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field trip: all day baby!

field trip: all day baby!

We're off today on another field trip, and at this place, breakfast is served ALL DAY, BABY! All Day Baby is new to the Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles, and it's rumored to be home to one of the best fried chicken biscuit sandwiches of all time. Check it out...


field trip: five leaves...

Day Trip: Five Leaves... / via Oh Joy!

Today, we're headed to East Hollywood for lunch at Five Leaves, a trendy new cafe in Los Angeles! Check it out to see what we loved about the space and everything we ordered off the menu...


field trip: paris pilates

Day Trip: Paris Pilates / via Oh Joy!

The Oh Joy! team recently took a trip to Silverlake to visit Paris Pilates for a mid-day workout! It's an amazing space and a great workout, so we're sharing all the fun details with you today (including our all-time favorite bathroom in the history of bathrooms). Check it out... 


day trip: valley country market

Day Trip: Valley Country Market / Merci Milo // via Oh Joy!

For today's day trip, we're heading Northwest of Los Angeles to the Valley Country Market! It's a cute shopping center in the valley with great shops, coffee, and the most heavenly bread to eat. Here's how we spent the day there... 


oh joy day trip: row dtla

Day Trip: ROW DTLA / via Oh Joy!

Happy Wednesday! Today, we're taking you on a day trip to one of the coolest upcoming spots in Los Angeles, the Row DTLA. I was there for a conference recently and there are SO many amazing boutiques, restaurants, and shops. We didn't have enough time to stop everywhere, but here are a few of our favorite spots to hit if you find yourself looking for a fun adventure...


Oh Joy Day Trip: Highland Park...

Topo in Highland Park / Oh Joy!

For today's Day Trip adventure, we're taking you to Highland Park! It's a historic neighborhood (that is VERY up-and-coming) in Northeast Los Angeles that has fun shops and restaurants are all in walking distance of each other. Here are a few of our favorite places to go...


Oh Joy Day Trip: Echo Park (Part 2)

Big Bud Press in Echo Park

Last month, we featured a few of our favorite spots in Echo Park! But there's more! Since we had so many, we've broken them into two parts and here is the 2nd part with a couple more spots...these ones located on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park (between Silver Lake and Downtown LA). Stop by this pairing if you're meeting a friend for lunch and some shopping after...


Oh Joy Day Trip: Echo Park (Part 1)

Exploring Echo Park Ave... / Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! Today, we're exploring one of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles...Echo Park! Because there are so many amazing coffee spots, shops, and restaurants, we're breaking it up into two posts. First up, we have three spots all on Echo Park Avenue, so you can leisurely walk down one street to discover a few amazing spots. Each shop is curated and designed to perfection. Ready? Let's go! 


oh joy day trip: pasadena...

oh joy day trip: pasadena

Today, we're going to Pasadena, CA which is just 20 minutes outside of Los Angeles for our latest Oh Joy Day Trip! Pasadena has a family-friendly vibe with Angelenos living here when they want more of a neighborhood feel than you might get in parts of Los Angeles proper. Here are some of our favorite spots in Pasadena...


oh joy day trip: atwater village...

Oh Joy Day Trip: Atwater Village

In our newest, Oh Joy Day Trip, we're taking you to Atwater Village—a small neighborhood near Silver Lake and Los Feliz on the East side of Los Angeles.