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you deserve dessert...

Oh Joy Mini Bundt Cakes

You, yes YOU, deserve dessert today! You are surviving an unprecedented time full of worry, stress, angst, anger, annoyance, scary feelings, and everything in between. You are doing it! No matter if that looks like Pinterest-worthy crafts with your kids or your third time watching Tiger King. Maybe you have a living room covered with every toy or craft you own, or the cleanest and most organized house your've ever lived in. Because this is hard on all of us, and and we are all doing our best right now, we all deserve a treat (or two)! If you feel like treating yourself today, here are a few of our favorite recipes just for you!

Oh Joy Neapolitan Cookies

A Neapolitan Cookie dipped in white chocolate and coconut.  Fresh from the oven - just for you!

Oh Joy Funfetti Mille Cake

This Funfetti Crepe Cake may look super fancy and hard to make but it doesn't even require baking! Plus, everything needed is available at the grocery store.

Oh Joy and Molly Yeh Rainbow Icebox Cake

Here's a super fun Rainbow Icebox Cake we made with Molly Yeh 5 years ago! This one also requires no baking, and I love that you could make this in any size you want!

Oh Joy Pastel Mini Bundt Cakes

If you feel like sharing, you can make an entire platter of Mini Bundt Cakes with a delicious pastel icing coating that borders on perfection.

I love and appreciate each one of you and want you to be safe, healthy and happy...and your sweet tooth satiated!

{Photos by Lily Glass and Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and baking by Jess Hong.}

easy healthy-ish snacking tips...

Oh Joy Cereal Bark

If your house is anything like mine, our snacking has become an all-day activity being home so much! So if you're like me and want to make sure a few of those snacks are healthy-ish, here are few fun ideas to help...

Oh Joy Healthy Monster Muffins

1) Make a healthy snack (that doesn't seem healthy). We love cereal bark with yogurt, fruit and cereal (shown above) or make monster muffins. Both could be made for breakfast...or for a mid-morning snack! 

Oh Joy Fruit Jar DIY

2) Keep "better' choices more easily available.  Put the candy in a drawer, and leave your fruit out on the counter. That way, when you're bored or between Zoom calls (or actually hungry), it's easier to grab a fresher option. To make it more fun, you can DIY your bowl, jar or tray. Check out the tutorial here...

Oh Joy Snack Kit

3) Snack Kits - Something I'm trying this week is to put everyone's daily snacks out in the morning. That way the girls (and I) can see how much is left for the day (instead of constantly digging through the pantry). Everyone gets a little basket filled with some healthy and some fun snacks that they can eat whenever they want.  It's a fun way for the girls to be in charge and limits the number of snacks we have every day.

Oh Joy Snack Mix

4) Make a snack mix full of healthy and fun stuff! Snack mixes are always fun because kids can help make them AND it can be truly whatever you want. I like a mix of 2/3 healthy and 1/3 fun...that way it's a fun mix of sweet and savory, carbs and protein that delivers a satiated appetite!

How are you handling snacks right now?  Share any tips and tricks with us below!

{Photos by Lily Glass and Casey Brodley. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes and Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.

my favorite non-boozy drinks!

my favorite non-boozy drinks / Oh Joy!

I'm not much of a drinker (of alcoholic beverages)...maybe a glass of wine every so often, but I don't derive the same joy that most get from alcohol. I'd much rather have dessert or a tasty non-alcoholic drink! So today, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite non-boozy drinks that I simply LOVE...

Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Juice ($4) and Kimino Ume/Plum Sparkling Juice ($4) is perfectly sparkly, fruity, and tart without being too sweet. I love It with a meal or as a fun little afternoon treat.

Minna Sparkling Tea ($3) is a new favorite. It almost tastes like La Croix but with a tea essence instead of fruit. It's light and refreshing, and a surprisingly fun combo.

You either love kombucha or you hate it! The first time I tried it several years ago, I thought it was awful, but I've recently fallen in love with Healthade Kombucha ($4) and drink a few a week. It has a touch of tea for caffeine and feels very refreshing to have throughout the day.

