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If you read my design blog, you may know how much I love metallics...especially matte gold used in unexpected places. I saw this Edible Food Spray by The Deli Garage over at The Urban Grocer and had to share. It would be dangerous for me to get a hold of this stuff as you'll certainly come to find me in a mountain of gold-covered food.

{via The Urban Grocer. Photo by The Deli Garage, packaging designed by Korefe.}

{top it with}: tajin seasoning


Tajin seasoning is a powdered concoction made of ground chili peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime juice. I discovered this Mexican staple during a recent farmer's market trip where it was sprinkled on fresh sliced heirloom tomatoes...like salt-sprinkled tomatoes bumped up a notch with a bit of lemon and peppery kick! We like to sprinkle this zesty seasoning on top of popcorn, cucumber stalks, tomato slices, watermelon, and so much more. Yum!

{Photo by Oh Joy. You can purchase Tajin in the States right here.}

{taste tested}: readymade mochi rice cakes


A few months ago, I posted this recipe for making your very own mochi rice cakes to sprinkle on top your faux Pinkberry homemade frozen yogurt. While the recipe isn't too difficult, I've found pre-made mochi you can buy! {And isn't buying something always easier than making it?}

Nuts Online carries mochi rice cakes in 1 lb. bags that can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months. This version is pretty comparable to the mochi found at Pinkberry and is perfect to have on hand for home snacking. One their own, the sweet rice flavor is magnified and tastes similar in texture and flavor to marshmallows. But these suckers really do shine when topped on tart frozen yogurt as the tart balances out the sweet mochi leaving a firm, chewy, and yummy texture.

Final thoughts...4.5 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo by Oh Joy. flower salt & pepper box from Tabulatua, napkin from Dwellstudio.}

{top it with}: sun-dried tomato pesto


...mix chopped fresh basil, diced sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, salt, pepper, garlic, a touch of vinegar, and olive oil for a tasty topper on pasta for dinner or atop toast for a quick snack...

{photo by Oh Joy}

{top it with}: pomegranate seeds


...especially delicious covered in chocolate or on top some homemade tart frozen yogurt! And, these ruby-colored gems are conveniently available pre-packaged at Trader Joe's.

{photo by Oh Joy}