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anthropologie petites

As someone who is 5'2", one of my never-ending struggles when shopping has been having to alter the length of everything—whether skirts, pants, or straps on tops. So, when I heard that Anthropologie was launching a Petites Collection, I was thrilled to say the least...no more endless alteration bills for some of my favorite styles.

To help celebrate the new Petites Collection, I've partnered with Anthropologie to host a Petite Style event at their Newport Beach store on August 16th. So for those of you in Southern California, it will be a fun night to shop and try on the full collection {which is normally only available online}. And, I'll be there to help give any styling advice that I can! To RSVP, click here or on the image above. I hope to see some of you there {Oh, and you don't have to be petite to attend!}  — Joy

whimsical bites in {san diego}...






Over the weekend, we took a trip down to San Diego to pick up some vintage furniture for the baby's room. So, we decided to have our anniversary dinner at Searsucker—a newish restaurant downtown that my friend Caroline had recommended. Having had lived in San Diego for a year, I ate as much as I could in that year and was pleasantly surprised to see an exciting new addition to the San Diego food scene. While a more casual and less intimate space than I imagined, the food at Searsucker was even better than I expected. We enjoyed a slew of small plates, all of which were robust in flavor, texture, and a bit of humor. Our favorites were {top to bottom}: the cheese puffs, bone marrow with onion jam, duck fat fries {some of the best fries I've ever had!}, the sous vide watermelon salad, and the key lime bar. Another favorite {not shown} was the pork butt...which was soft, flaky, and melt-in-your-mouth good. Searsucker just became one of my top three favorite restaurants in San Diego... — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

budino love...


I'll admit it. I've found a new love in a dessert. Lately, I've been seeing many a budino on the menus of some of my favorite restaurants. A budino simply means "pudding" in Italian, but there's something about a budino that elevates the pudding of your lunchbox days to a new delicious adult level. My favorites: the Chocolate Budino from Cucina Urbana in San Diego {left}, the Salted Caramel Budino from Barbuzzo in Philadelphia {right}, and the Butterscotch Budino from Pizzeria Mozza in LA {not shown}. It's seriously one of the best things to fill up a spoon since ice cream.

If you're up for trying to make one yourself, here's a recipe for Pizzeria Mozza's Butterscotch Budino and one from Leslie Sarna. As for me, I lack patience for any desserts that take over an hour to make, so I'll gladly continue to consume them at my favorite stops!

{photos by Oh Joy}

{san diego} top 20 bites...


In preparation for my move to San Diego last year, I did a search for San Diego food blogs and came across Alice Q. Foodie's blog. Her list of things to eat & drink in San Diego kick-started me into excitement about the new food options I was about to bestow. Now that I am wrapping up my year in San Diego, {inspired by Alice's list} I wanted to share a list of my very own of my favorite food discoveries in San Diego over the past year. {While most have photos, a few do not, so you'll have to use your imagination and trust my foodie peer pressure on those.} So, here goes...in no particular order...my top 20 bites in San Diego...


1. The Chocolate Budino from Cucina Urbana. Rich, light, smooth, sweet, salty goodness.


2. The Polenta/Ragu Board {great as a shared appetizer} also from Cucina Urbana. The ragu changes regularly, but whichever flavor it is, is always good. {I've had this dish at least 5 times}


3. Fish tacos from Marisco's Taco Truck. $1 each and SOOO good! A meal for two runs under $10.

4. Banh Mi from Bale French Sandwich Shop. Get the classic #2. Located in a sort of shady spot so be sure to get them to go.


5. Pepperoni, garlic, basil pizza with fresh mozzerella from Basic. The closest to good East Coast pizza I've found here.


vegetarian goodness in {san diego}...



I'm usually hesitant to try vegetarian restaurants. As a non-vegetarian, it seems odd to limit my eating options when I {nor anyone in my dining party} has dietary restrictions. However, after I was told by another meat-eating friend that one of the best meals she had in San Diego was at a vegetarian restaurant called Spread, I had to see for myself.


a gastrotruck in {san diego}...




While some cities (namely LA and NY) may have food trucks a plenty, San Diego is certainly lacking in the mobile food scene. In an attempt to find the MIHO gastrotruck over the weekend, we stumbled across this awesome event that MIHO and a few others put together.


summertime & the living is easy...



On Saturday night, Bob and I were looking to find the MIHO Gastrotruck, and to our surprise and delight, we can across this super cute event, Summertime and the Living is Easy located in the parking lot behind the newly opened Casa Atrelexia shop. Complete with food, popsicles, a DJ, summer movies, and super fun decor, our night on the hunt for a food truck turned into an unexpected treat.


chewy cookie goodness in {san diego}...



Here's a little story about my encounter with a cookie called 410 Degrees. During a routine trip to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, I came across the 410 stand and found myself lusting after their round doughy delights. There were only a few cookies left before they were about to sell out for the day. So, I stood in line patiently hoping I'd be one of the lucky few to scoop one of their last treasures. Just as I was about to order the ONE remaining cookie, a girl got in line in front of me to buy said cookie {the line was disorganized so I don't totally blame her}. However, I was not about to let the cookie get away from me and piped up that I had in fact been in line and that last cookie was mine. She thankfully retreated and bowed out as I did not want to a girl fight to ensue over a cookie. However, the almost-fight was certainly worth it for the cakey, chewy delight that would soon follow.


the pearl hotel...


...a little bit of mid-century modern style right here in San Diego at the Pearl Hotel.

{designed by Onairos Design}

{san diego} top 20 bites...




As I approach my last month in San Diego, I'm working on compiling my "top 20 bites" and the best of the best of my food adventures here over the past year. So far, I've got a solid list of 17, and now looking for 3 more things I've missed or any other hidden gems to seek out during my last 30 days in this beautiful city. So, San Diego...what say you? I'm all ears...I'll post my final 20 picks at the end of July before the big farewell...

{photos by Oh Joy}