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Five Fun Ideas for Mother's Day...

FIVE Fun Ideas for Mother's Day / via Oh Joy!

Mother's Day is just three days away! If you're still searching for that perfect gift that your mom will love, here are FIVE fun ideas that you can make, bake, or create!

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NEW Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs...

NEW Oh Joy! x Erin Condren Designs...

We have BRAND NEW Oh Joy! x Erin Condren designs! They're bright, colorful, and are the perfect companion for planning all of your summer adventures. Their NEW LifePlanner includes a month-over-month and week-over-week calendar system, to do lists, color-coded stickers for flagging important dates, and SO MUCH MORE. The covers are interchangeable, so you can mix them up however you want! Take a look...

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when a knob isn't just a knob...

When A Knob Isn't Just A Knob... // Simple Style Solution: Hardware / via Oh Joy!

As I've been working on finalizing design for the interiors of our house, it's the little details that I find to be surprisingly fun! Who would have known how many knobs, pulls, and handles exist but also this process has made me think about the functionality of all the pieces at the same time. Hardware is like icing on top of the cake! It's a detail that often gets overlooked but makes an easy way to add style to a new space or even change up an existing space especially in bathrooms and kitchens where storage is a huge priority. Today, we've partnered with Schaub and Company to show you some of my favorite pieces that will be going into our home and how you can use them in your spaces, too...

When A Knob Isn't Just A Knob... // Small Knobs + Pulls / via Oh Joy!

Small Knobs — For smaller cabinets, lighter drawers, and those that get used less often (like a dining room storage area), small knobs add function and not-too-much bulk. They are often round in nature and feel like adding stud earrings to an outfit. They're a bit more understated, smaller, and can go with lots of things. I'm going all brass with our hardware and love both the full brass options as well as those that have glass mixed in!

Small Pulls — For smaller cabinets and those that get used more often (like the top drawers of a bathroom or kitchen), you want to have the grip to be able open a cabinet that may have heavier items inside (like utensils). In these cases, small pulls work well because there is something with a bit more size to grasp onto. My favorites here are a mix of solid brass and these gorgeous brass and lucite options. 

1. Atherton Cup Pull, 2. Stargaze Cylinder Knob, 3. Haniburton Knob , 4. City Lights Knob, 5. Stargaze Round Knob, 6. Lumiere Brass T-Knob, 7. Lumiere Rose Gold T-Knob, 8. Haniburton Finger Pull, 9. City Lights Cylinder Knob.

When A Knob Isn't Just A Knob... // Medium + Large Hardware / via Oh Joy!

Medium Handles — A medium sized handle (anywhere from 4-8" wide) works great for kitchen and bathroom drawers and cabinets. You want to use these on cabinet and millwork doors that get very regular usage and need sturdy handles. If you're using handles to freshen up a space by swapping out your older ones, think about how you like to open drawers and do you want your whole hand to fit into the handle or just be able to pull with your fingers? That will help determine the size as well as how it visually looks with the size of your drawer or cabinet.

Appliance Handles — If you're able to panel your fridge or dishwasher, a special appliance handle adds a custom aspect to your kitchen that helps it feels special and unique to you. We're using these brass and lucite handles for ours, and it adds a detail that makes it feel so unique but doesn't cost a ton.

10. Lumiere Pull, 11. Haniburton 4" cc Pull, 12. Haniburton 6" cc Pull, 13. Brass Lumiere Appliance Pull, 14. Rose Gold Lumiere Appliance Pull.

Do you see what I mean when I say a knob isn't just a knob? ;P

P.S. One thing to keep in mind if you're updating hardware that you currently have is to measure the center to center spacing between the screw holes! This helps ensure that you find something of the same size or at least something to cover the holes that currently exist on your future from the old hardware. For example, when replacing knobs with pulls, make sure you find something that covers the center hole on the drawers from the previous knobs.This way you don't have to patch any unnecessary holes!

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Joy Cho.}

dull to colorful: an acrylic chair DIY


Today, we're showing you how easy it is to create a multi-colored chair pairing in your dining room AND get to make them in whatever colors fit your space! It's an inexpensive DIY to take a simple acrylic chair up a notch and make it uniquely yours! Here's what we started with...

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weekend project: make a glitter bud vase tray for mom!

How-To Make a Glitter Bud Vase Tray

Bud vases are a great way to add blooms to your home without needing crazy flower arranging skills. While you can scatter bud vases all around the home, we love them clustered to make a colorful statement. As we head into the weekend, here's a fun DIY bud vase tray with a little sparkle that you can make for your favorite lady for Mother's Day... 

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a very rainbow kid's room...

A Very Rainbow Kid's Room / via Oh Joy!

This kid's room is coming up rainbows! We fully embraced our love for rainbows and brought them in everywhere a fresh and not-too-primary way. Whether it's a nursery or a kid's room, it's a room all your rainbow dreams are made of. Check it out...

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Gift Baskets for Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week / Gift Basket via Oh Joy!

Did you know that next Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day!? Schools are celebrating teachers all next week for Teacher Appreciation Week, so today we're showing you a super fun and thoughtful gift basket that you can give your kid's teacher! We filled them with a few of our favorite things that teachers would love. But, feel free to customize it to your child's teacher and their favorite things. You can also make a basket of any size...it could have just one or two things in it or a medley of things. Check it out...

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Color Adventures: Oh Joy Wears Pastels...

Color Adventures: Oh Joy Wears Pastels... / via Oh Joy!

Happy last day of April! We're saying goodbye to this month's Color Adventures with four springy pastel outfits. Here's how to rock light pastel colors from head to toe...

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Oh Joy! for Petco Summer!

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

We're gearing up for long, warm days with our newest Oh Joy! for Petco summer collection! This collection is inspired by bright colors, tropical fruit, and cool hues for both dogs and CATS! Since we launched our collection with Petco, we've received a lot of requests for cat items (plus, I am a cat lover myself so I had to make it happen!). So, we're thrilled that this collection includes tons of pieces your cats will love. Check it out...

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

From beds to bowties and lots of things in between (like toys and collars!), we have something for your furry feline friend. 

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

We've added fun lightweight "dog daze" t-shirts, new collars, and a colorful "fruit smoothie" harness for your pups.

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

NEW: Oh Joy! for Petco Summer Collection

And, by the way...is there anything cuter than a pet in a hat? We don't think so ;)

{Pet photos by Grace Chon. Flatlay image by Lily GlassStyling and production by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong. Special thanks to our models: Arne, Cedric, Choco, and Harley!}

weekend project: bubble wrap confetti bark...

bubble wrap confetti bark / oh joy!

Happy Friday! Today, we're making an extra colorful and tasty treat for the weekend with the help of an unexpected material...bubble wrap. Yep! Bubble wrap! With a little bit of melting chocolate, sprinkles, and bubble wrap, you can make these super fun and tactile chocolate barks for kids. It's a great recipe to let kids help with because it's super simple and doesn't require any baking time in the oven. Check it out...

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