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oh joy in france / part 1: what we ate in paris...

Oh Joy in Paris | What We Ate

Over the next couple weeks, I'll be sharing photos from our recent adventures in Paris and Lyon. Since we did so much, I'm going to break it up into three different posts starting today with...what we ate! I went to Paris with the plan to gain 10 lbs. from croissants alone. The food in Paris is certainly indulgent and amazing so I had no intentions of leaving anything on my plate. We took Ruby out with us to every meal, so our eating experience this trip did not involve any super fancy restaurants or fine dining but instead a lot of pastries, lunches, and early dinners.

Here are a few of our favorites spots during the trip—with everything organized by the arrondissement (or district) they're located in...

3rd District

Oh Joy in Paris | Merci Canteen

Oh Joy in Paris | Merci Canteen

Oh Joy in Paris | Merci Canteen

Oh Joy in Paris | Merci Canteen

We rarely saw French kids out to restaurants in Paris and were often the only ones seen with children while dining. So our trip to The Merci Canteen was a true exception as it was the only restaurant we went to that had a high chair. We met up with my friend Julie from Famille Summerbelle and her daughter Ophelia for a lovely lunch. If you can believe it, this restaurant (located in the design store Merci) was one of my favorite meals of the whole trip. Everything was fresh, flavorful, and so beautiful.

Merci | 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris


baby-proofing your stylish living room...


Early last year, our home was featured on Emily Henderson's show, Secrets from a Stylist, on HGTV. (If you didn't get to see it, here's the full episode online and my recap of the entire process.) We loved how Emily designed our living room for the show.

When we filmed the episode back in November 2010, we weren't yet pregnant and therefore had no concerns about having a baby-proof living room. Fast-forward a year and change: We got pregnant, had a baby...and then this baby of ours became mobile. At first, I was in denial about having to change anything in our living room and thought we could just teach our baby not to touch anything. Um, yeah right...

Once Ruby started crawling, we needed to make some updates to ensure our living room was safe for her and give us a bit more peace of mind knowing that we could let her roam around without endangering her with some of our furniture and decor choices. So, Emily and I thought it would be fun to do a "Before & After" showing how she's updated our living room to be safe for Ruby while still retaining the style and attention to design we had pre-baby. For this series, we've partnered together with The Honest Company, to bring you three parts (one on each of our blogs), which will show you different aspects of what we did and provide tips on how to marry safety and style.



We didn't have the budget to just go out and buy all new furniture. While we were okay with buying a couple new pieces that would last us through our next baby, almost everything else was about easy and creative solutions to make what we already had a little safer and more baby-proof...