Clevr SuperLattes ($28 for 14 servings) makes a great alternate to picking up a very expensive latte at your local coffee shop! It's easy to make it at home by just adding hot water AND it's dairy-free. I love mixing the Chai and Coffee versions together for a my own version of a Dirty Chai Latte!

When you need something just a little sweet, this Sangaria Milk Tea ($2) is a great afternoon pick-me-up!

Valentine's Day Inspo...

Valentine's Day Inspo... / via Oh Joy!

We love celebrating Valentine's Day! From sweet cards to tasty treats and everything in between, here are our ALL-TIME FAVORITE valentine ideas. If you're looking for some inspiration to tell all your family and friends just how much you love them, or if you need a fun idea that your little one can hand out to their classmates, keep reading... 


candy charcuterie for Valentine's Day...

candy charcuterie for Valentine's Day... / via oh joy!

I WANT CANDY! When we think of Valentine's Day, we think of lots of pink and red hearts, sweet treats, handmade valentine cards, and tons of candy! So today, we're showing you a super fun way to incorporate chocolate and candy galore with a fun sweet treat charcuterie board (aka our dream come true!). Check it out... 


my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe...

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

If you're like me and adore chocolate-covered strawberries, you're going to LOVE this frozen strawberry hot chocolate! It's inspired by one of my favorite indulgent treats, is super decadent, and is perfect for all of your holiday parties. So, in partnership with KitchenAid, I've used the new K400 Blender to create a deliciously simple recipe that makes a rich frozen hot chocolate and blends in sweet strawberries for a fruity twist.

The KitchenAid® K400 Blender is ideal for recipes like this because it has an "Icy Drink" pre-set, so you can get the texture just right. You can also control the taste and texture for your exact recipe with the 5-speed dial. It's super quick (blending even the toughest ingredients!), which is extra handy when party prepping.

I love making things that put a twist on classic recipes to make it a bit unexpected and incorporate a dash of whimsy, so these are garnished in true Oh Joy! fashion. Check it out...

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

You'll need...
- 2 cups strawberries (hulled, whole)
- 1-1/2 cups chocolate milk (we used pea milk to make it dairy-free)
- 3/4 cups cocoa powder (we used unsweetened bc the chocolate milk adds sugar)
- 4 cups ice

For the toppings..
- whipped cream
- freeze-dried strawberries, crumbled
- chocolate shavings
- sprinkles
- shredded coconut

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

Here's how...
1. In the KitchenAid® K400 Blender, add ice, chocolate milk, hot cocoa powder, and strawberries.
2. Blend until fully mixed.
3. Pour into glasses and top with a dollop of whipped cream. Then sprinkle on any other toppings you'd like!

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

Whenever I whip up something special for a party (or even just for myself!), I like to add something unexpected. Sprinkles are usually a great way to do this because almost anything tastes even sweeter with some sprinkles on top. Plus, sprinkles add a fun shimmer for a festive statement, especially for the holidays! So, for this drink, we piled on the pretty (and delicious) toppings!

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe... / via oh joy!

Have a glass (or two) with friends for a holiday party...it's perfect for both casual and more fancy gatherings! Enjoy!

{Photos by Lily Glass, Concept/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong. Written by Joy Cho and Traci Michael.}

mini thanksgiving pies...

mini thanksgiving pies... / via oh joy!

It's officially just one week until Thanksgiving! No matter what you've got planned for the day, these cute mini banana cream pies will fit in perfectly ;). They're super easy to whip up, but they look like we spent a lot of time in the kitchen making them, right?! Check it out...


there's no party like a (pop-up) ice cream party...

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

There's no party like an ice cream party! So today, in partnership with Blue Bunny, I'm showing you how to create an easy and pop-up ice cream themed soiree. Blue Bunny treats come packaged perfectly so they're easy to bring out anytime, anywhere (even to surprise your co-workers!), for instant fun. And because they're individually packaged and just the right size, it makes it easy for everyone to pick their favorite treat and dig in. We're even showing you an extra way to customize the party and give into the fun. Check it out...

