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currently snacking on...


...roasted pumpkin marshmallows {coated in guanaja chocolate} from the San Fracisco-based Tell Tale Society's December bag. I've been sending this mixed bag of sweet & savory delights to friends & colleagues recently as gifts and just treated myself to one this month...and LOVE it...

{photo by Oh Joy}

{shop visit} prairie collective...


While in San Francisco last week, I had the chance to stop by Prairie Collective. A wonderful little shop in the Lower Haight of San Francisco made up of Studio Choo, Magpie & Rye, and The Cloak & Cabinet Society. The space combines some of my favorite things...flowers, tabletop, and quirky, pretty things...all under one roof.

{photos by Oh Joy}

wildly narrative sips...


A bottle of red? A bottle of white? Wine is surely one of my go-to sentiments for just about any occasion. Whether the recipient is near and dear to you or someone you just met, you can always win them over with a nice bottle of something luscious and lovely. So I'm LOVING this new series of modern house wines from Swanson Vineyards. In addition to the whimsical illustrations and fanciful stories, the occasion wines are covered in fun and amusing statements that help you send a message loud and clear and fabulously...

currently {wishing i was} snacking on...


...the alfajores {filled with dulce de leche} from 900 Grayson in Berkeley & made by Sabores del Sur...melt-in-your-mouth amazing!

{photo by Oh Joy. Find a recipe for alfajores right here.}

currently snacking on...


...a mini charcuterie plate with pieces from our recent travels...pepperoni from the Fatted Calf and sourdough from Model Bakery at the Oxbow Market in Napa.

{photo by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on...


We're back from our road trip up the coast, and all I can say is...my belly is pretty happy right now! I'll post more next week, but for now, lay your eyes on this treat I brought home from Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. The TKO is like the best homemade Oreo you've ever had. Dark and rich without being too sweet...

{photo by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on...


I took a quick work trip to San Francisco earlier this week, but unfortunately, all work and no play meant I didn't get a chance to go restaurant scouting. However, I was able to sneak over to Tartine and bring home these goodies. While I typically prefer soft and chewy cookies, these are the best crispy chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. Almost like a cookie crisp, the thin buttery cookie supports giant dark chocolate chunks and walnut bits creating an amazing texture like nothing I've ever had...

{photos by Oh Joy}

{taste tested}: michael mischer chocolate bars...


My milk chocolate loving taste buds of yesteryear have certainly grown up a bit as I find myself craving darker, richer chocolates more and more every day. A friend recently sent me these San Francisco-made chocolate bars from Michael Mischer Chocolates, and they're doing wonders for my hankering of dark chocolate. I especially love the Murray River Salt bar {left} and the Almond Salt bar {right}.

Final thoughts...4.5 out of 5 happy ladies! A truly a grown-up treat for those who enjoy the rich and pure essence of this cocoa treat. Stay tuned later this week to see the mini s'mores I made with these salted chocolate bars!

{photo by Oh Joy}

tacos + babies = a great time!





Last weekend, my good friend Lisa had a co-ed baby shower in her Berkeley home. The best part? A San Buena taco truck catered the party! Yep, it rolled up, parked in their driveway and we had unlimited tacos, burritos, and tortas for 3 hours. Mixed with mini cupcakes from Kara's...heaven on earth. Congrats Lisa! Can't wait to meet your little guy!

{photos by Oh Joy}

warm & chile in {san francisco}...


While stopping by the amazing vintage/antique store, The Perish Trust, last weekend in San Francisco, we were told to check out the newly opened Chile Pies & Ice Cream. Opened just last week, the shop is known for their signature Chile Apple Pie. Take the thinnest slices of apples plus sliced green chiles plus a cheddar crust and you get a sweet, spicy, and flaky treat like nothing you've ever had.

Final thoughts...4 out of 5 happy ladies! Apple pie lovers will enjoy the extra punch in this American classic and ice cream lovers will revel in the delicious homemade creamy treats.

{photos by Oh Joy}