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I think in color, I dream in color, and my brain gets inspired by color. Just a few color palettes that are really doing it for me lately...

P.S. more color...

{Photo sources: Kristen Grove's bedroom via Rue MagazineKenzo Spring 2011, Swedish pancakes by Linda Lomelino.}

{field trip} marimekko store in beverly hills...




Sometimes I get so tied to my desk—I get in the work zone and forget to leave my office all day. So, a few weeks ago, I decided that on Friday mornings, I'd start to make a habit of going to visit a shop, showroom, or other inspiring location that I've had on my "must-visit" list. It's a way of forcing me to get away from the computer screen and get inspired by real things in real life. And after two of my friends, Bri and Amy, mentioned loving the new Marimekko store in Beverly Hills, it was time to pay a visit....


clusters of things...





Maybe it's because I have a hard time choosing just one thing, but I find myself loving items arranged in clusters. From florals to prints to lighting—I just think they look so good in multiples. Here are a few of my favorites found around the web right now.

What types of things do you guys like arranging in groups?

{Sources, top to bottom: art wall via The Design Files, test tube chandelier by Gang DesignMera Brasserie in Poland, Yasmine Floral Design}

a few things i'm loving...






Whenever I start a big new design project, I flood myself with as much inspiration as possible to get my creative juices flowing and make myself start thinking outside my norm. For this new project, I even started drawing on paper again! It's been so long since I've done that—I usually go straight to the computer to design. As I was doing research for my project, here are just a few things I came across online that I had to share with you...

{Top to bottom: 1. Vrindavan by Katrin Korfmann,2. Oh My Deer X Pennyweight print, 3. floor-to-wall tiled bathroom by Studio Too Good,  4. Powder photos by Marcel Christ, 5. Typographical moss by Hayli Alyce.}

practice makes...


For the last couple nights I've been watching the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Have you guys seen it? I originally thought it was going to be mostly beautiful images of one of my favorite foods—and though I walked away craving sushi like no one's business, I was even more inspired by Jiro's process and way of thinking. The 85-year-old Michelin-awarded sushi chef and his sons talk about how important it is to spend time learning your craft, and how skills are developed over time. They emphasize that there's no fast and easy path to being successful or rich, but that with hard work and dedication, you can become really good at something you're passionate about.



The documentary also features the vendors that Jiro works with (the rice dealer, the shrimp dealer, the tuna dealer), all of whom know their specialties to a tee—but all of whom also strive to improve and learn more every day. With our world being so fast and focused on instant gratification, I love the reminder that sometimes the best things and the best rewards in life do take time and love to grow and mature...

{Movie stills via Magnolia Pictures}

totally obsessed...


...with pattern-on-pattern by Gorman + Rhys Lee. Because blending into your wall (à la Garden State) just seems so fun...

oh joy for microsoft...


I've always wanted to bring some of my patterns into the tech world and soften up gadgets with a little pattern and prettiness. So, I'm excited to share my first foray into the tech world with this Artist Series mouse I designed for Microsoft.



In true Oh Joy style, a flutter of florals sprinkle onto the top in matte metallics of silver and gold. I've been using this mouse with my laptop and love how it stores flat when not in use...which is perfect for traveling. You can see more details about my Oh Joy mouse right here! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

craft inc. {the update}...

Back in 2007, I posted about Meg Mateo Ilasco's first business book, Craft, Inc. The best-selling book on how to turn your creative hobby into a business, led to the Craft, Inc. planner, our collaboration on Creative, Inc. as well as two more Inc. books coming out in 2012. I couldn't be more proud of this series that Meg has created, and this month, the revised and updated version of Craft, Inc. is available with new interviews and updates to include social media and other new bits if information from the last five years. It's a must for anyone looking to start a product line and the first book I recommend to people who dream of having their own product-based or craft business! — Joy

{film directed and animated by Chloé Fleury of Hopscotch and edited by Travis Dixon}

{guest post} with jordan from oh happy day...


Mom of two and DIY extraordinaire, Jordan Ferney's blog, Oh Happy Day! is one of my favorites. I've asked Jordan to share a DIY project and gift idea befitting for a new baby...and maybe for a baby whose mama likes sweets too? — Joy

Congratulations to Joy and Bob on their new arrival! What a lucky baby! 

While Joy takes some maternity leave I thought I'd share and easy DIY baby gift. It is very easy to make your own custom baby onesie with freezer stencil paper. You can get freezer paper at the grocery store next to the saran wrap. Freezer paper is plastic on one side and paper on the other. When the plastic is touching fabric and you place an iron on it, it temporarily fuses to the fabric making it so paint can't seep through the edge. Easy peasy!

Materials Needed: freezer paper, exacto knife, iron, baby onesies, textile paint, paint brush, hairdryer

1. Choose a Picture. (The simpler the better!) We painted some ice cream cones by hand but you could also print out a design on the computer.

2. Cut it Out. Place the design underneath the freezer paper and cut out all the black marks. 

3. Time to Iron. First, iron the baby onesie so it is smooth, then place the freezer stencil on the onesie with the plastic side down touching the fabric and the paper side up touching the iron. Then iron into place.

4. Paint the Town Red, or whatever color you want! Put a piece of paper inside the onesie to prevent paint from soaking through. Paint the stencil with a thin layer of paint and then dry using a hairdryer. Repeat 1-2 more times until the paint has good coverage. Dry. Follow instructions on paint package to set. 

5. Voila! Adorable Baby Onesies! These fit perfectly in colorful Chinese food take out containers. Add on a label and they are ready to be gifted.

— Jordan of Oh Happy Day!

{photos and layout by Jordan}

modern vintage style...





Emily Chalmers is one of my favorite UK-based stylists of all time. I've been a huge fan of her vintage aesthetic since I started this blog back in 2005 so I'm thrilled to share some images from her new book, Modern Vintage Style. Emily does an amazing job of mixing color, print, and old with new...so fun and inspiring! — Joy

{Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers, Words by Ali Hanan, photos by Debi Treloar, published by Ryland Peters & Small}