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Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze!

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy! // Trapeze School New Year + Los Angeles

Hi! I'm Julia. I'm the Creative Content Director and Stylist over here at Oh Joy! I handle all of the creative conception and production for the daily blog posts, production for our photoshoots, as well as prop styling all of the other photos you see on social media and on the Oh Joy! Shop. You've probably also seen me singing or dancing while I work! 


style guide: rules (to break) for dressing a plus-size body...

Style Guide: Rules (To Break) for Dressing a Plus-Size Body... / via Oh Joy!
I'm excited today to introduce the first of a series of fashion posts written by members of the Oh Joy! team. A couple years ago, we started the Dressing the Team series because I wanted to highlight the variety of women (and our unique body types) that work here. We wanted to get even more in depth into everyone's style story and really highlight how they dress for various needs, have evolved in their own styles, and tips they can offer to you as well. Today, we're starting with Courtney! -Joy