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats / oh joy!

Finally, this is a super lightweight, vintage Hawaiian style duster with short sleeves. This one is great over pretty much anything and even works as a bathing suit coverup!

Since I love vintage so much, but they are one-of-a-kind at this point, I thought I could do some shopping for YOU and find similar duster styles in a range of sizes. Here are some I've found that I love for you...

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats / oh joy!

1. Vintage 80's Denim Duster ($80, size 8), 2. 1960's Floral Sweater Duster ($95, M/L), 3. 1960's Floral Linen Duster ($49, size 6-8), 4. Vintage Embroidered Duster ($95, size L), 5. Vintage Floral Duster ($39, one size).

Here are a few that are new and current that have great colors and patterns, too....

let me shop for you: vintage duster coats / oh joy!

6. ASOS Abstract Duster ($56), 7. Urban Outfitters Colorblock Trench Coat ($200), 8. Anthropologie Kimono Duster ($138). 

Let me know if you like these posts and any other pieces you're on the hunt for!

Photos: Lily Glass and Casey Brodley.

color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots!

color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots

Mints and dots pretty much combine two of my favorite colors and patterns together...so I was excited to put together some outfits with those two things in mind!

color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots

This top just feels so special. I love it not only for the color but the sheer sleeves, the sequins, and how it just feels so fresh and happy. I paired it with these silky dotty pants for a fun contrast of color and texture. Because both pieces are a bit looser, I tucked in the top in front to help define the waist and make a loose outfit feel a bit more tailored.

Sources: Anthropologie top (via Nuuly), JOA pants (via Nuuly), Marais shoes (past season).

color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots

color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots

Since we're still in winter but I love wearing skirts, I mixed a sweater and a skirt! I paired this multi-color dotty sweater with a fun and light skirt for an outfit that transitions so well into spring. I also love both pieces separately so much!

Sources: Anthropologie sweatshirt (via Nuuly), Carolina K skirt (via Nuuly), Zuzii shoes (past season), Mur scarf.

color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots


color adventures: oh joy wears mint and dots

Sources: Rebecca Taylor coat (past season), Ban.do shirt (past season), January Moon necklace, We The Free jeans (via Nuuly), M.Gemi shoes (past season)

See a video of how I styled some of these pieces and a few others over on my Instagram Stories!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Outfit styling by Joy Cho, Concept/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong}

happy friday + little treasures...

Oh Joy at the Long Beach Antique Market

Happy Friday all! Last weekend, I took the kids to the Long Beach Antique Market (which is the 3rd Sunday of each month). I typically go to the Rosebowl Flea Market but missed it this month, so we tried Long Beach instead. While we didn't go needing anything (I am in serious purge-mode with my pending move after all), it always serves as great inspiration trip for me. I love old things with a story that feel unique and I can make my own.

Plus, it's fun way to teach my kids about money and interacting with people. I'll give my kids $10 each to spend. They can buy whatever they want, but cannot spend more than what they have. It teaches them to look people in the eye to ask them how much something is, give money and accept change if they want to make a purchase, and that the money eventually runs out so they have to choose their purchases wisely.

For this past trip, I didn't plan to buy anything but came across these pieces in our last 15 minutes there—a beautiful white and jeweled necklace and a bunch of amazing clip-on earrings. I'll wear the necklace exactly as it is. And, the clip-on earrings I'll pin to my shoes or perhaps a jacket? They pinch way too much to actually wear them on my ears! What else could you do with them? Any ideas?

Anyway, finding the jewelry was our last little treasure-hunting trip which turned out to be just enough until we all got hot and tired and needed to get lunch! Have a great weekend, all...see you soon!

(Photo by Joy Cho)

color adventures: oh joy wears pink and hearts!

color adventures: oh joy wears pink and hearts! / via oh joy!

We're seeing hearts alllllll month long for our Color Adventures. Last week, we styled a sophisticated blush bedroom with a heart theme (it IS doable!), and now I'm showing you how to wear this classic February combo in a grown-up way. Check it out...


color adventures: green abstract outfits...

color adventures: green abstract outfits... / via oh joy!

Now that we're mixing patterns in with our Color Adventures, my outfits this month are filled with green AND abstract prints! I'm trying out the new Nuuly clothing rental program, so you'll see a few pieces from them. Check it out...


a simple popcorn knot cardigan diy...

a fun knot sweater diy... / via oh joy!

You know we're all about the popcorn sweater (Joy LOVES her handmade version from Misha and Puff). So today, we're showing you how to get a bit of that look by adding to your very own existing sweater! You can create the look on a sweater or cardigan, whatever your heart desires. Check it out...


my clothing spending freeze of 2019 and what i'm doing for 2020...

my clothing spending freeze of 2019 and what i'm doing for 2020... / via oh joy!

Because of our on-going house project, last year, we cut out major travel and vacations from our family budget. And, I cut out about 90% of my clothing purchases. I went on a spending freeze and was on a mission to not buy any new clothes for myself.


new year's eve outfit ideas...

new year's eve outfit ideas... / via oh joy!

While I will be in my pajamas (and likely in bed) when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, I still wanted to share a few of my favorite festive outfits with you for IF I were to go out on the town this New Year's Eve! Here are some looks to inspire your party-going attire! Check it out...