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

Ice cream can be tricky to put out on display since it usually comes in one big tub, requires lots of scooping, and can melt quickly...BUT that's not the case with these treats! You can stack the soft ice cream Load'd Sundaes easily, stick multiple Mini Swirls in a cute cup because they're just the right size, and display the super indulgent Bunny Snacks in ice cream dishes (of course!). We used cake stands to create a tiered look and placed everything on a bar cart for a fun ice cream delivery cart around the office...

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

With any party, we want to make it extra special with lots of personal touches. So, we made these colorful napkin wraps! We made ours with ice cream-themed phrases that will help you give into fun alongside the Blue Bunny treats. And, we've created a template for you here if you want to use ours, too! Here's how to make them...

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

You'll need...
- Napkins
- Scissors
- Tape
- Paper to print on

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

Here's how...
1. Print out the template here!
2. Roll your napkin like we did above.
3. Wrap the napkin ring around, and tape closed.

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

There's No Party Like A (Pop-Up) Ice Cream Party... / via Oh Joy! in partnership with Blue Bunny

Now we have an instant party and joy...and a fun afternoon surprise pick-me-up! No one can resist giving into fun when you make it easy and enjoyable for them!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Template Design by Angie Stalker. Styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.}

pretty pastel mini bundt cakes...

Mini Bundt Cakes / Recipe via Oh Joy!

Happy Monday! Mini anything is pretty cute. And, anything pastel is even better. So today, we're showing you how to make these pastel mini bundt cakes! They're the perfect treat for a spring party or shower so guests can each take one, and they look so pretty stacked together or on a tier. Here's how to make them... 


sprinkle in the fun!

Sprinkle in The Fun / via Oh Joy!

Being an adult is not always easy...we've got schedules, bills, and people to take care of. But we can't let the serious things we do take away from the fun we used to have all the time as kids. That's why I believe it is SO important to make time to be silly, have fun, and shake off the “rules” every now and then. So today, we've partnered with Blue Bunny to share four of my favorite ways to sprinkle in fun throughout the day. Check it out...

Sprinkle in The Fun / via Oh Joy!

1) Dress like a party! Even if the day is filled with lots of responsibilities, errands, and work, I love wearing something bright and colorful to bring the fun. So, put on that vintage scarf, statement earrings, bright heels, colorful pants, or sparkly jacket that you've been waiting to wear but never feel is the right occasion! Stop saving those pieces for "the right occasion" and bring them into the every day!

Sprinkle in The Fun / via Oh Joy!

Sprinkle in The Fun / via Oh Joy!

2) Make time for an ice cream party! Indulging in a sweet treat throughout the day is one of my favorite ways to give my day a small dose of delight. Ice cream is my favorite treat...especially with all the fixings. These Load'd Sundaes are PERFECT because they're loaded with TONS of toppings, and the Bunny Snacks and Mini Swirls are just the right size for a mid-afternoon snack. The best part about all of it? I can stash them in the mini freezer in my office to make sure that no matter how busy my day gets, I'm taking a moment for myself. 

Sprinkle in The Fun / via Oh Joy!

3) Have an Impromptu Dance Party! If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that dancing always brings me joy! Try taking five minutes during the workday to put on that new dance song you love, grab all your co-workers, and dance, dance, dance! It'll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Sprinkle in The Fun / via Oh Joy!

4) Swap out pillows for honeycombs! This is a fun detail for when you're throwing a party...or if you're just looking to surprise someone or cheer up their day. Just remove all the throw pillows from your couch, bed, or chairs and replace them with a mix of honeycombs for an instant splash of color and fun. It's an instant pick-me-up for everyone!

How do YOU like to bring in the fun!? Comment below to tell me how you make time for fun everyday!

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.}