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happy space: joy's arboretum!

Happy Space: Joy's Arboretum / via Oh Joy!

We're starting a new series called HAPPY SPACE! Everyone has a place that makes them happy, a space where they instantly feel at home and at ease in. So, our Creative Content team has created a new challenge for themselves: to style a dream room for everyone on the Oh Joy! team. First up? Me!

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what are you waiting for?

what are you waiting for? / via oh joy!

Do you know what stops us all from achieving our goals, our next big accomplishment, or that thing we’ve been wanting to do forever but haven’t? It’s the feeling that the timing needs to be just right. Or that our website has to be PERFECT. Or that we need to have just the right amount of savings in our bank account to be able to make it happen. 

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print styling 101...

print styling 101... / via oh joy!

It's no secret we love a good gallery wall! Whether you're a pro at them or are wanting to try it for the first time, here are a few of our go-to tips when creating a gallery wall! From just a few prints to a ton, we've got something for every space of the home. Check it out...

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make your own clay necklace!

make your own link necklace... / via oh joy!

Can you believe we made these necklaces?! We've been eyeing the larger statement necklaces that are coming back in style and wanted to make one ourselves to share with you! We love them for the fall season, and they're great to make for friends and give as holiday gifts or to make for a craft night in! See how... 

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a dreamy teenage bedroom...

a dreamy teenage bedroom... / via oh joy!

Happy October! We're kicking off the new month with maybe the coolest teenage bedroom ever. If you've got a pre-teen or teen living at home and want to steal a few of our styling tips to create a space of their own to study, sleep, and get inspired, check it out!

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these are a few of my favorite things...

Wayfair Home Decor Favorites

As I've been working on designing the interiors for my house for the past several months, I've come across so many amazing pieces. Some of these pieces you might see when we reveal the rooms, and some which didn't find their way into our project but are still amazing, nonetheless. Wayfair has been a go-to resource for finding a variety of items from toilets and sinks to pillows and coffee tables. So, I wanted to compile some of the best-of's for you of things we've found and adore in case they come in handy for YOU and your own home renovations or room makeovers!

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oh joy from 2005 to 2019...

oh joy from 2005 to 2019... / via oh joy!

Holy cow! Oh Joy is officially FOURTEEN YEARS OLD! When I started this business 14 years ago, it was supposed to be a freelance design business. I had no plans for it to go in the direction it did. Thanks so the evolution of social media, Oh Joy! has evolved and grown into so many things.

In celebration, I'm looking back at the last 14 years to show how things have changed and evolved and grown (both personally and professionally). This is a long post (but a fun one). So I hope you'll hang out and read along...

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canvas wall decor diy...

canvas wall decor diy... / via oh joy!

Want a fresh new way to decorate your walls?! Yes? OKAY! Here's how to create your own colorful canvas wall art! It's super simple to make, and it is a great alternative when you don't want to use lots of framed prints, wall hangings, or shelving. With this DIY, you get to pick your own colors and mix up the pattern whenever, however you want. Check it out...

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style guide: dressing for petites!

Style Guide: Dressing Petite / via Oh Joy!

We're back with our second post in our fashion series by members of the Oh Joy! team. A couple years ago, we started the Dressing the Team series because I wanted to highlight the variety of women (and our unique body types) that work here. We wanted to get even more in depth into everyone's style story and really highlight how they dress for various needs, have evolved in their own styles, and tips they can offer to you as well. Today, Jess, our Creative Content Creator, is sharing her tips! -Joy

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new oh joy shop arrivals for fall!

new arrivals for fall! / via oh joy!

We've got NEW arrivals for fall! From chic ceramic mugs, the happiest pillow ever, and lots of fun rainy day activities for the kids, we've got something for the whole family. Come check them out... 

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